1. I have been reading the boards and was curious how nurses feel about their fellow nurses?

    I am a male considering the profession and since work is a place where most of us spend the majority of our time....a few questions come to mind.

    I have read the post regarding "do nurses eat their young?" and became very concerned about social issues in the workplace.

    1- Is there comradery in the profession?
    2- Do you like the other nurses you work with?
    3- Have you made and are you able to keep friends with other nurses?

    I realize that this is a internet forum...and people tend to be quick to annonynomously dump...but please consider the post in light of someone who is considering investing time and money into a 2nd career change....:-)

    thanks for your constructive input....both positive and negative.
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  3. by   gonzo1
    As with all careers there is the good with the bad. I have worked places where I can't seem to get along with anyone, and places where I made great friends that I have kept for many years. Because of the work we do there is often a great bond among friends, probably like fire and police men. If making and keeping friends is important to you then nursing is definately on the "this can happen" list.
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    Hi Tony -

    I became at nurse at 40. I've worked in numerous fields prior to becoming a nurse. I have found that the camaraderie among nurses is much the same as any job. You have a unique group of people at each job and therefore everyone has their own story.

    I've found wonderful mentors, great team players, whining complainers, a couple of backstabbers, etc.

    So far no sexual harassers . . . as I did at one job in the computer industry.

    Yes, there is camaraderie in nursing.

    Yes, I like most of the nurses I work with.

    I am friends outside of the job with one of my nurse mentors (she is also our pastor's wife) and friends with a former co-worker. Most of the other people I work with are simply great co-workers. But we don't socialize.

    If you read that entire thread about "Nurses Eat Their Young", you will see that most of the nurses don't believe in that old wives' tale.

    There are individual instances where people are rude to one another, just as there are in any career. Rude people run the gamut . . . unfortunately.

    Good luck in your future endeavors . . .

  5. by   Tweety
    Reading these boards, know that there are places that are toxic, full of people playing games, gossiping, backbiting, nursing eating their young.

    However, I've found a great bunch of nurses to work with in units I've worked in the last 16 years. So yes, I would say there is commardary in nursing.

    Yes, I like who I work with. There are a couple of "problem children" but isn't that the case everywhere? We have monthly potlucks for the birthdays, we give baby showers, wedding showers, we collect money for people in need and share in each other's grief. Our manager has an annual party at her house around Christmas and most all of us go.

    It's not perfect lovely dovey commardarie and like all families there is problems. But it's not like we're all quietly working without speaking either.

    I consider most of my coworkers friends, we don't associate outside the job. Not that I wouldn't it just hasn't worked out that way. One guy I worked with I hung out with but he's long since quit and move out of town and we lost touch. There is one person who quit a few years ago and we still keep in touch, talking on the phone and going out to eat every blue moon.
  6. by   TonyFl thinks...if you are a people person...camaraderie is important....:-)
  7. by   CaLLaCoDe
    1- Is there comradery in the profession?
    Yes, there definitely is! You find those nurses you can ask things of and reciprocate in kind. And, some nurses can be very knowledgable and however, tire of a newby asking difficult questions. You can feel the tension building with each question. So avoid burning the bridge and ask those that are open to answering questions! As you find your path in nursing you can make a difference too. You can be open and kind to travellers and newby nurses and change the atmosphere of your workplace, definitely!
    2- Do you like the other nurses you work with?
    Yes, I do! As in all lines of work there are those that may rub me wrong, but for the most part we all get along and have a definite purpose in this world.
    3- Have you made and are you able to keep friends with other nurses?
    I like my coworkers, but I look to the outside for friends. Since I am male making friends with female nurses can be hazardous to one's marriage and one's heart health...example, I had this trouble in nursing school where I was ignorant of friendly feelings turning into loving feelings OMG, but knowing life is a school, I learned from the experience and cut off my relationship with this person.
  8. by   RNperdiem
    Camraderie does exist, especially among a group of nurses who have been working together for a long time.
    Being a very female profession, nurses tend to know more details of each other's personal lives. That might make them seem like friends, but they are only coworkers. In contrast, my Engineer husband knows very little personal info about the guys he works with. There is a stronger line drawn in his type of office between colleagues and friends.
    I have never had a nursing friend. Sure I have a good working relationship with the other nurses, but when they leave for another job, they are gone. I would define a friend as someone you would see outside of work, who you can ask a favor of, and would still be in contact with if they changed jobs. A recent survey shows how few real friends most people have.
    I really like the nurses I work with. I have been at my workplace for 8 years with only the occasional personality conflict.
  9. by   pagandeva2000
    I've experienced both ends of the spectrum. The nurses I work with are basically nice, just two wild cards. But, the nurses I am closet with are not the ones I work directly with. They were my closet friend when I was an aide, and we remained close. They are my mentors when I became an LPN. I sort of think it is better this way, because I do have an theory my dad shared with me once, that stays with me; "Sometimes, the more you know people, the less you like them". We laugh and joke, and try to make the day go by better, but, I don't really participate in the holiday parties, showers, etc, because I have seen some backbiting that made me quite uncomfortable.

    Interestingly enough, though, most times, I have felt that I had to watch my back more now than before, but that comes along with the game, I suppose.
  10. by   leslie :-D
    i have pretty much, comfortably remained a loner.
    the difference being, i always recognize the nurses/cna's, who take their professions seriously and responsibly: vs those who are shallow, immature bodies taking up space.

    i collaborate with those who share my values, and vice-versa.
    camaraderie is built on that foundation alone.

    tony, since you're a people person, just be careful who you befriend.
    do your job, jump in to help others, and be discreet in what you say, and with who you share it.

    best of everything.

  11. by   BookwormRN
    For the most part, I really do enjoy the folks I work with...yes, there are a couple that drive me crazy, but it is personality, not intentional on their part.

    I interviewed at another facility earlier this fall and when the interviewer asked what I liked best about my current position, I immedicately said, "My co-workers." This is very important to me...if you can't enjoy yourself at work, it can be miserable!

    I do have two friends (RNs) from work that I talk to/socialize with outside of work. (We went to nursing school together, so that is a different situation.)

    On the "Male" issue-I work with a terrific male nurse and we get along fabulously....Please, join the profession...we need more great male RNs!
  12. by   annmariern
    I think it has so much to do with the pressures at the place you work, I still count 3 of my nursing school friends as "lifers", the people that thousands of miles and many years away & it just doesn't matter. We went through it all together, our lifes took very different paths, but I can still say, they are there and vice versa, no question asked when needed. I am still very close to 1 friend I met at work. friendship thats stood the test of time. My current job, not so much. Politics, back bitting, its survival mode and I have learned at my once trusting peril to keep it at bay. Mostly if your a good nurse, you do your job, I have no problem with you. Shame as I am working with some great nurses, its the enviroment that can make it toxic. Guess that goes for a lot of jobs, when you pressured to death, no-one is at there best. My particular dislike are the gossip mongers and back stabbers and they are in every job. So I would say on the whole, there is more camaraderie than most jobs, so don't let that put you off. When your pt crashes and your colleagues all pitch in, unasked, you'll know you found a good place to work.
  13. by   flightnurse2b
    there is definately camraderie in nursing. but just like anywhere you work, theres always someone you dont like and someone who doesnt like you. ive always been a very social people person, and some of my very best friends are my old rig partners, nurses i worked with.. heck, i met my fiance while working a code he called. but theres a fine line in nursing, as in any workplace, in remaining professional and keeping your personal life outside of work... my boyfriend and i, although worked in the same hospital, did not even make eye contact in the building... we didnt want people to know our business. its hard, esp. working with a bunch of females (because i know we can be catty), to not get involved in giggling and gossiping... because ok, you are spending 12-13 hrs. a day with these people, and sometimes they become like family... you argue like brothers and sisters... and suddenly the nurse who clears their throat too much might bother you after 36 hours a week... or the nurse who is out for two months with a sprained ankle somehow spreads into she had to get an amputated foot because of gas gangrene... on one hand, its awesome to have such a good relationship with your co-workers, because you always have someone to laugh or cry with... on the other hand, your personal business is like the new york times and everyone knows about it if you choose to share. theres always the one person who wants to gab about politics and abortion. just be careful... nursing is nothing without good team work and communication. but remember who and what you are there for...
  14. by   Shantas
    You get to work with all types of individual when you work as a health care professional.
    I work in a very very busy med/surg floor, I hate working there, I am afraid to go there sometimes, sometimes I wish I did not have to work there, but I still go there and I haven't applied for a transfer to a different floor because of the people that I work with. I work with a very great group of nurses, they not only helped me at work when I needed them but also in my personal life. They are my friends and extended family.
    But I also have worked with staff on our floor who are just lazy and uncaring. But I try to ignore them