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  1. BookwormRN

    How many of you had to make a change recently?

    I just finished my first week in my new surgery position. I left a med/surg unit after 5 1/2 years as an RN, total of 9 years on the unit (started there as a CNA). We moved to a new hospital in May, and the morale of the unit has gone downhill. Staff isn't happy with the layout of the unit; concerns are not taken seriously; and I was tired of trying to take care of too many sick people at one time, on top of having to worry about phase II surgical pts. Life is so much better!!!!! It was very hard to take the leap into the unknown, but soooo worth it. There is a lot to learn in the OR, but it sure is interesting. My new coworkers are so helpful, and hey, I don't mind taking call every 5th weekend or so, instead of working every other weekend! I have more energy (even though I'm working full time for orientation and I usually work part time); my attitude is very positive, and finally, the weight is off my shoulders. Yes, change is good!!
  2. BookwormRN

    Would you take a pay cut?

    I have applied for/been offered jobs which would require significant pay cuts. I currently work in an acute care setting, averaging three 8-hour evening shifts per week. The new jobs were Mon-Fri, days. No weekends, nights, holidays. If I'd taken those "perfect jobs" I'd have had to work 2 extra days a week to make what I make now. Guess I'm an evening person and have the BEST co-workers in the world, because I've turned down and backed out of 3 different day shift positions so far. I should also add that these positions were in my dream specialty of psych.
  3. BookwormRN

    people seem uninformed....

    Along these lines...a few weeks ago, I was outside a Pt's room and saw a family member figure out how to work the over-the-bed table. Then she said, "Look, I could be a nurse!" I wanted so badly to go in and have a heart to heart conversation with her...
  4. BookwormRN

    pt was very upset about fluid restrictions

    "The CNA then wrote out her totals of fluids at the meals she'd had on the board to help her understand that she'd had too much fluid already, and she still got mad about it. I told the nurse and the nurse said do not give her fluids, she's had enough today. I was then asked to remove the water pitcher because the pt's family had filled it for her. I encouraged the pt to talk to the doctor about her concerns and she said she had already that morning, but the orders were the same." I've been reading the replies and didn't see this issue addressed. (If I missed it, please forgive me!) At our facility, we assign fluid distribution according to the number of mls ordered per day. For example: with an 1800 ml fluid restriction, we delegate 900 ml to the kitchen (300 per meal, or so much per meal and per snack during the day), and 300 mls per day/eve/NOC shift. That way, the patient should not "meet" their restriction by evenings and have nothing left for NOCs.
  5. BookwormRN

    discouraged at work, need to vent...

    Hahaha! Usually I can figure out the initials; this one had me stumped :)
  6. BookwormRN

    discouraged at work, need to vent...

    I'm sorry, but I don't know what A.L. means...
  7. Not all schools have 12 hour clinicals. The school I attended did not have them; however I did do 12 hour shifts during my preceptorship during my last semester. Not all schools are the same, nor do all med/surg units have 12 hour shifts for their nurses. The nurses on our med/surg unit all work 8's.
  8. BookwormRN

    Going for it! RN to BSN

    Thank you for all of your well wishes! I will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay online. I spent several years at UW-GB and therefore have only the nursing classes to take for completion. I'm so excited!!!!!
  9. BookwormRN

    helping pts after del

    Having had 3 c-sections personally, um yeah, those nurses should be assisting the patients! I was unsteady, in pain and at times unable to move quickly enough to pick up the babe from the bassinet, let alone get to the bathroom on my own to urinate for the first time after the foley was DC'd. (Not to mention exhausted from attempting inductions prior to the second and third sections and loopy from pain meds!) While I can sympathize to some degree (I've floated to OB a few times myself) about those patients who think they're at the Hilton vs Hospital, I feel that these are the exception rather than the rule.
  10. BookwormRN

    Going for it! RN to BSN

    Hi Everyone, I am just so excited that I have to share; I have finally decided to go for it and am applying to an RN to BSN program!! This has been a personal goal for me since before I finished my ADN. I put in a few years at a university right out of HS and then got married, had kids, went to nursing school at age 32. So, now I'm going to put those university years to use and finish my BSN online through the same institution. OK, now that I've shared my news, I have to go finish up the application and click "submit". Happy day! Thanks for listening! BookwormRN
  11. BookwormRN

    Union Hospitals

    I work for a hospital that has a union and am currently the president of the local. We belong to the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals, which is part of the AFT. While unions are not perfect, I am happy to have a union contract. Yes, it is for the good of all, and some individuals don't like that, but in my mind, it really does give me and all RNs, Lab Med Techs, Speech/Physical/Occupational Therapists a safer working environment. We do not have mandatory over-time; if the facility decides it wants to change wages, it must be negotiated. I have a Union Rep in Milwaukee to turn to if something does not appear to be on the up and up. It is a nice feeling of security.
  12. BookwormRN

    Volunteering for overtime...

    Thankfully, our facility has a union! We get time and a half for anything over our 8 hour shift; if the supervisor calls us 4 hours prior to a shift to work on our day off, we get a bonus. The way you all are being treated is ridiculous. I say take a stand! If they won't pay-don't go in. Perhaps is we stopped allowing ourselves to be treated as doormats, they'd stop wiping their feet on us.
  13. BookwormRN

    Are nurses really that important?

    Yes, Nurses are really that important. Do we always FEEL important and appreciated by those in the medical profession? No. However, I learned a long time ago (before I became a nurse) that it is what I think that matters. I KNOW that I am the eyes and ears for the physician. I KNOW that I am the link between the patient and the physician/family/social services/radiology/PT/OT/Lab/Speech/Pharmacy/Pastoral Care/CNA. I KNOW that I coordinate the care of my Patients and I am responsible for them. Yes, this Nurse is REALLY that important! and so is every nurse out there! When we start to believe it, others will believe it, too. Look the MDs in the eyes-ask questions; offer information about their patients; be PROACTIVE, not reactive. It really does work. Good luck in the ICU...I hope you find the respect you deserve. "I'm quite happy in my community not-for-profit hospital, where the docs I work with are very respectful and team players. Well, most of them. " Oh, and Ditto this!
  14. BookwormRN

    Whats in YOUR lunchbox???

    I like to pack left overs if they are available; sometimes a "Lean Pocket"; always fruit/veggies; yogurt is good, too...I like something relatively light, as I work evenings and hate to back to running around with a heavy stomach.
  15. BookwormRN

    I'm Just a Nurse

    Hi, I'm the OP... Suzanne Gordon is a journalist who has taken it upon herself to speak up about Nurses, the job they do and the challenges that Nurses face. I thought the nurses on this board would appreciate her poem and say, "Yes, I AM a nurse." Not JUST a nurse, as we are an important piece in the healthcare puzzle. Sorry if the first post caused any confusion...I just wanted to share a great poem.
  16. BookwormRN

    Renewal cost of your license ?

    WI requires license renewal on the even numbered year-$66 for RN license renewal.