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  1. Our facility had something fun each day last week (celebrated early), culminating with a special Nurses Day Mass on Friday, at which they had a Blessing of Hands. (Catholic Hospital) Not only did they bless the hands of those present at Mass, but one of the nuns and another RN went to each unit of the hospital to do so. They also came back to the hospital on PMs and NOCs to bless those shifts. It was beautiful and appreciated.
  2. BookwormRN

    RNs tell your hospitals to hire new grads

    Actually, I have given names of new grads to my manager when we have had a position to fill. And yes, we've hired new grads. (My nursing school friend and I were hired as new grads.) However, we were new grads who started as CNAs in this facility, worked as Nurse Techs and then as Grad nurses. And, our facility happened to have two openings at the time of our graduation. We've hired new grads since that time, however, we are a critical access hospital (25 beds) and are, for the most part, fully staffed. Just had to add my 2 cents.
  3. BookwormRN

    Fustration with new technology on the floors

    This post hits home! We are building a new hospital in the near future and am told that the nurses will be carrying cell phones, in addition to a new call system. I just cannot imagine the interruptions when in with a patient! It is bad enough when someone comes to the door of the patient's room looking for me. At least at that point I can tell the person that I'm busy, but will be available in X amount of time. Technology has it's place and at times is a wonderful thing. In this instance however, I think we're missing the point of bedside care.
  4. BookwormRN

    pt was very upset about fluid restrictions

    "The CNA then wrote out her totals of fluids at the meals she'd had on the board to help her understand that she'd had too much fluid already, and she still got mad about it. I told the nurse and the nurse said do not give her fluids, she's had enough today. I was then asked to remove the water pitcher because the pt's family had filled it for her. I encouraged the pt to talk to the doctor about her concerns and she said she had already that morning, but the orders were the same." I've been reading the replies and didn't see this issue addressed. (If I missed it, please forgive me!) At our facility, we assign fluid distribution according to the number of mls ordered per day. For example: with an 1800 ml fluid restriction, we delegate 900 ml to the kitchen (300 per meal, or so much per meal and per snack during the day), and 300 mls per day/eve/NOC shift. That way, the patient should not "meet" their restriction by evenings and have nothing left for NOCs.
  5. BookwormRN

    discouraged at work, need to vent...

    Hahaha! Usually I can figure out the initials; this one had me stumped :)
  6. BookwormRN

    discouraged at work, need to vent...

    I'm sorry, but I don't know what A.L. means...
  7. Not all schools have 12 hour clinicals. The school I attended did not have them; however I did do 12 hour shifts during my preceptorship during my last semester. Not all schools are the same, nor do all med/surg units have 12 hour shifts for their nurses. The nurses on our med/surg unit all work 8's.
  8. BookwormRN

    Going for it! RN to BSN

    Thank you for all of your well wishes! I will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay online. I spent several years at UW-GB and therefore have only the nursing classes to take for completion. I'm so excited!!!!!
  9. BookwormRN

    helping pts after del

    Having had 3 c-sections personally, um yeah, those nurses should be assisting the patients! I was unsteady, in pain and at times unable to move quickly enough to pick up the babe from the bassinet, let alone get to the bathroom on my own to urinate for the first time after the foley was DC'd. (Not to mention exhausted from attempting inductions prior to the second and third sections and loopy from pain meds!) While I can sympathize to some degree (I've floated to OB a few times myself) about those patients who think they're at the Hilton vs Hospital, I feel that these are the exception rather than the rule.
  10. BookwormRN

    Going for it! RN to BSN

    Hi Everyone, I am just so excited that I have to share; I have finally decided to go for it and am applying to an RN to BSN program!! This has been a personal goal for me since before I finished my ADN. I put in a few years at a university right out of HS and then got married, had kids, went to nursing school at age 32. So, now I'm going to put those university years to use and finish my BSN online through the same institution. OK, now that I've shared my news, I have to go finish up the application and click "submit". Happy day! Thanks for listening! BookwormRN
  11. BookwormRN

    Bellin College

    "Bellin is good school but is private and quite costly. There prerequistes are quite specfic. It is affliated with a Bellin Health (hospital) and I hear there clinicals are great. There are several universities (UW) that are high ranked also. Have high entrance requirements, but no waist lists. I do withhold my opinions about technical schools. I am a BSN and am such prejudice." I am an ADN; the year I graduated from Northcentral Technical College in Wausau, NTC had the highest NCLEX pass rate in the state (that included Techs, all UW programs and diploma programs). When I read this post, my eyes popped out of my head. While I agree that a BSN is wonderful, it is not the be all end all...Please note the bold sections of the above post...THERE should be THEIR in both cases. As far as the last line is concerned, I can only guess. Perhaps, " I am a BSN and as such am prejudiced."
  12. BookwormRN

    Bellin College

    I currently work with two nurses who attended Bellin. They both enjoyed the school and their experience. One did tell me, however, that if she knew then what she knew now, she would never have gone into so much debt for her nursing degree. The second one told me that her loan payments/month are higher than her mortgage payment. (of course, I don't know how much of that was strictly books/tuition.) Don't know from first hand experience; good luck!
  13. BookwormRN

    Associates in Nursing vs Bachelors?

    In my area (Northern WI), there is no difference in pay for BSN vs ADN. Hospitals here will hire you as a staff nurse with either degree. In Milwaukee and Madison, some hospitals require a BSN. There has been talk for quite some time about having the BSN become the entry level degree. If you already have a bachelor's degree and are in Management, go for the BSN. Will save you some steps later :)
  14. BookwormRN

    Knowing your meds. . .

    I am known for carring a pocket drug guide for nurses on my COW (computer on wheels), as I always look up meds that I am unfamiliar with. If I cannot find it in my book, then I will resort to the computer (I prefer books!). If I don't at least know why the Pt is receiving the medicaiton and what it is used for, I have no business giving that med. Keep in mind; you will never remember everything about every med.
  15. BookwormRN

    My Favorite Pen Has Been Banned! Help!!!!

    Hi, my name is Michelle and I am a pen addict. We are in the process of switching to computer charting at our hospital; our manager made the comment, "You won't even need to carry a pen anymore." I almost passed out. You will NEVER find this RN without a pen!
  16. BookwormRN

    Union Hospitals

    I work for a hospital that has a union and am currently the president of the local. We belong to the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals, which is part of the AFT. While unions are not perfect, I am happy to have a union contract. Yes, it is for the good of all, and some individuals don't like that, but in my mind, it really does give me and all RNs, Lab Med Techs, Speech/Physical/Occupational Therapists a safer working environment. We do not have mandatory over-time; if the facility decides it wants to change wages, it must be negotiated. I have a Union Rep in Milwaukee to turn to if something does not appear to be on the up and up. It is a nice feeling of security.