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Hi all. Our HealthGate topic of the week is a debate about circumcision. Is it a minor operation, (endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics) that improves cleanliness and that a baby doesn't... Read More

  1. by   night owl
    oh yesssssssssssssss it is... :d
  2. by   mgthompson
    Yes, I had my son circumcised, and yes, they used anesthetic. He did not seem to be in any discomfort during urination or diaper change & cleansing (in fact, he kind of seemed to be enjoying all of it ). The reason I had it done was that I have had 6 male (obviously - duh..) friends who had to have it done because of phimosis or persistent infections. If all I had seen were geri phimosis circs, I'm not sure if it would have swayed me as much, but these were young, healthy guys. They didn't complain of loss of sensation, but they did tell me about some psychological problems r/t the pain of the procedure (i.e. an organ that had always given them pleasure "betrays" them through excruciating pain). Since a newborn has no sexual associations yet, I don't think it would be remembered as such a trauma (my son had jaundice, and I think the 15 zillion blood draws traumatized him much more..)

    Disclaimer: Just my personal opinion..

  3. by   Jen S
    I know that they say uncircumised males don't get and increase in UTI's, but I know of people who had to have achild circumsied dur to UTI. I had my son circumcised and I am glad. If you choose not to that is fine, just teach them very good hygiene. Because they can get really nasty.
  4. by   RachetRN
    Circumcision and the Cultural Component
    I think the AAP did a great job with the new guidelines it established for circumcision procedures. They established the procedure to be "potentially beneficial" (medically speaking). Had the research been less ambiguous and pointed quantitatively to a direct health benefit then this debate would not be such a hot topic. The AAP did put to rest, definitively, the need for analgesia during the operation; should the parents make the choice of circumcision.
    However, an area often overlooked in the healthcare setting is the cultural component. As nurses we often feel that the parents do not understand all the pros & cons or that they are "close minded". When in reality the parents already debated the issue and made their decision, based on hundreds of years of cultural or religious factors that the nurse is ignorant of. As nurses it is our duty to educate without bias and as the AAP states, "the procedure is not essential to the child's current well being, parents should determine what is in the best interest of the child. ..., and be provided the opportunity to discuss the decision."
    So nursing education of the parents may simply be to allow parents time to go home and think about the seriousness of this life-long decision before they commit to a surgery on their newborn infant.
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    check out:

    neonatal circumcision: benefits, risks, and family teaching
    mcn, the american journal of maternal/child nursing
    issn 0361-929x
    july/august 2001 volume 26, number 4, page 197

    melissa w. kaufman, maj, phd, cetn
    joseph y. clark, ltc, md
    candice l. castro, col, md, facs

    neonatal circumcision is a frequently performed elective surgical procedure, and is one of the oldest known surgical procedures. neonatal circumcision may be performed for medical, cultural, or religious reasons. this article provides current information from the literature regarding the risks, benefits, and concerns about neonatal circumcision.

    available online @:
  6. by   RNPD
    Karen-were you able to actually read the article online? All I see at the link is the abstract you printed in your post.
  7. by   nursetobe-babe
    In a new born baby, vitamin K ( which produces prothrombin, a key element in the coagulation of blood) skyrockets on the EIGHTH day to a level above normal -110%
    Thus if the parents decide to go ahead with it, circumcising on the eighth day is best since there is a decrease of bleeding due to the peak production of vitamin K in the baby's body.

    -just though i'd share
  8. by   hogan4736
    Originally posted by lalaxton
    Besides there is growing evidence that men are more sexually sensitive if they have not been circumsized. Any comments from the guys out there?
    I am circ'd...

    But this is my favorite spin on this debate...

    More sexually sensitive????

    Can you say: "How in the hell can anyone answer this question objectively????????"

    Has the evidence come (100%) from men that weren't circ'd, then got circ'd, and reported sex to suck (after the circ)???

    I mean really, who are they asking for such results??? 10 year olds? I think not!!
  9. by   ShandyLynnRN
    Originally posted by hogan4736
    I am circ'd...

    But this is my favorite spin on this debate...

    More sexually sensitive????

    Can you say: "How in the hell can anyone answer this question objectively????????"

    Has the evidence come (100%) from men that weren't circ'd, then got circ'd, and reported sex to suck (after the circ)???

    I mean really, who are they asking for such results??? 10 year olds? I think not!!
    I always wondered the same thing. I did work with a gal one time whose hubby had been circed late in life, and said it was never as good as before.

    My view on circs is to each his own. I had my son circ'd because his daddy is, and I thought it best at the time. Now that I've seen them done, I'm not sure I'd have another child of mine circ'd, except for the fact that I already have one son that is, and I wouldn't want them to feel different.

    I'm glad I had my son circ'd though, because I can't imagine trying to get him to retract and clean, etc, as required.... I can't even get him to brush his teeth properly!

    (and no, I didn't read this whole thread, so I'm sure some of what I said has already been said before )
  10. by   hogan4736
    ever tried to cath a little boy that wasn't circ'd?
    (specifically the ones whose parents haven't consistently retracted the foreskin, and now it's almost completely closed - you know, the kid pees through a pinhole, and now a circ is practically required)...the catheter wraps up inside the foreskin, and you end up w/ a traumatic/bloody cath
  11. by   sjoe

    Fergus writes: "the main reason [besides those of religion] it was adopted in western countries was that they believed it would prevent masturbation and all the diseases that went along with it (like blindness and insanity). "


    lala writes: "If I had to have a mastectomy at an early age should I think my daughter should have one to look like me??"

    The "look like one's father" argument makes absolutely no sense. A little boy NEVER looks like his father (unless that father is VERY underdeveloped).

    Y2K writes: "It is cleaner as well"

    An argument for similar, female surgery? For amputating feet?

    jt writes: "There are have been studies done & data shows that the wives or long time partners of uncircumsized men have a higher incidence of cervical CA & infection. "

    That is true. In THIRD WORLD countries.

    "It is ultimately a very personal decision"

    And for that reason best left up to the male involved when he is old enough to decide--like age 18.

    For all of those with "intact horror stories," should we cut off fingers at birth because they sometimes get infected, broken, or cause pain to the person later on?
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  12. by   ShandyLynnRN
    Sjoe, I am assuming you are anti-circumscision???
  13. by   emily_mom
    I read an interesting study that an RN gave me during my OB clinical. It was done in Boston with 2500 boys between the ages of 12 and 17. It kind of debunked the myths of why parents choose circs. When asked if their fathers were, 90-some % didn't know. When asked if their friends were, 90-some % didn't know. When asked if THEY were, again, 90-some % didn't know.

    I wish I could get access to that article again. It was pretty interesting.

    I think it's a personal choice, but after assisting with it in clinical with 3 little guys, I don't know if I would. It was very hard to watch and try to comfort him. Some girls left as they got woozy (they had sons).