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EMT since 1988, Army medic x 7 yrs, mother of 2

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  1. 35. Ahh... I see the ****up fairy has visited us again. 36. The fact that no one understands you doesn't make you an artist. 37. I don't know what your problem is, but I'll bet its hard to pronounce. 38. Any connection between your reality and ...
  2. Circumcision

    Are you seriously comparing circumcisions to mastectomies? Let's stay real, please! I don't advocate circumcisions without anesthesia, let me say that straight off. But having seen the minimal amount of distress that circumcised infants (with anes...
  3. emt push narcotics?

    As an EMT, I know we are not allowed to administer anything other than O2. If the pt has an inhaler or SL nitro, we can assist them with self-administration, but other than that, no meds. As a paramedic, there are more meds that can be administered...
  4. Question on hyper and hypotension

    Ok.. orthostatic HTN. Take a Ziploc bag. Put about 1/2 its volume of water in it. Set it upright. No water in the top, right? This is standing up. Blood is in the legs. Now lay it flat. Water is all through it. Blood is all over the body. W...
  5. Circumcision

    Actually, there was a study done regarding the risk/benefit tradeoff of circumcision. It compared the incidence of complications of circumcision with the incidence of UTIs (most common GU problem) and penile cancer (least common GU problem) in both ...
  6. Esgic?!?

    Thank you, thank you!! So basically this is Fiorinal by another name (Fiorinal by any other name would smell as sweet.. oh no, I guess that's humanities, isn't it..)
  7. Esgic?!?

    ok... HELP!! I've got a pt. for tomorrow who is taking Esgic-plus prn headache. Ok, I guess it's an analgesic, but.. I can't find it ANYWHERE!! PDR doesn't have it, did an internet search.. nothing! Does anybody know anything about this stuff?
  8. Charting Bloopers

    Transcribed dictation is a constant source of hilarity for me.. on the OB floor: "Gross fecal movement noted" (the doc said "fetal").. or on vaginal exam: "small bloody shell" (that would be "show" - I haven't seen one hatch yet.. )
  9. First Nursing Exam

    You go, girl!!
  10. Hello

    Hi, Kenshi! Of course it is not too late to change specialties! I am 31, and I am a nursing student. If I can start this late, you can certainly change directions if you want to. Good luck! What would you like to do, if you decide to change speci...
  11. What do you want to be when you grow up??

    Well, I've been an EMT for 13 years, so obviously I have kind of a soft spot for ER work.. . I guess I'd like to do ER for awhile, then I'm going to get my FNP and open a combination practice/sick child day care (WAY too little of THAT out there!). ...
  12. Types of grades in nursing schools

    Yeah, bad starts will really bite you in the rear.. . I went to Purdue straight out of H.S. - bad move.. spent 3 1/2 yrs working on Bio/German double major. Now I'm paying for my attitude back then. I'm a junior now, and haven't gotten any worse ...
  13. How many sites have you saved in your favorites?

    Ehm... 219... lots & lots of nursing & reference, some kids, some humor, and miscellaneous stuff that struck me as cool...
  14. Circumcision Debate

    Yes, I had my son circumcised, and yes, they used anesthetic. He did not seem to be in any discomfort during urination or diaper change & cleansing (in fact, he kind of seemed to be enjoying all of it :) ). The reason I had it done was that I h...
  15. Hi, everyone! I'm a junior in Nursing (obviously :) ) at Murray State. I'm getting ready to start a 7 week L&D/Postpartum clinical. I'm really excited, because I've had 2 kids, nursed for 3 yrs ea., and loved the experience. I've always wanted...