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just read a long thread about lowering the standards etc. for people with special needs. how about cheaters. i went to school with quite a few people who were not only sharing notes from the... Read More

  1. by   ceecel.dee
    They will never learn...really learn...what they need to know to function in their chosen "professional" role. They will fail.

    "I forget what I was taught. I only remember what I learned." - author unknown.
  2. by   KevinN
    I agree with ceecel.dee , people who cheat are only cheating themselves and will eventually fail. I have seen it so many times with people who are dishonest. Initially they can get away with it and it seems unfair, but in the end their dishonest behaviors always end up being their downfall.

  3. by   Teshiee
    Nursing is one profession you shouldn't cheat in. Imagine the ramifications!!!! If you cheat expulsion immediately 0 tolerance for that mess!
  4. by   LouisianaNurse2006
    Quote from Hellllllo Nurse
    Agree with everyone here, although I don't consider sharing lecture notes cheating.

    As for cheaters, what losers. Get 'em out of nursing school!
    I agree, at our school we all share old & new lecture notes, practice tests, and anything and everything we can get our hands on before test day to study, study, study!

    But come test time... it is serious. Every semester there are new and different tests so there is no way to have the actual test itself before hand.

    Everyone is on there on and the test is very "military style", nothing brought in with you and several instructors walking around watching.

    We are spread out in a large classroom, and there are at least 2 versions of the test.

    Although it is a little unnerving, I like it. I hate the thought that I work my butt off in school and someone else could slide by while cheating!
  5. by   Energizer Bunny
    There was another thread about this not long ago. Cheaters don't belong in nursing school. It's too important to know what in the world you are doing. Someone's life could be at stake.
  6. by   purplemania
    it will be next to impossible to cheat on the NCLEX exam. That alone will cull some people. Cheaters end up cheating themselves because they lose the trust of others. Also, even if they get licensed, will they lie about medical documentation, med errors, etc.? I would not want that person for my nurse.
  7. by   CHATSDALE
    exams have a two fold purpose, it shows the instructor how much you have learned and it shows you your weak points so that you can concentrate and make your self a better nurse..the ultimate don't go to school to get go to learn things you will need the rest of your working life
  8. by   tmiller027
    There were some people in my ANP class last year who were getting straight As and a few had admitted they had copies of all the exams fromt he previous semester so they were just studying the exams.

    This had me really pissed off, but a good friend of mine who sat next to me told me not to worry, while they might get all A's, she said we'll see who is struggling once out on the floor after school and who moves up faster. I thought she had a good point.
  9. by   rnmi2004
    A few people on this thread have stated that "people who cheat are only cheating themselves." In many cases, this may be true. However, a nursing student who cheats also cheats their patients.
  10. by   Angela Mac
    cheaters are only cheating themselves.
    Can't cheat the state boards......
  11. by   luvbug
    I do have to afree with most of the replies that I have read on this--people who do cheat in school have a much harder time trying to make it in the nursing profession. I don't know HOW someone could even attempt to pass the boards if they cheated in school. We had two notorious cheaters in our class, and they were the only 2 that failed the boards. so, to the person who said 'people who cheat only cheat themselves,' nothing could be more truthful. And, it is more self-respecting to get the grades without cheating-even if it is less than a 4.0. It motivates you to study MORE . Have a good day, all.
  12. by   RN4NICU
    Quote from Angela Mac
    cheaters are only cheating themselves.
    Can't cheat the state boards......
    This is true, but unfortunately, you can take them as many times as you can afford to. I've heard of people failing boards 7, 8, and 9 times and then finally passing. I couldn't help but pray to God those people are never taking care of me.

    Yes, I know some people say "oh, I just can't take tests because they make me nervous because so much is riding on the results"

    Yeah, well people's lives are riding on their knowledge of that information! Let's put things into perspective here - if you choke on a test because of the pressure, what's going to happen in a code???!!!
  13. by   luvbug
    I noticed that I made a spelling error or two in my last post...sorry for that. I am just wondering if different states have different laws/regulations on how many times you can take the boards without having to go back to school. I think when I was getting ready to take them, there was something about if you failed you had to wait 3 months or so, then you could try taking them again. If you failed the second time, you had to do a refresher course or go to school again. Not sure if it was true or if it was a scare tactic, but it worked for me!! I studied like no other before taking them, and passed on time #1. I do think it will be just as hard to take RN boards even though now I know what to expect--