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I like a challenge as much as the rest of you. Here's the challenge: Describe your last workday in 25 words or less. We'll guess the rest. ;)... Read More

  1. by   uk_nurse
    sit and wait and wait and wait and wait for my baby number 4 to arrive. im due in 6 days and waiting!!!!
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  2. by   Elenaster
    My other patient:

    Admit from PACU, no es habla englais, take to MRI, patient goes bonkers, versed vacation, still moving around, scan sucks, trek back to unit.
  3. by   mhull
    Worried about JCAHO, Several dehydrated children, S/P stabbing equals Liver involvement, Watching for JCAHO, Busy as HELLo, CT scans for everyone, did I mention JCAHO LOL!!!!
  4. by   Mystery5
    Quote from ragingmomster
    3 admissions in 8 hrs, 9 pt total, co-worker slacker, refuse to hear whining, what lunch? can't wait for tomorrow
    Heh heh...:chuckle
  5. by   Weeziebeth
    Lolit, sybil-mean, fx arm, post-cath, pre-ohs, fem art-line, versed, standing, back2bed, restraints, versed, to desk for chart, fem line out, bleed bleed bleed
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    DKA's and insulin gtts; nausea, vomiting; post-op colectomy with RN daughter ; great teamwork with the other RN and CNA. :hatparty:

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  7. by   Dixiecup
    I can describe it in two words. Hornet's nest!!!
  8. by   DutchgirlRN
    Quote from Angie O'Plasty, RN
    Describe your last workday in 25 words or less. We'll guess the rest.
    Fresh fempop bypass, fresh epidural with TKR, bleeding, gave PRBC's, epidural not working, PCA MS worked, fresh epidural, thoracotomy, 2 chest tubes, whew, it's 1900 !
  9. by   leslie :-D
    called to duty 2:30am, dying pt. force-fed by family. pt impacted, vomiting. disimpacted, comp supp, more meds-comfortable. lectured relatives, drove them home w/food.
  10. by   azmimi
    PACU yesterday. Temporary community problem with water supply secondary to heavy rains. Powers panicking. Cases cancelled. Staff waiting around $$$$ :angryfire Things fixed. Reschedule
  11. by   Keepstanding
    Got in early, people already complaining, teachers are a pain in butt, phone ringing, kids crying, bloody noses, vomiting as they come off the buses, fevers, parents griping, got no lunch, have to pee, just can't get there....hey this is why I earn the big bucks ! hehe
  12. by   Love4Me
    Clinical day...postpartum and baby are instructor hates me...such is life...
  13. by   gotaluvtheER
    headache, flu, cough, vomiting. MI. rash, fever, fever, drunk. amennorhea. vomiting, headache, laceration, cough. leave triage. report. restrain. give work note. can't be pregnant! sigh.