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Living in the "Entertainment Capitol of the World", we get a lot of celebs in the hospitals. In addition, there are the one's who live here, commute here, work part-time here and occasionally need... Read More

  1. by   Harleyhead
    Homer Simpson Pt teaching would be fun.
  2. by   bonnielynn
    Oh my gosh! I am still a student, but I can tell you EXACTLY who I would have as my patient and that is Paul Levesque...better known as Triple H the WWF Wrestling Champion! I am absolutely crazy about this man! I have seen him in person at various wrestling events {and yes I know wrestling is fake, it's why they call it entertainment and what makes him a great actor} and he is so awesome.
    I could sponge bathe him all all ALL day because he has such a gorgeous body! I would take such good care of him that after he was well, he would want to come back and make me his personal nurse.
    Well, that's my two cents! Hey e-nurse....who was the wrestler you got to take care of?

    Bonnie :roll :roll :roll
  3. by   ChristenLPN
    keith urban, just to hear that Austrailian voice! Plus, I have met him once, and he has absolutely gorgeous veins.
  4. by   Dr. Kate
    Wow, thought it was only me in love with Sean Connery, in spite of the abuse thing.
    The real problem with this question is that I think of it from my primary specialty, critical care, and there no one but the visitors can talk much. And what you'd really want is a patient well enough to talk and sick enough to be in the hospital.
    Since I have cared for a few celebs in my time, I have found that the character actors were easier to deal with than the "superstars"
    But to just sit and chat with as you sometimes, though rarely get to do, it would have to be Paul Newman. There's something about the contrast between his persona as a younger man (and even now) and who he is more and more revealing himself to be that would make for an interesting few minutes.
  5. by   gizzy76
    I would definitely have to choose the WWF wrestlers as well...Hmmm that Rock is mighty fine! And definitely Jeff Hardy from there as well. I'd love to nurse him back to health while finding out more about his poetry writing and what he uses to dye his hair those funky colors!
  6. by   LasVegasRN
    Well, on a sad note, Robert Urich passed away today after a long battle with cancer
    He was "Spenser" on Spenser for Hire, and recently "Lazarus". Back in the day he was the star of "Vegas". I always liked him and what he stood for.

    I'll miss you Robert...:stone

    Speaking of Spenser for Hire, remember the co-star, Avery Brooks - "Hawk"? More recently Capt. Sisko on Deep Space Nine. I could not take care of that man... I'd be arrested....needing suction....:blushkiss
  7. by   Curlytop
    :roll The first person who came to mind is the fine and very sexy Lenny Kravitz! Luv his music - among other things!!
  8. by   harleyrnac
    Alan Rickman, 'cause even if he were in a bad mood, I'd love to hear his voice. I'd like to tuck The Rock in for the night! And Robert Downey, Jr., 'cause I like a challenge.
  9. by   Amy ER Nurse
    Gotta love Lorenzo Lamas! Great package all the way around. Fab hair, smile, muscles, lean, tan, dark hair, and I could go on and on.....
  10. by   Lausana
    The male cast of Dawson's Creek...:blushkiss

    Andy Griffith...Matlock is such a sweetie...:kiss I've almost bought his album of gospel hits just because, lol :imbar

    Barbara Walters-she could probably tell the most interesting stories, afterall she's interview just about everyone!:wink2:
  11. by   newnurse72
    George Clooney...
  12. by   Y2KRN
    It would be Mel Gibson hands down for me!!! Although I proably would be a basket case around him. I would also like to take care of Madonna, I was a big fan as a girl and she never ceases to shock people. I would love to know if she is really as cut throat and daring as she likes people to think she is, and how the press protrays her to be.
  13. by   lizzyb
    Well lets see warf from tng star treck triple h yes javascript:smilie('')
    javascript:smilie('') and Jeff Goldbloom oh my god the way he speeks his pasion his height :imbar javascript:smilie(':imbar')
    Imbarrased how i would love total care with them