Are all Dr.'s like this?

  1. hello everyone! this site is great! i'm so glad i found it. you guys crack me up. i will graduate from nursing school in august and i currently work at a children's hospital part-time. i'm just wondering if there are actually any dr.'s who really respect nurses. so far, i haven't seen anything but cocky ones. they don't seem to respect the nurses for all that they do. it really infuriates me that the nurses are there day in and day out caring for the patients, and the drs come in for 5 minutes and act like they are sooooo superior. i suppose i'll get used to their attitudes over time but right now it really disgusts me. to me, they are people who just happen to choose medicine as their career. i don't get it! so, are there really nice ones? are the older ones or younger ones easier to deal with? and, as a nurse, how do you actually earn their respect? thanks for your feedback. i'm glad i found you guys!
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  3. by   Antikigirl
    Lets get down to it...Doctors treat illness and conditions..nurses treat people! Okay a utterly different set of circumstances!

    So when you go into it thinking this tends to help! They are the ones to help illness and picked people...and may I add the HARDER of the two.

    Yes you will find that kind of attitude in docs..and is constant..just find your place..and stick by it! Don't be solid..but don't bend on your convictions...just be the best YOU there matter the your best! People will complain..that is human nature in any job!

    Good luck!
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    All the docs I work with are great. They have their bad days like everyone else when they are tired and grumpy.

    Not one acts superior.

  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    well u are lucky steph. we have our share of jerks. but I have learned not to let anyone make me their doormat.
  6. by   Tweety
    Most of the docs I work with are neutral, they aren't overly respectful and they aren't jerks. They come in and do their job and we do ours.

    I don't have to earn any doc's respect. I expect to be treated with respect as a profressional from the get go.
  7. by   hypnotic_nurse
    I've been lucky in that most of the MDs I've worked with have been great, some even terrific. A few bad apples, but you find those in any walk of life.

    It really helps a lot, I think, if you keep your interactions with MDs short & professional (unless you get to know them well). They are always strapped for time. And if you've saved them some steps or some grief, let them know! Most will appreciate you for it.

    And I agree with Tweety. Expect respect -- we are professionals.
  8. by   mishayla96
    i was going to make my own post for this but then i saw the op's question and i figured i would sort of insert a question mid-way through this post here, hope nobody minds. as far as for the doc's being arrogant, i wonder if they get mad at the nurses when they give information to the pts.? i mean i see a lot on here where people have said something along the lines of "find out the info. and tell your pt about it" (i hope you guys know what i am getting at). when you tell the pt what you know or have learned, then they say hey nurse so and so said _______ (whatever it was you told them), have you ever had a doc act as if you should not have done that? in other words do they ever get mad for you giving your 2 cents on the situation? i know this may be a confusing question, because i agree, nurses are the ones that deal with the people and doc's are the medicine, however do they ever act like you went over their head or whatever? thats one of the things i am concerned about going nto nursing. i am assuming though that if it is useful, they can't (and don't) say too much, right?
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  9. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    Respect should be for all individuals.

    MD's are not superior than anyone or one profession.

    Respect yourself and others.

    Just the other day, I had an ortho. guy clap his hands together in front of my face and said "I need a nurse." I looked him straight in the eye and said "Don't ever do that to me again, I am not a dog and what you need Dr. ******* is manners and until I see some respect you will be on your own." Needless to say, I documented all this and did not help or assist him. He can fill his own plastic bucket of water for cast. :angryfire
  10. by   dknunges
    I had just this thing happen to me years ago. I worked on a OB/GYN surgical floor and we got our share of other female surgical patients also. This was in the time patient were most often admitted the night before surgery. I was doing pre-op teaching with a patient that was scheduled to have her gallbladder removed the following morning. After my teaching session she phoned her surgeon very upset and cancelled her surgery. She told the surgeon I told her all the things that she might experience after this type of surgery and she was scared and upset because he (the doc) hadn't told her. At the time we had patient's returning with JP drains, NG tubes, IV's, PCA just to name a few. I shared this information as well importance of TCDB excerises, diet alterations, post-op gas pains etc. Needless to say the doc was furious.Called me yelling and told me I had business telling his patient's any of these things. I stood my ground and told him this was a part of my nursing care and I did it with all my patient's and usually it was just a re-inforcement of what the physician had already informed them of when they got "informed consent". Which was already on the chart. To make a long story short. Everything worked out for the patient, she had her surgery and the physician did admitted he should have discussed these possibilities with the patient first.
  11. by   DutchgirlRN
    You have to think of the bad ones like dogs "don't let them know that you're afraid of them". I've never seen a nurse get fired for talking back.

    I think it depends on the type of doctors you're working with and the age of the doctors. I work with 30ish-40ish doctors and they are great. We have 2 around that are in their 60's and they think they are too good to speak to us. Also the type of doctors. The specialists, I find, especially Cardiologists are the biggest stuck up pain in the *******. They take care of the heart but from where I stand it doesn't look like that have one. They are also rude and hasty with their patients. Don't get me started. The majority are very nice, polite, respectful and really respect our opinions. They don't get mad when you give the patients their tests results. You have to use your good judgement. You wouldn't want to tell someone they have cancer. But like a CBC, PTT, Lytes, Liver Profile, Cardiac Enzymes or CXR is no problem. Usually they're glad that the patient already knows whats going on. I have people ask me all the time. If it's something I don't want to share with them I just tell them the results aren't back yet.
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  12. by   RudeyMvp
    Im taking my last pre-req this term with A&P2...i should start nursing school for ADN in jan 06!
    Now to reply to Ahole Doctors,,,,i will just throw it right back at them! Im a guy,,6'4 260lbs,,,avid weightlifter,,,,so if some DR. is gona pull some crap on me that they are better than everybody else,,,,,i WILL tell them to go to hell lol
    I dont care if some pencil neck DORK went to MED school to be a DR because of the pressure fromtheir PARENTS lol...if some DR gives me just throwin it right back at them!
    Im one of the nicest guys ANYONE could ever meet,,,,but my pet peeve is when people try to treat others like CRAP and bring them down...i just come UNGLUED . :angryfire

    So get ready pencil neck Doctors who think you are the sh*t cuz you went to MED SCHOOL....cuz RUDYs comin to town when he gets his RN, and i WILL throw it back at ya if ya try and treat me like crap or any of my co-workers!!! :chuckle
  13. by   webblarsk
    Quote from DutchgirlRN
    The specialists, I find, especially Cardiologists are the biggest stuck up pain in the *******. They take care of the heart but from I stand it doesn't look like that have one. They are also rude and hasty with their patients.
    Sounds like the Cardiologists that I have had to deal with!
  14. by   grentea
    As a nursing student, I don't really have any problems dealing with doctors. It's rare that they even acknowledge my presence in the room. I find that the younger doctors in their twenties or thrities will actually talk to me and even go so far as to explain procedures to me, which always a pleasant surprise, but when it comes to how most doctors treat me, I might as well be a light fixture. I remember once I was having a conversation with a patient and I was doing some education too and the doctor walked in the room and the oddest thing happened. In a phenomeneon which initially struck me as just plain wierd but I'm sure I'll see happen over and over again, the doctor didn't even acknowledge that I was there, interrupted me mid-sentence, and just started talking with the patient who of course diverted their full attention to the doctor. It was like I was in a freeze-frame scene on a TV show or something. I swear I had a little existential crisis because it was just so wierd and I honestly thought, "Well maybe, I really in fact am not here". Anyways....I'm just hoping for better communications with doctors in the future. I think we can learn from each other and thankfully it seems like the younger generation of doctors are more open to that.