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  1. Do you wear different scrubs for psych?

    I have a second job doing psych. We can wear scrubs or street clothes (no jeans). Mostly I wear scrubs, but then again, I work nights. I'd go with plain generic clothing or scrubs (color doesn't matter, really). Boring clothes means it's less likely ...
  2. are you born a nurse or do the nursing instructors make you a nurse?

    I absolutely was not going to be a nurse (too many family members in it already). I refused to even consider it for many, many years. So no, I have no calling. But I did become at nurse at 44 for a number of reasons. Doesn't make me less good at wha...
  3. Do you call your patients by first or last name?

    First name basis if the pt calls me by my first name. Otherwise we're all on a Mr/Ms basis. Docs who use my first name (but don't give me permission to use theirs) get the first name of "Doc".
  4. Why Is Nursing School So Hard?

    I graduated in 2000 at age 44. I already had a previous degree. Nursing school was difficult, but more because I had so many other responsibilities in addition to school (I worked fulltime and was divorced with two preteen kids). I felt crazed by str...
  5. Will things get better as I get educated?

    I've been in your shoes. Some people are very intimidated by knowledge display and this is exacerbated if the knowledge displayer is younger, better looking, of a different gender, or is perceived to have been given better life opportunities. It gets...
  6. Declaratory Order, advice please.

    Talk to a lawyer or a judge and get a valid opinion on this -- you might even call the BON and see what they say. This is what I know: My daughter was in a similar situation when she was 12. I made her go through all the probation, etc. When she was ...
  7. Abnormal PAP: I'm scared!

    I've had two colpos, and the pain level depends a lot on the skill of the MD and the sharpness of the instrument (btw, the snips they take for a colpo are teeny, and most docs will only do one or two -- the resident who did my first one took 7). But ...
  8. moving to KC, MO

    I worked for KUMC when I lived in Kansas (research nurse) and I loved it. Great benefits and great working conditions.
  9. Public Breastfeeding

    Er, I mean, having been a breastfeeding mother....
  10. Public Breastfeeding

    In that case, so are tears, and sweat, and spit and airborne sneeze particles...I just don't understand why we let any people out in public AT ALL. Maybe we should just stay home unless we leave in biohazard suits because, gee, we might get some body...
  11. Public Breastfeeding

    Ah! So if they're cute it's more OK than if they're ugly. So it's back to breastfeeding being more about sex than about nourishment for children.
  12. Public Breastfeeding

    Actually, yes, it was intended (and a little humor never hurts!)
  13. Public Breastfeeding

    First of all, I have to get this off my chest: Discreet: marked by prudence or modesty and wise self-restraint Discrete: separate and distinct There are at least two DISCRETE factions here on allnurses in the discussion of DISCREET breastfeeding. :ch...
  14. BSN and Foreign Language Requirements

    If you don't want to learn a spoken language, you can take Latin instead -- most schools will accept it for your foreign language credits. I took it in two correspondence courses over a summer. It was a lot of written work but I didn't have to go any...
  15. Wearing scrubs in public...

    I wear scrubs sometimes because they are inexpensive and comfortable, and they are allowed at this job (research nursing). But there are days (sometimes weeks) when I don't even SEE a patient. And when I DO see a patient, they are outpatient cancer p...