Am I just being petty?

  1. I finally resigned from a facility that has continually made me feel like yesterday's trash, yet they still manage to make me feel as though it is by some fault of mine and not theirs. I graduated last spring and began in their ICU under the premise of a detailed orientation, yet upon entering the ICU I was told "the best way to learn is sink or swim" given 2-3 patients and no further instruction. I bid on another floor, yet again received no orientation, I was told "I am sure you learned what you need to know during your stint in the ICU" and at that time I questioned why I had to work 3 weekends a month while everyone else was working 2, I was told, "not to be ***** and pull my own weight" I worked on that floor for 2 months when rumors began circulating that the floor was closing, the NM told us "not to believe everything we hear" next day the floor is closed, I spent the next 3 months floating. Not that I hated floating, but many floors looked upon the floats as a mini-vacation, giving them all of the admissions, the most patients, etc. The floor eventually opened up and then the rumors began about a layoff, personnel waved off the rumors until 3 weeks ago when they verified there would be a layoff but would not elaborate on who it would affect. I was never informed by anyone in management or personnel that I was losing my position, yet a NM told the nurse taking my job to"cross my name out of the scheduling book and just add hers in my place" when I questioned personnel, I was told "bumping is taking place Feb. 14, you will be notified Feb. 13" So I resigned. Instead of an apology, they were grateful, "one less person to displace" Now I am told that while everyone else has enjoyed personal days, "the computer says that I did not earn any and the computer is never wrong" I fought for vacation that they owed me, yet they refused to allow me to take it, "it is not convenient for the facility" yet they have cancelled me "and we can not offer you any pay for these days" I do not know what I did wrong, I go to work on time everyday, I never take dinner, I do not complain. The staff is the only reason I have stayed as long as I have, and even they feel sorry for me. Was I right to leave and preserve my dignity or do I not work and play well with others?
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  3. by   karoline
    Wow - what a terrible situation. I don't know where you live but with the nursing shortage the way it is - at least here in northeast Ohio - I am appalled that anyplace treats their nurses this way. I don't think you were wrong to get out and I am certain there is someplace that will appreciate you for your dedication and skills. management never seems to learn the impact that downsizing nurses has on the morale of the staff and the affect on patient care. I worked at a major med center a few years ago that actually paid nurses to go off roll - voluntarily - and then after that laid a number of nurses off. Two months later they were hiring again - at the same time when some of the nurses were still getting severance pay. Look at this job as a learning experience and move on.
  4. by   meownsmile
    Doesnt sound petty at all to me. I would have made a B-line for the door after i transfered to another floor and still wasnt offered any orientation. Especially as a new grad. I'd say you have shown patience and restraint.
  5. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I'm sorry for your rotten experience. I've been there, too!

    I hope that you will try not to let this treatment get you down, and make you feel bad. Good riddance to that place.

    Really, I think this may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for you.
  6. by   RNforLongTime
    Wow huggietoes, that's too bad. Can't believe that in this current nursing shortage that you'd get laid off. Good luck with your job hunt. That place sounds horrendous!
  7. by   caroladybelle
    Whether you realize it or not, G-d is handing you a gift.

    Fight for what you earned and go on, you will be better for it. That facility sounds like a sinking ship.
  8. by   Grace Oz
    You poor girl! What an awful experience. Try & chalk it up to experience, learn from it & grow.
    It's about all we can ever do unless you are in a union & they can seek retribution / compensation for you. Can someone explain to me what a "Personal" day is? I'm not familiar with that. Would it be same as having a day off in lieu of overtime worked? I'll appreciate learning just what it means.
    Hope you can gain a job soon in a nicer place & where you will be valued as you SHOULD be!
    GOOD LUCK... oh, and NO, you are NOT being petty!
    I read all the posts on allnurses of what happens over there in the US & am horrified at some of the goings on. It's appalling & I can't believe
    ( though I DO believe!)what the hospital management's are getting away with. UNREAL! If they tried some of that nonsense on here in Australia, there'd be an all out major crisis! Massive nurse walkout & strikes.
    Anyway, good luck & keep your chin up. Something good will come your way.
  9. by   delirium
    That sounds terrible. I don't think you're petty at all, I doubt I would have stayed as long as you did.

    Good luck on finding a nurturing, supportive environment at your next place of employment.
  10. by   ERNurse752
    No, you are in no way whatsoever being petty.

    Fight for the pay they're trying to screw you out of, get the heck out of that hospital for good and don't look back...hire an attorney if you have to.

    Good luck on finding a job where you don't get treated like crap!
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Petty? Do you really believe after being treated worse than shyt that you are being petty? REALLY? If so, you need a huge shot of confidence and self-esteem. Don't be anyone's doormat. I am glad you are moving on. You deserve much better. Good luck to you.
  12. by   mattsmom81
    You are not doing anything wrong. You have recieved a full orientation into the dog-eat-dog world of healthcare. It sucks doesn't it. Most of us have experienced it too.

    We learn to look after ourselves first and sometimes it makes us look 'mean' to others, but sometimes it is self survival. It also becomes a game to get what YOU need without appearing too self gets tiring too after awhile.

    I am now happily doing my agency work, glad to be rid of hospital politics and am able to call my own should consider that too.

    Get yourself a good hug...I repeat, YOU did nothing wrong...they just took advantage.

    Use it as a learning experience, go into your next job forewarned and forearmed with a plan to take care of #1.
  13. by   colleen10
    Hi Huggie,

    Having worked in Personnel and HR I can say that you are probably getting the shaft. When the ship starts to go down, it's all about minimizing costs and they will try their hardest to get out of paying a displaced employee anything they have earned.

    I would suggest that you examine your "Employee Contract" and "Employee Handbook" as they surely have scenarios as to what an employee is eligible for should they resign or be laid off.

    Each Facility is different but usually you get "Personal Days/Hours" up front when you first start your job or after a "Trial Period". And you often Accrue Vacation Time as you work or get it at the completion of a year. Most places will not allow you to "Cash-In" your Personal Days but you usually can Cash-In your Vacation time. This usually goes for both resignation and displacement.

    Check your book and see what you come up with.

    On a personal note, I don't see your current situation as an indication of "not being a team player or working well with others." Nor do I think you are to blame for this predicament. It sounds like you gave it a shot and being a New Grad were not given the support and learning experience that you needed to be successful there.

    The last job I had in Information Technology in the course of 2 1/2 years the company I worked for changed Names, Logo's, etc. 4 times, along with their business strategy and Services, Physically moved their HQ 6 times and during this course, hired/fired literally hundreds of people. I myself was laid off twice.

    It is not easy to work in an environment of un-certainty and not knowing what you are going to be doing or where you are going to be working hour by hour. As an employee and a person you deserve better treatment. You are not there just to be their servant, you should expect them to allow you to be successful as a nurse and whatever career goals you have set for yourself. Employee and Employer is not a Master - Servant Relationship. It is a mutual agreerment. They did not meet their side of the agreement and thus, you left. Employers are not a "one size fits all" so don't let this get you discouraged. You will find another, better place. Sometimes it just takes a while to find a place where you "click". But when you do, watch out! It will be a great experience!
  14. by   Tilleycs
    Wow, what a HORRIBLE way to treat an employee. I'm so sorry that happened to you, and I'm glad (for your sake) that you left. It's not the horrible jobs you DO walk away from that continue to make you miserable all day every day - it's the ones you DON'T. Sorry, NO job is worth being treated that way. That is shameful.

    I'm not in healthcare yet (I'm considering a career change from computerland), but I have never been able to understand why ANY company would go through the trouble to hire you, and then never make sure you are fully equipped/trained - especially if you have patients' lives in your hands! Geez!

    I have a slightly similar experience, except it's from the IT field. I did a contract at Nortel, and was working for two managers. They both assumed that the other would train me, so I got zippo help and had no idea what to do. Then they were shocked when I wasn't able to get much done. When I was FINALLY able to talk to them, I found out all the assumptions and FINALLY got some training on the product I was documenting.

    So I made tons of progress, and finished the manual two weeks early. My reward? They cut my contract short the day I finished it. And my manager "for some reason" (yeah right) conveniently wasn't at work that day. He called my contract agency and had one of them come down and tell me that they were cutting my contract short.

    Sorry that happened to you, but you'll be MUCH better off in the long run NOT being there. I say, good riddance to bad rubbish!