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So... I've been paying attention lately to how long people have been hanging around on this BB and it's made me wonder. When did this BB start? Looks to me like the oldest member is (was) Rick. ... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    great site! great history! great people! i love allnurses, and wouldn't trade coming here for any other site because i know it wouldn't top this one! way to go brian! :angel2:
  2. by   shygirl
    This is a great site. It is funny, educational,and interesting. I too have "turned on" my fellow nursing friends to this site. Now we are all hooked. I love it. Thanks again Gilda

    Way to go Brian!!!
  3. by   LasVegasRN
    Bless you Brian, this is truly a wonderful site and a life line to so many of us.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  4. by   zumalong
    Brian, I think that this site was your destiny. It has enriched so many peoples lives.

    It is my home page, my passion, my obsession, my life, my WHOLE WORLD--well not quite, but I do come here as often as I can stick my kids in the tub (ha ha).

    Thanks for you.:kiss :kiss
  5. by   Rustyhammer
    I am especially grateful for not having to deal with a barrage of "pop-up" ads and other distractions. I would be able to deal with banner ads if it would help bring in some revenue.
    1.8 million hits a month should attract some revenue.
    Thanks for the superb site.
  6. by   woo 2
    great site, great ideas thanks much.
    Originally posted by Rustyhammer
    1.8 million hits a month should attract some revenue.
    Maybe then I'll get my boxer shorts!

  8. by   hoolahan
    Thanks Brian, that was very interesting. I went on-line in about 94, and I vaguely remember world-wide nurse.

    Since I did my web site, I have also had e-mails from home health nurses around the world, and that is really cool. Nothing like your traffic here though. I didn't even bother to put a counter on the site!

    Keep up the good work. And get those boxer shorts ready for Heather, OK?
  9. by   nursejws
    Thanks Brian for creating such a wonderful site. I know I'm here everyday, as my husband likes to remind me. :chuckle I'd like to second what Russell said about the pop-up windows, etc.

    I enjoy reading everything and commenting where I have something to say. I say alot as my posts # has grown quickly! I'm just starting my nursing journey this summer by taking my pre-req's...with that said, I'm thumbing through a medical dictionary often trying to figure out what some of you are talking about.
    Originally posted by hoolahan
    Keep up the good work. And get those boxer shorts ready for Heather, OK?
    My hubby says I'm always sitting on my a** at, so I figure I might as well have across my a**

  11. by   dianah
    Hey, what about it???? Sure, T-shirts, boxer shorts, tank tops, -- with the website, of course, and some of the great trailers you all have attached to your posts... Any plans?
    I too am hooked on it; like a good movie, reading just the most recent threads can send my emotions on a roller-coaster ride, educate me, challenge me . . . Great site!
  12. by   RNforLongTime
    This is by FAR the BEST board on the web for nurses. Brian has done a wonderful job with it and is always looking for ways to improve it. I mention this site to my fellow nurses all the time and they sometimes look at me like I am crazy or something. I have received a lot of great information and support from everybody on the bb, I consider it to be my "extended family"!

    I think Brian and his crew need to develop an "all" store so Heather can buy her boxer shorts and I can buy a t-shirt and pens and all that stuff!

    Keep up the great work Brian!
  13. by   nursejws
    Brian needs to put a bug in some ears during Nurse Appreciation Week. Imagine this for a moment, is a place we all love to visit...right? grab bags everywhere with invitations to an get together, where nurses are treated like royalty, complete with makeovers and massages!

    Imagine the possibilities!?!?!? :hatparty: