Agency Overpaid Me

  1. Okay, I'm not complaining...but I was checking my bank statements and realized that my agency overpaid me for 12 hours that I didn't work. I called in sick that day. Yes, the evil side in me wants to keep this. I could use some extra money for Christmas. Okay, okay...I am going to call the agency first thing Friday or Monday and let them know.

    Has this ever happened to anyone? I have had issues with my check coming up short and they took FOREVER to correct it. They overpaid me once at the facility I am currently working at and I let them know, and they corrected this fast, lol.

    Wished I could keep that extra money but....
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  3. by   actioncat
    Yes, it has happened to me-- overpaid (but not working for agency). It was 40 hours. I just notified them and returned my check and received one for the correct amount.
  4. by   skittlebear
    I have direct deposit which I know will be deducted after I talk with the agency.
  5. by   nursel56
    I've had home health patients that want to keep their skilled nursing hours up tell me to "just work for an hour and leave". It's likely that if I did that, no one would be the wiser -- but then I'd have to live with my conscience bothering me, and what would happen if someday someone discovered the truth?

    My integrity isn't for sale. You did the right thing! But no harm in daydreaming "what if" sigh. . . . .
  6. by   HeartsOpenWide
    Nope. My hospital only makes mistakes in their favor, I have to send in edit slips 9.5/10 of the time.
  7. by   Conqueror+
    I got 2 identical checks in one envelope once. I returned one. You're doing the right thing. You don't want something like that coming back on you.
  8. by   systoly
    Think about the respect and trust you'll likely gain by doing the right thing. It's not cash, but valuable nonetheless.
  9. by   jossjjojo
    Yes, I returned the money but wish I could have kept it. Just wouldn't have been right.
  10. by   PalmettoRN_28
    I was once overpaid holiday pay along with other staff members at ths hospital I work at. I turned the error in, but soem staff members kept quiet. When the accounting department made corrections, the amount was taken out of my paycheck in installments. The staff members who kept quiet had it all taken in one paycheck. It pay's to be honest!
  11. by   MrWarmHearted
    yes, it is always best to be honest - even when it comes to being overpaid. you will reap what you sow - plus your integrity and honesty will be viewed higher by your agency and will be viewed more trustworthy. a valuable quality in any employee
  12. by   indigonurse
    Do you think they paid you for the day you called in sick as sick pay?