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jossjjojo has 28 years experience and specializes in Cardiology.

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  1. Have you ever had a pt have sex...

    I agree with you Crunch. There is a time and a place and the hospital is not one of them. That is what you do before you show up at the hospital in labor and if labor doesn't start then you do what hospitals do to stimulate labor. Sounds very suspici...
  2. IV Gauge for CT

    I've been told that they have to have a 20 gauge above the wrist. The will refuse anything less and it's because the vein will not hold up to their power injectors.
  3. ITA. I would not give her the courtesy of waiting until after her vacation. She does not deserve any considerations. I would speak to her superior and make them aware of what was said. I wouldn't call the BON, it kinda puts you on her level, only bec...
  4. failed NLCEX-RN..

    Why take the NCLEX-PN when you've earned your BSN? If you can get through nursing school, you can pass the boards. American nurses fail the NCLEX too and have to repeat. Have faith in yourself, study and go for it!
  5. Narc count right, then WRONG

    I see nothing wrong with an LPN having the narc keys. A licensed nurse whether RN or LPN is held to the same standards. LPN's and RN's equally have been known to divert narcotics.
  6. Wow, that's sad. You're missing out on some wonderful nurses. It's not the brick and mortar that's important it's what goes into the students head and is retained. I worked hard for my online degree. I didn't find it any easier than going to class. O...
  7. No, no issues what so ever. Just checked for accreditation.
  8. Pt choking and DNR....

    It is when there is no pulse or respirations. Exactly
  9. Pt choking and DNR....

    It doesn't matter what causes a cardiac or respiratory arrest, the DNR is valid and should be honored.
  10. Pt choking and DNR....

    You're right, the hemlich is not a cardiac life saving technique, but if the item can not be retrieved through the hemlich or through suction and the patient becomes unconscious suffering a respiratory and/or cardiac arrest then the DNR order goes in...
  11. Pt choking and DNR....

    I just saw this same question in another area.
  12. Pt choking and DNR....

    If the patient codes for whatever reason and they are a DNR then do not resuscitate. I would do the heimlich, suction, whatever I could but once they "code" it's time to stop treatment.
  13. Help!!

    Oh I realized that. 50mg of Morphine would kill a horse! Therefore I said I would refuse to give it and contact the person in charge. My question was merely coincidental. Was the patient even in pain in the first place?
  14. Low diastolic = 911?

    I would have charted the systolic and charted that you were unable to hear the diastolic x how many ever times your tried and the different locations that you tried. Obviously the patient had one, you just couldn't hear it. I wouldn't call 911 for a ...
  15. Help!!

    If I had received an order like that I would have refused to give it and promptly called the supervisor, director, manager or whomever is ultimately in charge. I would not have charted anything about it though. Was the patient even complaining of pai...