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  1. Thanks so much everyone. I just replied to my DON that I have too much going on in November and I can't pick up any extra days. I already picked up a 8 hours last month and few the month before. I'm tired. Even working my regular hours I am so tired.
  2. Discussing salary with co workers

    Here's one link. But, if you, yourself, want to discuss your salary to other co-workers than by all means go ahead. Just don't expect the same in return.
  3. Is it awful that I don't want to work any extra days in November?
  4. Discussing salary with co workers

    Discussing salaries between co-workers is always a no, no even if your the best of work buddies. It's unprofessional and can stir the pot, so to speak. Keep your salary to yourself. I did work at a job where everyone knew what everyone made because ...
  5. I know I should expect this as I am in nursing but it's driving me insane. I am constantly being asked to work extra. They message and/or call while I'm at work and while I'm at home. Granted, my job isn't that difficult as it's home care but it is ...
  6. I accepted a new job offer. After handing in my resignation my current employer is planning a meeting with me later to discuss my pay. Have any of you ever accepted a counter-offer and stayed with your current employer? I have always read that this i...
  7. Bullying or Not? Rant!

    Nutella (love your sn by the way), you hit the nail right on the head. She does get the job done. I LOVE your rational approach to my situation. You have me looking at it in a totally different light. A more logical instead of emotional light. At my...
  8. Bullying or Not? Rant!

    Sorry I just woke up. I get what your saying. Meet her in a private place at work. That will be hard to do because of how fast paced our job is. After its time for us to leave, they literally run out the door. I might talk to her and ask her if ...
  9. Bullying or Not? Rant!

    Emergent you Crack me up. Thanks for making me smile. I needed that! Thanks to those who responded. Meet her outside of work? Oh goodness. I'm going to have to pray on that one. I know that would be beneficial. I'm just not sure she would agree to...
  10. Bullying or Not? Rant!

    I would also like to add that I am a very sweet person (and that is also my downfall). One of my nursing instructors back in nursing school gave me very constructive criticism that If I'm not careful, I will be walked all over in my career. I am pe...
  11. Bullying or Not? Rant!

    I just started a new job a month ago, and one senior co-worker is outright mean. I do not want to divulge details about where I work but it is in a doctors office setting. I don't know if I am just losing my mind, being too sensitive, or if this is ...
  12. New to Methadone Maintenance Nursing: What to Expect

    Thank you so much TrickyTrev for your valuable insight!
  13. Should I take the HUGE paycut to switch from ICU to a clinic?

    I'm sure you've made up your mind by now but here is my 2 cents for what it is worth. It's fairly simple yet logical. Nothing beats happiness. I know the extra money is important but have you really calculated all your expenses to see if you could ...
  14. I start my first day in a few days am I am so nervous! Does anyone have any advice or care to share how you like your job? Thanks.
  15. Help! Drug Screen for My Prescribed meds!

    Jules A... I know this! It was my primary care doctor and I am tapering off on my own with my doctors knowledge. I have stopped seeing that primary care doctor and am now seeing a psychiatrist. My anxiety is debilitating.