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  1. Would you marry a Doctor?

    I'm happy to be married to someone I can do things with. Why would you want to marry someone who is never home?
  2. Not paid overtime

    No, they don't have to pay you overtime for 10 hour shifts. Do you think all the nurses working 12's get overtime? Heck, I used to get mandated and would end up working 16 hours-- no overtime.
  3. What do you know about Akron School of Practical Nursing?

    I would consider the clinical sites more than the lab-- definitely more important. It sounds like a good program.
  4. Fortis

    Check out this thread:Bohecker Accreditation - Nursing for Nurses
  5. starting wage columbus ohio

    I have never heard "Killumbus". I live in the city-- never had any problems with crime. It certainly is safer than many places out in the country such as Pataskala. What I mean, actually is that the rural areas are not rife with violent crime, but th...
  6. Wanting to know about RNs as floor nurses.

    We need people like you. Go for it!
  7. Do you have to make a nurses note on every patient?

    Amen to that. Sounds like she cares more about the paperwork and how it looks to state rather than the actual people living there!
  8. Reality check: new grad in SNF

    Good luck!
  9. I guess I'm confused as to why you would question the legality of this.
  10. Restraint-free facility = FALLS GALORE

    Perhaps they need more staff-- not more restraints
  11. Unhappy with CSCC...are there any alternatives?

    So true! Some of us will keep hammering this point home!
  12. Unhappy with CSCC...are there any alternatives?

    Oh OK. I see. I was just wondering because I was happy enough with the program. I looked at Capital and Mt. Carmel, but they were too expensive for me. CSCC would have required too much waiting. I have to add, I'm sure its gotten harder to get into. ...
  13. Unhappy with CSCC...are there any alternatives?

    I'm a huge believer in not going into debt for a nursing degree (well, sometines it can't be helped-- but I do think there is debt, and there is DEBT) so I'll keep writing these posts, but why did you leave OSU off your list of recommeded schools? I...
  14. Galen College of Nursing - Cincinnati, OH.

    good luck! Just want to add-- I just think it is really important not to build up too much debt to become a nurse. Like I said, there is no guarantee of a job and you definitely do not want to be in a position where you take any job or have to base y...
  15. Need HELP picking the BEST Nursing School!!!!

    Not an LPN, but I've worked with graduates of columbus School of Practical Nursing and they seem knowledgeable to me. I think the program is well respected. Plus, I think they get better clinical sites than some of the other LPN programs.