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  1. indigonurse

    Any online DSD courses for LTC nurses?

    Thank you for that link, but I thought that the price was not something I could not afford and I did not care for the no refund policy :(However I did find joshuatreeprivateschool.com that has a very affordable price ($49.99) and they donate their profits to a horse rescue ranch:). I was able to get my application as a DSD instructor approved after I took their online DSD course..
  2. Hi. My employer asked me to fill out a form called "DAILY NURSE ASSISTANT TRAINING PROGRAM SCHEDULE". I work in California. This is so the facility can get approved to teach a nursing assistant program. I would appreciate any and all advice on how to fill it out correctly. Thank you.
  3. indigonurse

    Resignation letter question.

    Try sending a certified letter with return receipt
  4. indigonurse

    Help! Want to be Staff developer?

    From what I know it is very important that a nurse has recent experience in long term care for a minimum of one or two years to qualify for a position as a staff developer in LTC.
  5. indigonurse

    Help! Want to be Staff developer?

    Is this a LTC facility or a hospital you are talking about that requires a BSN or MSN to be a staff developer?
  6. indigonurse

    Any online DSD courses for LTC nurses?

    Does anyone know of any online DSD, Director of Staff Development Courses? I need the 24 hour DSD course to meet the title 22 requirements in California. Thank you!
  7. indigonurse

    Drug error

    It has everything to do with accountability and nothing to do with blame.
  8. As long as a health care agency is following their own policies state laws, nursing practice act etc. in regard to this matter this type of thing you described can and does happen.
  9. indigonurse

    I need to interview a Registered Nurse for a class

    IMHO you might need to authenticate your assignment by interviewing a nurse in person instead of trying to solicit an interview from an anonymous person.
  10. indigonurse

    Mandated Flu vaccine?

    First, the manufacturers info. needs to be obtained for this vaccination. Then, this information needs to be presented to your doctor. Then, see what your doctor recommends. If, your doctor advice's you to receive the vaccination or advice's against it, you need to get that in writing. If your doctor advice's you not to get the injection then you will need to get a note with the reason why and provide it to your employer. Then, see what your employer decides.
  11. indigonurse

    "Losing my license!"

    I think the title of this thread is misleading.
  12. indigonurse

    My crazy psych history coming back to haunt me?

    Might help to talk to a professional counselor and get their opinion on the matter. You might need some support and guidance to let go of your past so you can go forward with your nursing career.
  13. indigonurse

    Question about BON wanting your medical records...

    I believe that before a person is accepted into a nursing program or gets hired for a job that a pre employment physical is done and signed by a doctor certifying the persons ability to perform a job. When people get hired most employers have employees fill out a health history and one of the questions that is asked is if the person has any medical or mental illnesses that affect their ability to perform the job and if they need to make a request to accommodate a disability. The only time a persons medical or mental condition becomes an issue is if it interferes with a nurses ability to perform a job and a pt. gets harmed or the nursing practice act is violated in the process. The only time a persons medical record can be released with out a persons consent is through a court order and that usually does not happen unless the person is involved in a crime. If a person gives false statements on a pre employment medical history they could be found guilty of perjury. Bottom line is a person should be honest enough to know if there present condition will interfere with their ability to perform their duties as a nurse.
  14. indigonurse

    Switching shifts....when it isn't your choice

    I think that when the position was advertised and or offered to you on the night shift that it would constitute a written and verbal agreement. When you took the position that was the terms you agreed to. I think that it reflects very poorly on management to hire a person for the night shift then without notice and a persons agreement tell them they will be working on the day shift. I am guessing that you may have applied for other positions and turned them down to accept this one. You may have also made other arrangements in your life and more than likely would never have accepted the position to begin with had you know this was going to happen. Before this thing goes any further on the lowest level you do have the right to file a formal grievance. Seems like there may be a little bit of false advertisement going on with this hospital. I don't care if there is a nursing shortage I still believe that employers have a duty to act in a responsible manner and the new hires should be treated with more respect than this.
  15. indigonurse

    Can't believe this is happening!

    The new nurse should have an orientation check off list. All you need to do is demonstrate the tasks on the list such as passsing meds, admin. a tube feeding, taking a blood sugar etc. Skills you should be competent to perform by now. If there is a question the new person can look it up in the policy book, PDR, go home and review it etc. If you rethink this I think you could do this and help out the ADON and new employee in the process. If not then communicate to your sup. the fact you feel uncomfortable about doing this. The cons of orientating a new nurse is you have your own work to do and it takes time to stop and train someone else. Is this something the Staff Developer could help out with?
  16. indigonurse

    Evening Med Pass Question

    Since meds are ordered Q6 H, BID, etc. before and after meals, at HS, etc. it is very hard to control how many are given at a certain time. I always said if they ever did a time and motion study and expected us to do every thing exactly by the book we would never get our work done. Having the ability to stand endlessly is defiantly a requirement. Then again I think about bank tellers and cashiers who have to stand and don't even get a chance to walk around.