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Did anyone see her show today? I was so upset to once again see the nurse as the butt of a joke. It's just getting so damn old and degrading. :angryfire If you saw it, would you be interested in... Read More

  1. by   jill48
    Hey everybody, check this out! A heated argument and I'm not one of the players! I tried to watch the video also; all I saw was a nurse sitting by the bed wearing the older nursing outfit, cap and all. There must have been something more, but I can't find it.
  2. by   Ks mommy nurse
    Yeah I saw it at work today. All I noticed was Ellen trying to get the nurse to respond to her gestures when she looked at her, but the nurse was to busy doing a crossword puzzle. The audience laughed.... nurse looked up and just said. " if you need me just call me." I didn't get offended at all... I love Ellen and her humor. Too bad it'll be weeks til she can get up and dance as she likes to.
  3. by   Becca608
    Sorry...I don't have kids or a husband AND STILL DON"T HAVE TIME to watch tv, much less worry about Ellen's spoof on nursing (which was probably somewhat humorous and not meant to offend) or the saga of Rosie (not humorous and intending to offend) and The View (is it still on?).

    I watched the clip and I am more offended by a restaurant in the southwest that sells 'Triple Bypass' burgers, refers to customers as patients, and has the waitresses dress up in sexy little outfits in thier role as 'nurse'. Now thats degrading and offensive.
  4. by   jmgrn65
    Quote from KellieNurse06
    I saw it....it didn't phase me at all.......You need to relax! lol! Ellen is a comedian & I honestly thought she was faking she injured her back until I sat & watched for a while then the MRI with the doc explaining it....... I think you read too much into the "nurse" who was with her...I bet she had her there kind of as a "spoof" towards people who try to portray nurses in that very manner.........I really think you read into it too much.....that's just my own opinion though.... I wasn't offended in any way at all....... Ellen just has that very dry sense of humor and I think she's pretty funny actually.......Please don't let that "nurse" get to you....life's too short to worry over such a minor thing......[/queote]

    imo, this isn't minor. it's a pathetic image problem and nurses like you allow it to go on.

    there was nothing humorous about the doc though. there never is.

    it's 2007, and you should care. we're the only group who would take this. however, i am very pro nursing and always was. even in 1986. my senior thesis was on the image of nurses. it was the year we said good bye to caps. we are where we are bc nurses like me took the time to insist on change, equality and growth.

    like i tell my kids- stick up for yourself, because no one else will.

    Nurses are not the only ones that get made fun of, Lawyers, politicians, president of USA, just to name a few. get over it.
  5. by   KellieNurse06
    I'm glad to see that I am not the only one not getting upset over such a minor thing.....
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  6. by   twinmommy+2
    Can we stop cutting each other down in this thread please?
  7. by   SharonH, RN
    Quote from twinmommy+1
    Can we stop cutting each other down in this thread please?

    Thank you. I saw the clip and I didn't see anything offensive about it but that doesn't give others the right to say to those who do have a problem with it that they need to "relax" and get over it. For those who are not offended, more power to you. Feel free to disagree but try to respect the opinions of others and not minimize the feelings of others.
  8. by   leosrain
    Sometimes it's ok to poke fun at things (like nursing stereotypes) and sometimes it crosses the line. I think a more interesting question is where should we draw the line? At what point to we start standing up for ourselves? What should be considered innocent?

    I believe nurses should get political and fight for their profession. However, I also believe that choosing our battles carefully is important. How do we choose?

  9. by   RNOTODAY
    Do you mean the nurse on the side of the bed? With the white uniform and cap on? I must have not seen the whole video, this cant be what your so upset about?
  10. by   tridil2000
    the reason i particularly find the clip offensive is because she is sitting there doing a CROSSWORD puzzle while the dr gets to explain everything. how many times do you get to do crosswords at your job? once again, the nurse is the "butt of the joke," and the laughter is provided at our expense.

    the scene was degrading to me and what i do for a living. if you don't understand or respect my feelings, pls don't criticize me.

    i have no more time than anyone else. i am pronursing and advocate any chance i can.

    what message does this send to the potential nurses who view the show who are working so hard to get into school right now? it's not just ellen. nursing's image has suffered for a long time. imo, it's bc we let it.

    if i can spare a minute of my day to make a difference for my profession and its future i will. if we all took a minute, we could make a difference.
  11. by   tridil2000
    Quote from tridil2000

    Nurses are not the only ones that get made fun of, Lawyers, politicians, president of USA, just to name a few. get over it.

    you're right. they also get triple of a paycheck too.
    maybe if i made well over 6 figures.... i too could laugh all the way to the bank.
  12. by   bopps
    I saw the clip and found it a bit off base, but not offensive. The Doc's watching the program could get upset too because she asked the M.D what type of Lexus he drove and commented on him driving him home. M.D'S could get offended because their job is not to drive pt's home and they all don't drive expensive cars and live materialistic lives. So I wasn't offended at the nurse sitting there. I assumed people would see the unrealisticness of the medical profession protrayed there and get a good laugh over it. Nurses now a days don't even dress like that. On the other hand Ellen was hilarious as she usually is. Everytime I watch her I laugh, hard. Her dry wit is refreshing. She is a compassionate, funny, and brave person, and dare I say I think she beats Oprah W. Ohhh I'm gonna get flamed over that coment! I am a strong believer in promoting our image as nurses though. TV shows like Grays irk me because the R.N has no real role and Doc's do jobs that they never do in real life. I would like to boycott them! Good luck every one!
  13. by   GoldenLove
    I just love her...she is hilarious...I was not offended and consider myself to "stand up for myself" when warranted.