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Just a simple nurse just trying to make her way through the universe.

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  1. Becca608

    "Gimme, gimme, gimme!" Does EVERYONE just want a free ride?

    be calm, my friend. i think that the original idea was tongue in cheek. sometimes we need a little humor to keep from crying.
  2. Becca608

    "Gimme, gimme, gimme!" Does EVERYONE just want a free ride?

    Please say you called and got a substitute that you could! Also, alot of the pharmaceutical companies have assistance programs. If its a medication you need for the long-term, consider looking into that. Good luck!
  3. Becca608

    How long does it take you to complete an order????

    Ultimately, none of us are perfect and no shift is ever the same. It is a 24 hour job and the client is the priority. I agree that the client suffers when we spend the first hour doing 'cleanup', but that is the nature of the beast with the understaffing these days. Peace.
  4. Becca608

    General Q's About Nurses -- Thinking of becoming one

    This may sound like a cliche, but: FOLLOW YOUR HEART!!! Good luck with whatever you decide!
  5. Becca608

    Wooohooo!!!!!!!! God is good!

  6. Becca608

    Pain management in med-surg.

    Thanks Tewdles, Neurontin is already use. Part of the issue is that no one is consistently medicating this guy across shifts. Some nurses are exclusively giving him IV pain meds and he isn't getting the PO as he should. I talked to the oncoming nurse about getting the po pain med to him around the clock and was told to essentially mind my own business and she will medicate as she sees fit. So much for implementing a plan of care . But when a client tells me that he can feel the pain down to the tips of his toes 5 days after an AKA, I would presume that phantom limb pain is setting in. (I hate the term 'phantom pain' it implies that the client is not experiencing real pain). I felt horrible when I told this man he could not have this IV med until he had the oral pain meds and had to wait an hour for the IV med. I don't even want to work with this charge anymore. She finds something to criticize me about constantly and I really resent her accusing me of trying to turn this man into an addict. Addiction should be the last thing that a nurse considers when medicating a patient in an acute med-surg setting given that so few people in genuine pain go on to develop an addiction. It makes wonder if she even understands the difference between physical tolerance and addiction. Thanks for letting me vent.
  7. Becca608

    "Gimme, gimme, gimme!" Does EVERYONE just want a free ride?

    My doc was great when I was in nursing school and didn't have health insurance. He would actually apologize if he didn't have samples. It was nice when I went in a couple months ago and was able to refuse the samples of a very expensive medication he was prescribing me since I have insurance. Samples should be given to those in need, not to convince you to fill your prescription.
  8. Becca608

    Pain management in med-surg.

    Hello all! I've got a question regarding pain management. Let me start by saying what I believe: 1. Pain is what the patient says it is. 2 My position is that patient's should medicated as ordered by MD and as requested by the patient. I am not an addiction specialist and it is not in my staff description to determine who is addicted and who isn't. 3. Yes, there are drug seekers out there. But they usually make themselves pretty obvious. So here's the question. Client is 5 days post op AKA on one leg. The other AKA done previously is a gross infected mess that we are doing wound care on. He is ordered oral meds q4h and IV pain medication q1h. He also has a large dose of IV pain med prior to dressing changes. Client has woken up after 4 hrs of sleep with a 10/10 pain rating and is moaning and begging Jesus. Oral meds take 1-2 hrs to reach maximum effect. Is it appropriate to medicate with both meds at the same time--the oral pain med for the long-term control of pain and the IV pain med to get control over the pain while waiting for the pills to work? I know this seems like a stupid question, but I was slammed at the time and asked my charge if she could medicate this patient. She claimed that he could only have his oral med and would have to wait a full hour before getting anything IV. She claimed it was hospital policy and I don't believe that. Thanks.
  9. True story over several conversations with a patient: Mr. B., you are aware that you are on an 1800 calorie diet? --yes Mr. B., please don't have your family bring any more food from home. You are on an 1800 calorie diet and will get 3 meals and 1 snack everyday. I promise that you will not starve and we will get your blood sugar under control. --I'll eat whatever I want. Later, after housekeeping commiserated about the crawling things in his room... Mr. B., you know what I told you about not having someone from home bring you food? --uh-huh Well I think that bag of pork skins might have been bad. I killed two roaches and housekeeping killed three. Your family might have accidentally brought you a bad bag. --D@#%! I knew they were trying to kill me. Later response--he used the wall as a urinal. Uggh, nasty nasty man.:angryfire
  10. Becca608

    Echo Heron

    Her books made me realize that I could be scared, afraid and totally human AND still be a NURSE! Read Echo Heron--she is heartfelt and practical! What I am less than impressed with are the ads promoting lesbianism while I try to post this. I am thinking that in between these and the censorship that I will leave ...and I am getting spyware alerts. That's it--allnurses.com is not where I want to be anymore.
  11. Becca608

    my school has gone crazy with the shoes and bags

    By the time our first year was done, we were all clones of eachother as well. Short nails, bobbed haircuts or up in ponytails, identical nurse totes that had been give to us by various hospitals, backpacks. You could spot a nursing student a mile off!
  12. Becca608

    medical dosage problem

    50 ml/hr and 12.5 gtts/min which rounds up to 13 gtts/min since you can't administer 1/2 a drop.
  13. Becca608

    Should I not be a nurse?

    Amen! This is why I am here. Right now I'm a new grad working on a med-surg floor. My goal is to learn priortization and time management. I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up (I'm 40), but I do know that I want to be a nurse!
  14. Becca608

    Perfectionist? Nervous Nilly? Worrier?

    There isn't anything wrong with you. Your concerns tell me that you will be a better nurse than I will be...even as my preceptors and nurse managers tell me how impressed they are with me. Never doubt yourself My Friend!
  15. Becca608

    written up

    Writing someone up for something so silly is usually the writing on the wall. She might want to start jobhunting--this is the nit-picky stuff that happens in ALL FIELDS when someone wants you gone.
  16. Becca608

    CNA trying to hit me up for drugs.

    I would like to point out that it may not be the coworker with a drug 'problem'. She may be trying to obtain them for a 'loved' one or a dealer. Regardless, she needs to be reported. Truthfully, I have empathy for the addicts that are in pain. I have ZERO tolerance for the providers that introduce the 'solution' without warnings. I hate street pushers and I especially hate pushers that hide behind an MD. It broke my heart to see my mom being accused of being a drug-seeker and coming off the opiates after just trying to do what she had always been told--do what the doctor tells you to do.