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Becca608 specializes in med-surg.

Just a simple nurse just trying to make her way through the universe.

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  1. Bedside Reporting

    Time consuming, but this seems to be to model that everyone is switching to. What I do is give them the down and dirty at the nurses station and the sweet fluffy, 'This is so and so who had x surgery yesterday' in the room.
  2. Night Shift and My Muffin Top

    I eat my 'big meal' when I first get up before going on shift and take a couple of lean cuisines to get me through the shift. My meal before I go to bed is very light. I used to race through my shift and forget to eat so that when I got home, I was...
  3. Forced to Take an Assignment You Can Not Handle

    Unfortunately, it all comes down to money. Experienced nurses are moving to less stressful jobs and the newer nurses are getting thrown out on the general wards. My first 2 years on a med-surg floor were horrible. I went' home and cried almost eve...
  4. be calm, my friend. i think that the original idea was tongue in cheek. sometimes we need a little humor to keep from crying.
  5. Please say you called and got a substitute that you could! Also, alot of the pharmaceutical companies have assistance programs. If its a medication you need for the long-term, consider looking into that. Good luck!
  6. How long does it take you to complete an order????

    Ultimately, none of us are perfect and no shift is ever the same. It is a 24 hour job and the client is the priority. I agree that the client suffers when we spend the first hour doing 'cleanup', but that is the nature of the beast with the understaf...
  7. This may sound like a cliche, but: FOLLOW YOUR HEART!!! Good luck with whatever you decide!
  8. Wooohooo!!!!!!!! God is good!

  9. Pain management in med-surg.

    Thanks Tewdles, Neurontin is already use. Part of the issue is that no one is consistently medicating this guy across shifts. Some nurses are exclusively giving him IV pain meds and he isn't getting the PO as he should. I talked to the oncoming nu...
  10. My doc was great when I was in nursing school and didn't have health insurance. He would actually apologize if he didn't have samples. It was nice when I went in a couple months ago and was able to refuse the samples of a very expensive medication h...
  11. Pain management in med-surg.

    Hello all! I've got a question regarding pain management. Let me start by saying what I believe: 1. Pain is what the patient says it is. 2 My position is that patient's should medicated as ordered by MD and as requested by the patient. I am not an a...
  12. True story over several conversations with a patient: Mr. B., you are aware that you are on an 1800 calorie diet? --yes Mr. B., please don't have your family bring any more food from home. You are on an 1800 calorie diet and will get 3 meals and 1 s...
  13. Echo Heron

    Her books made me realize that I could be scared, afraid and totally human AND still be a NURSE! Read Echo Heron--she is heartfelt and practical! What I am less than impressed with are the ads promoting lesbianism while I try to post this. I am thi...
  14. my school has gone crazy with the shoes and bags

    By the time our first year was done, we were all clones of eachother as well. Short nails, bobbed haircuts or up in ponytails, identical nurse totes that had been give to us by various hospitals, backpacks. You could spot a nursing student a mile o...
  15. medical dosage problem

    50 ml/hr and 12.5 gtts/min which rounds up to 13 gtts/min since you can't administer 1/2 a drop.