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Ks mommy nurse has 10 years experience and specializes in SNF, home health.

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  1. Ks mommy nurse

    Can "C, B" nursing graduates pass the NCLEX?

    Yesssssss you can pass the beast called NCLEX! Grades really don't mean anything when it comes to this test. I've read on several social media outlets of straight A students NOT PASSING! And, us so-so students passing on the first try with the minimum or more questions. I once was an honor student, but nursing school dragged my GPA to í ½í²© but I survived! I needed a break afterwards while my classmates continued to study. I took 2 months off to sleep and be with my family! I finally accessed my Uworld account and took the predictor and got borderline chance of passing í ¾í´ª shocking I know lol! So I studied for 2 months, did half of the questions (1,000), listened to Mark Klimeck audios, and did the LaCharity booklet. Thankfully I did because I had a ton of prioritization and delegation questions. I had 20 SATAs, 2 dosage questions, the usual common meds and some I never heard of. I took just under 3 hours to answer 138 questions with a potty and snack break í ½í¸‰ and hear I am....a newly licensed RN!!!! SO YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!
  2. Ks mommy nurse

    Working Night Shift as a Student

    I just finished and passed my 1st semester of an ADN program. My schedule was, I went to school for 4 days, worked 2 days and played catch up on my 1 day off. Noticed, I said "I passed," really not with the grades that I'm used to. I was bummed at first, but heard that other classmates grades that didn't work, were about the same, some better. So, I'm working my tail off during the Summer to save up for 2nd semester. I really need to focus on school and make it a priority. I mean, I did take all that time (years) and money to do my pre-reqs, driving around to several schools to drop off applications, take entrance tests, interview... all so I can FINALLY be in a nursing program. Balancing school, work, family and anything else is hard. I give props to those that can handle it all.
  3. Ks mommy nurse

    Malpractice Insurance

    I have had NSO for over 12 years and it only costs me around $100 per year. My employer first required I have it as an LVN and now my nursing school does too.
  4. Ks mommy nurse

    Tips for Surviving the 1st Semester of Nursing School

    Eeeek I start Monday! Books are bought, uniforms paid for, registered for classes. Let the MADNESS BEGIN😛
  5. Ks mommy nurse

    Nurses: How far is your commute?

    5 miles, 10 minutes on the highway, 11a-7p M-F. But that will all change. I start school for my RN on Monday. 22 miles 1 way!
  6. Ks mommy nurse

    Age and nursing school

    "WHEN" you graduate, not if! You will succeed! 🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓
  7. Ks mommy nurse

    Rolling tote

    I know this post is over a year old. I somehow ended up here after buying this same bag for $20 at Tj Max.I'll be using this bag for sure😉
  8. Ks mommy nurse

    West Coast University - BSN Program

    Kudos to those that went with this school or are contemplating. That kind of debt hanging over me would stress me out!
  9. Ks mommy nurse

    Age and nursing school

    I laugh at "youngsters" worrying about their age and school. Pfff life happens different for everyone. I was 26 for VN school, now I'm 40 and starting RN school next month, BSN thereafter. I see my age, maturity and life/work experience as a HUGE plus! You are lucky that you have your head on straight and know what you want....be thankful for that and just focus on getting in and out of school. You have your whole adult life to worry about bigger things! Age is just a #!
  10. As suggested, I'm now posting here for anyone that has been accepted. I could still here crickets when it comes to this school.😂 There aren't really any posts about it, but we'll see.
  11. Ks mommy nurse

    LACC (Los Angeles City College) Spring 2016

    Pff, well I guess I'm the only one in the program lol! Or maybe my classmates don't know about all nurses??? Oh well, less than a month and I'm getting more excited!
  12. Ks mommy nurse

    I feel so unprepared

  13. Ks mommy nurse

    Should I retake B's in my Pre-reqs?

    I'd check into the schools that you plan on applying to in the future. Here in Southern California, L.A. area, schools ONLY take your first earned grade. Especially if you passed with a "C." So, it is imperative that you do well in those science classes. A "B" is not bad at all. Shoot for an "A" in micro!
  14. Ks mommy nurse

    Concorde North Hollywood

    Ouch, it's doubled! That's crazy😲 Well, I actually just got accepted at LACC and will be starting next month.
  15. Ks mommy nurse

    Concorde North Hollywood

    I blindly walked in one day and inquired about the surg tech program. Took what I'm assuming was the HESI test and decided to go for the VN program. I had NEVER heard of an LVN, lol!! The ease of the commute from Granada Hills was my deciding factor. The cost then was 15k. How much is it now?
  16. Ks mommy nurse

    Concorde North Hollywood

    Hi. I attended Concorde back in 2001. I graduated a year later. It was a good program then. The instructors were good and very helpful. This was a long time ago, so I know the staff and faculty are all different.