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jmgrn65 has 16 years experience as a RN and specializes in cardiac/critical care/ informatics.

Mother of one 16 y/o boy, married, and have 3 dogs

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  1. jmgrn65

    Advice on how to get here

    I don't think that it is stressful. Just watch for job postings and apply. Good Luck
  2. jmgrn65

    Very nervous.. can I lose my license for this?

    SNF/ECF's are very difficult to work at, you arent' going to lose you lisence because were given late if that was the cause I don't think any nurse would have thier license. SNF/ECF is probably not a good idea for new grads just because you don't hav...
  3. jmgrn65

    Which hospitals use EPIC?

    I thought if you go to EPIC website they have a list of who they are live with, and about to go live with. could be wrong
  4. jmgrn65

    What would be your IDEAL Nursing-related job?

    my ideal job is the what I am doing now, informatics. Hours are great, no patients and families complaining about not getting thier bath by 8am etc.
  5. jmgrn65

    Should I get a new stethoscope??

    if you can hear well, I would say no some steths you can replace worn or cracked parts check with the manufacturer I am not familiar with the type you are speaking of. hope this helps
  6. Drawing blood is not the issue. It is wether or not the vein it is in can withstand chemo or whatever medication to be put into the line. And right off I couldn't say if this is a good placment for all medication. The doctor seems to think it is ok....
  7. jmgrn65

    Oxygen administration

    Um it isn't nonsense if you give too much o2 to a COPD patient their Co2 will increase and then if untreated they will need to be intubated or die. I have seen many a COPD patient have sats of 88% and the MD doesn't want it titrated for that reason. ...
  8. jmgrn65

    Question about Nexium

    Ditto standard of care.
  9. jmgrn65

    Miami Valley Hospital ETC???

    I have worked for Kettering for almost 20 years, I would not go anywhere else. We get some homeless and the less fortunate just not as much as MVH. Good Luck in whatever you decide. KHN has a hiring freeze right now, I don't know if that applies to ...
  10. jmgrn65

    Resuscitation Issues

    NO I would ask for clarification. That is not something you would conflicting orders for.
  11. jmgrn65

    hipaa and flu

    I don't seriously that HIPPA even applies in Mexico,also they usually have get permission to use a minor's name. But again it is in Mexico so all bets are off.
  12. jmgrn65

    TB testing

    You should get a copy of the results, so that you don't have to keep doing them over. They are your test results you have the right to request them.
  13. ANCC is offering a telephone conference with up to 16 CEU's check out the link below.
  14. jmgrn65

    Pt.'s partner asked to have intercourse with a stoma !

    Well this is certainly interesting...
  15. jmgrn65

    hand sanitizer scare

    Maybe because MRSA is in the schools too.