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cardiac/critical care/ informatics
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jmgrn65 has 16 years experience as a RN and specializes in cardiac/critical care/ informatics.

Mother of one 16 y/o boy, married, and have 3 dogs

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  1. jmgrn65

    Very nervous.. can I lose my license for this?

    SNF/ECF's are very difficult to work at, you arent' going to lose you lisence because were given late if that was the cause I don't think any nurse would have thier license. SNF/ECF is probably not a good idea for new grads just because you don't have other nurses to ask questions and for support in general. Its tough for exp. nurses to work at SNF, and I think it is nearly impossible to give meds to that many patients and be on time. at least that has been my experience. Good Luck
  2. i know, I thought it was a very useful site.
  3. jmgrn65

    Order Set Approval

    we have zynx, the nice thing is once you built an order set, you can send it to the persons you want to review and they can put thier comments on them. we have a committe which include doctors, quality, informatics, & pharmacy they go thru and approve and then present it to the speciality physician that it pertains to. Our order sets are diagnosis or procedure based.
  4. our joints also get coumadin, and fragmin (similar to lovenox) until INR 2
  5. jmgrn65

    advice desperately needed

    First, the guy that left AMA you cant do anything about, he obviously didn't give you time to think about it. If you had remembered after he left sometimes homecare will go out and remove them. Blood cultures sometimes get contaminated, that is a normal mistake you have learned from it and probably wont make it again. I am not clear on the sedation part, so what I will say, we have a read back policy, when a doc gives you an order you read it back, it then say yes or no when you sign the order you sign it T.O. Read back N.Nurse RN/Dr. Smiley Hope this helps, it takes at least a year to be comfortable in any position in nursing and sometimes longer depending on the specialites. Dont' sweat over them, they are learning opprotunities
  6. [color=#333333]this site has been taken down, at least temporarily. the content was prepared by duke nursing informatics graduate students for the prior ancc certification exam outline, and has not been updated to the newer version. in addition, duke was contacted by ana/ancc with complaints of intellectual property violations. students were very careful to create original materials and not use ancc materials, but the site has been taken down anyway. we sincerely appreciate all the positive feedback we have gotten about the site, and apologize to those who were expecting to make use of it. we hope you understand...
  7. jmgrn65

    Signing orders off

    Only an RN can sign off orders, and they are supposed to make sure they have been placed correctly by the Unit Clerk
  8. jmgrn65

    Which hospitals use EPIC?

    I thought if you go to EPIC website they have a list of who they are live with, and about to go live with. could be wrong
  9. jmgrn65

    Dad Fights Hospital to Keep Baby on Life Support

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1225049/To-parents-terrible-decision-My-darling-Felix-proves-ALWAYS-life-chance.html I found this while doing some research into this case. I think it is worth reading.
  10. jmgrn65

    IM Injection sites

    It sounds right, but I am a more visible person, so i can't tell without seeing. there are alot of online texts you can look it up, Mosby for one.
  11. jmgrn65

    Administration of blood products

    see my response in red.
  12. jmgrn65

    Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    only when I am hungry and with A-1 sauce:lol2: No really I don't in fact I go out of my way to teach and assist. I do know some that aren't always kind, but I don't think eating really fits.