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Well, ours started today. Very nice cooler that holds a 6-pack that has a netted beach bag on top. Hospital colors and logo, of course. Inside was a beach ball, a bottle huggie and a frisbee..all... Read More

  1. by   Brita01
    I will be going tomorrow to participate in each of my jobs festivities, so I'll let you know what they give out. One sent out an invitation saying "come join the fun", and another sent out a letter informing us that we would have to come into the office for our gift because it was too BIG to mail. Sounds intriguing.
  2. by   RNforLongTime
    Well, we get our gifts starting Tuesday. My facility took out a full page ad in the local Sunday paper, alerting the community that it's Nurses Week. Many people don't even know that there is such a thing. There's a different event shceduled for each day of the week this week. Of course one only benefits if they work days or evening shift. I work straight nights!
  3. by   jadednurse
    Here's my idea for the perfect Nurses' Week celebration:

    MONDAY: The doctors perform all the bedside care, the nurses breeze in and out of the patients rooms, shake their hands, charge a $200 consult fee, scribble some indecipherable gibberish in the charts, throw the charts on the counter (where the doctors can't see them...oh, and of course don't flag them either), stroll off the unit and then ignore their pages.

    TUESDAY: Free parking in the doctor's reserved spots!

    WEDNESDAY: Administer Go-Lytely to the hospital administrator of your choice!

    THURSDAY: Install a call light inside your "favorite" patient's room, then each nurse gets a turn at pressing it incessantly...

    FRIDAY: Free massages and margaritas in the cafeteria. Hey, it is almost the weekend...
  4. by   Desert Rat
    We have not been allowed to celebrate Nurse's Week for a few years, so this is a 'treat'. We get to dress up as cowgirls/cowboys one day, wear hats another day, "professional whites" one day. The different nursing departments get to treat the rest of the hospital staff to hors d'oeurves every afternoon. The hospital will give us free lunch on "professional whites" day, though so we don't have to pay for that. It will be fun, though, to see who can put on the best spread.
  5. by   Rapheal
    I received a plastic cup.
  6. by   nimbex
    Well, celebrating nursing week is unfair to pharmacy, central supply ect. "There are so many areas in the facility, it would be impossible to celebrate each one".

    But in all fairness there is a week of employee appreciation, where BBQ's, meals, events and such are done. This helps.

    It would be nice, for a simple letter from the CEO, hell the manager for that sake, to just say why nurses are important to them. I'd take this over a week's festivity any day.

  7. by   janetrnc
    Last week the Mayor issued a proclamation declaring it Nurses Week this week, today we had a brunch and will have basket giveways all week, 5 a day, Wed we have an ice cream social for all shifts including nights, Friday we have a nurses fair with facials, massages, jewelry and uniform sale, 8 x 10 portraits, and a gread prize giveaway, last year it was a cruise for 2. Thu we have trial certificates for the local Curves gym that includes a discount if you decide to join. Nursing adm. gave a gift set that included a pin, pen, bookmark and a special engraved knife. my department gave a nice pad and pen note set. Plus there are signs on every unit that proclaim nurses as Every Day Heroes.
  8. by   jadednurse
    Originally posted by janetrnc
    Nursing adm. gave a gift set that included ...a special engraved knife.
    ??? That struck me as kind of funny...ah, my sick sense of humor again!:roll
  9. by   KaroSnowQueen
    OH BOY!!!! Yesterday we got..... a bag of popcorn and a can of coke. Oh boy. I could get that at home. Big spenders, huh?
  10. by   AAHZ
    I agree with Flynurse, give me fooooood!!
    Actually we get free 10 min back massage.

    Happy Nurses week to all!! And to all, a good shift!!
    oops....I almost spelled "shift" wrong. ha ha.
  11. by   nightingale
    ratchit: Our Hospital is donating our allotment for Nurses Week "To The Community" and having a large picnic tomorrow. I am NOT going. I am working a travel contract so am sure glad I am NOT dedicated or obligated to this type of mindset of a "business tactic" who does not acknowledge their employees".

    My Dad always said, "it was the thought that counted"; it appears they do not think much of us nurses (as evidenced by 3% annual raises etc.)

    Viv'la Agency Nursing and Entrepreneurship!
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  12. by   Texagain
    Yesterday we got a gift bag (scissors, hemostat, pen and socks) and entered in a drawing. They also set up a cool display that included old nursing caps, graduation pictures of some of our (ahem) older employees and administrators, old texts and instruction booklets- interesting stuff. Someone set up a mock L&D card that included a bottle of vodka instead of a bottle of NS and some other silliness. On the way out we got a piece of cake.

    Last night they served hot dogs and pie.

    Today they are continuing the above listed display and giving ice cream and wafflecones (I think). Tomorrow is vendor day - oh, shoot, I forgot what all there was planned. There was at least one thing every day and often covering all shifts.
  13. by   night owl
    Haven't gotten any gifts yet, I think that's Thursday from the UMs. We're having a catered breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on your shift, and prizes for a nurse from each unit nominated for the best nursey- nurse or something like that tomorrow. Today a Chinese auction, and on Friday, a guest speaker, Spillane from that "other nursing website." She'll be speaking on, "Writing for Publication." I want to work on Brian for next year's guest speaker..."How to be Computer Savvy....... Without the Headaches!" hehehe! Hey Brian!
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