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  1. Rapheal

    Working together

    About half will try and help if you ask- the other half will not ask for or give help.
  2. Rapheal

    To record or not to record - that is my question!!!

    I used to tape my A&P lectures. I would use headphones and listen at a low volume while I did my housework and chores. Then before I went to sleep. I hoped that some of this info would seek into my subconscious mind. I could never really just focus and listen attentively to the taped lecture. Summer A&P? Is this an accelerated class? Have you tried using those flashcards that they usually sell in the book store? I used the ones called Flash Paks. They come in little "volumes" and are great. They are also a good resource when you are in nursing. Good luck in school.
  3. Rapheal

    What was your secret weapon for surviving nursing school??

    My family helped alot. They were encouraging and made sure I got up on time for those early morning clinicals (I had a long commute). When I started to burn out from nursing school and got discouraged I would read the classifieds in the paper. Helped reinforce my goal that the end result would be worth the hard work. Good luck in school.
  4. Rapheal

    Doctors refusing to treat Lawyers

    This is so true. There has been less money awarded for injuries and fewer successful malpractice awards granted during the last 5 years. Yet insurance premiums skyrocket. Insurance companies now even charge higher premiums on car insurance if a person has a history of bad credit or late payments. They do this because they believe that a persons' credit history reflects their ability to be a safe driver. They can do this without any evidence of this fact. Insurance companies are out of control.
  5. Rapheal

    Funny quotes from patients

    "Would you please stop talking so loud!" From an 80 year old HOH woman without her hearing aides.
  6. Rapheal

    Post-op Wound Care

    I would ask the doctor for clarification on the peroxide cleansing. When we cleanse with peroxide we use a 50/50 of peroxide and sterile water because of the risk of killing new tissue with full strength peroxide. Best of luck for a speedy recovery.
  7. Rapheal

    My nurse tied a resident in here wheelchair

    I hope everything works out for you. I do not think that you should carry the burden of believing that what you did or failed to do will cost the residents their home. There potential new owners are not going to make their decision based on just that alone. Good luck.
  8. Rapheal

    Pt refusing basic nursing care

    These type of patients are so hard to deal with. They take no accountability or responsibility for their own health. It's like they have this attitude of "It's your job to fix me- so do it." Without any contribution of their own to the healing process. I believe it's an attitude problem. Seems like a sign of the times. Many patients and family members expect there to be some magic pill or procedure that will make them well. And they are so angry when this does not happen. How many times have we as caregivers been blamed for not fixing people? I hear the complaints all the time. "Granny wasn't confused until she came to the hospital" "He never had such problems with his blood pressure until he came here". "Why is my sugar so high?" "Why do I need to go home on oxygen, I never needed it before? (from the 2 pack a day smoker)" If a person is noncomplient and has an attitude of entitlement- not my problem. It took years for them to develop this attitude and I have learned that they do not take kindly to nurses who remind them of their responsibility in getting well. Usually they are spoiling for a fight or a reason to complain. So I request their cooperation- inform the doctor when they refuse and document, document, document. Best I can do.
  9. Rapheal

    Who's #1 your patient or you?

    Seriously, where else but in nursing is their such guilt and angst about taking a measly 30 minute lunch during a twelve hour shift? I am a nurse-not a martyr. What do any of us have to gain by making ourselves sick, getting UTI's, becoming dehydrated, and getting burned out because we buy into the notion that somehow it is impossible for us to get our allowed breaks and lunch? It is not impossible, we need to stick up for ourselves even if that means calling the supervisor, the unit manager or whoever to get what is not just deserved, but what is healthy for our bodies. Nuff said.
  10. Rapheal

    Driving a great hospital into mediocrity...

    It's always about the money isn't it? May those greedy, souless, poor excuses for human beings rot in Hades. :angryfire Sorry- I better get a grip before I say what I really mean.
  11. Rapheal

    Who's #1 your patient or you?

    I didn't take my lunch breaks for over a year. Now I know better. Unless it is an emergency it is better to take your breaks and your lunch. I found that my head is clearer that way. Why risk creating med errors because you are overworked. Not fair to you or the patient.
  12. Rapheal

    I think I am going to crack up...

    Your plate is so full right now. I am sorry. I can relate. I too wish that I had more to show for the sacrifices and hard work that I have done. I think part of it is that dreaded term "midlife crisis". Looking back on your life and not being where you had planned to be at this point. I suggest that you stop spreading yourself so thin. You seem to be taking alot of other people's problems on and this is not fair to you or to them. I recently dropped a toxic friend who was so demanding of my time and energy and would play the helpless female who needed everybody to do everything for her. She was also spiteful when she didn't get me or hubby to do her bidding. So it was "bye now." I refuse to feel guilty about it either. Take care of yourself and your kids and hubby first and foremost. Obviously your dad needs your help but as for the other family members who expect you to be on call- let them handle their own problems. Refuse to buy into the guilt. And IMHO you need to change shifts and maybe change jobs. Night shift is hard when you have to work and are expected to be up during the day. You need to get some sleep. You need to take care of yourself. Best wishes for a better future. Do what you NEED to do, not what you WANT to do because I am sure you WANT to help everybody. But it's not working, and your health and happiness are being sacrificed. I am writing this as a former Ms. Nice Guy, always the pal who is now a real witch to those who couldn't use me up anymore.
  13. Nope. Never. I have cared for some people I have known before they were in the hospital. I act very professionally and set boundries right away. Takes the pressure off both of us because they know that this is a patient nurse relationship- which means confidential in all ways. I also have turned down offers from patients who have asked me if I will be their private duty nurse when they are discharged. I really love my patients, but firm boundries prevent problems.
  14. Rapheal

    ? about indoor pets

    How antsy does your dog get? Look in the phone book and you might find some pet sitters who will look in on your dog and let him out. I am not a big fan of a kennel or other places with lots of dogs. Too risky for kennel cough and other diseases IMHO. Some tricks to keep him occupied. Buy a Kong Ball and put some peanut butter or something else yummy for him to work at getting out. Hide treats around the house. First teach him the find the treat game by hiding them and helping him find them. When he gets good at it then you can hide them before you leave and tell him to find them. Keeps them busy for quite a while. Try to not make a big deal about your comings and goings. Reinforce basic obedience so that he knows you are the boss- and he will respect that if you think it is okay for him to be left while you are gone- it must be okay. Also helps build confidence. My vet says a healthy dog can hold their urine for 10 hours. Will someone be home before that time is up to let her out? Maybe your relatives will help out like you hope. Hope all goes well. Let us know how it goes.
  15. Rapheal

    Thoughts on a weird phenomenon please....

    Could you persuade him to drink some OJ right before dinner and see if this makes a difference? Is dinner his biggest meal of the day? Does he wear a belt? I am wondering if he is diverting to much blood by overeating or putting pressure on his abdominal aorta. Long shots- but it does seem strange that this happens after dinner each time. Sounds like BP to me especially with his hx. I would call EMS after he slumps over next time it happens. Not much he can do to stop them then.
  16. Rapheal

    "Foreign objects in body cavities"

    I have looked for missing dentures- never thought to look there. :chuckle