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  1. Is it just nurses or........

    I think some of the probem is with new grads wanting a day shift job, no weekends, no holidays, etc..., I een had a new grad inquire about MY job as a nurse manager! I agree that some shifts suck but patients need us 24/7 365.
  2. OB Rotations

    Silly? Then why are YOU bothering to respond? LOL! My RNC has nothing to do with this thread. Your thoughts are your own and you are absolutely entitled to them. Good luck in your future endeavors.
  3. OB Rotations

    I know how to stabilize a patient until I find out... Which you won't know how to do because you don't think its important enough to learn it. If you get an attitude about a public post that invited responses from other posters, I really do feel sor...
  4. OB Rotations

    Some of you seem to have the mistaken impression that nothing goes on in OB that you really need to know... What happens when you have a pregnant patient on your non OB unit with complications? That "stuff" you plan to gloss over in your learning jus...
  5. Pay Raise After Nursing Residency?

    You need look at benefits and not just the actual dollars also and as a manager and you jumped ship after all those hours and dollars I spent training you I would hard pressed to think of a reason to want to rehire you if things don't work out at the...
  6. Dear Precepting Student:

    In some states students ARE allowed to start an IV with supervision. I have let students do their first hospital stickon me.
  7. Why does everyone need to be ACLS cert?

    EVERY nurse in our facilty is ACLS trained including NBN. We haven't been floated more but are way more comfortable during the rare times when we had codes in L/D or needed rapid response for a gyn patient.
  8. Which Nursing Jobs are the Least Stressful?

    You are exactly right! Last night my pp unit had a mom who delivered at 26wks w/ hgb of 6, mom with pp depression, pt w/ kidney stones, pt. w/ fetal demise, 2 fresh post-op, etc... these nurses provide intense emotional support as well as nursing car...
  9. AWHONN 2010 convention

    Since AWHONN changed the convention from East coast to West coast, my small hospital cannot afford to send us to Vegas. Does anyone have information on any conventions on the closer to home? Thanks
  10. A Question to Nurses and Nursing Students.. HELP ME!

    I think all nurses have something that grosses them out... I've been a nurse for almost 30 years and the smell of feces has ALWAYS grossed me out and still does!
  11. Why we work on holidays

    First let me say I am a Unit Director and I worked Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, not because I had to but so my staff would not have to work 12 hour shifts on those days. Even when I'm scheduled off for Christmas my family goes to th...
  12. Do you actually wear gloves/gowns/masks ?

    Absolutely. At our facility we do spot checks for PPE
  13. Guess what? The costs are going to be passed on to the rest of us anyway... What are the chances that these patients have the resources to pay an increased amount as a result of their limited mobility options? Just something to think about...
  14. HELP!! I need guidance I saw someone cheating

    I would let her know I did not condone her behavior and if I saw her again I would be reporting her. Your silence may be misconstrued as saying its ok in her eyes since you already know she personally thinks its ok.
  15. Racist Patients

    In response to sweetsouthernbee: Those types of incidents go both ways also, check out how many minority women go missing with not a peep yet non minority women remain in the media spotlight for months and years so why don't we a human beings try to ...