"I Narcanned Your Honor Student"

  1. After browsing Reddit today, I came across something that troubled me deeply. This is not the first time I have seen something of this nature displayed. Once I seen an EMT with a VERY similar quote on a t-shirt. Being in nursing school has allowed me to open up and become compassionate about many things.
    Why would someone take humour in this situation?

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  3. by   Davey Do
    Quote from EAGirl
    Why would someone take humour in this situation?[/IMG]
    The absurdity of the situation: An honor student who overdosed. A High and Mighty who ended up like any other Schmuck.

    I'm not condoning this meme, merely applying my perspective thoughts on it.

    I read an article where some EMS workers are being encouraged to be more compassionate, for what it's worth.

    Dark humor is a method some of us use to deal with our feelings. It's not always the best or most appropriate method, but it buoys us through some tough times.
  4. by   Luckyyou
    I think it's funny. But I'm actually a nurse, and you're.... not?
  5. by   NurseUnforgetable
    (Googling to see where can I buy that shirt).

    I like the shirt. I think it raises some serious discussions. It's kinda pointed and I can see how it could touch a little too close to home for some ppl.
  6. by   vintage_RN
    I find it amusing....in a "its 4am and im on night shift" dark humor way.
  7. by   FolksBtrippin
    It's dark, ironic humor that's not appropriate for a hcp to wear as a tee shirt.

    I work in psych and I think when people feel superior to their patients they need to move to another specialty.

    They rarely do though.
  8. by   Jedrnurse
    I don't know, to me it speaks to the fact that people from "all walks of life" can be affected by the opioid scourge.

    (Also, it is kinda funny...)
  9. by   meanmaryjean
    Gallows humor. It's how we cope with things sometimes.
  10. by   Rocknurse
    If you don't laugh, you cry. ICU nurses have a dark sense of humor, so yes...it's hilarious.
  11. by   Cvepo
    It's a humor type to deal with this type of difficult situation. It also, I think, reminds people that many opiate overdoses are actually from affluent people in affluent areas. We need to break down this NIMBY attitude towards overdoses so that we can actually get to the root of the cause to try and stop it.
  12. by   Irish_Mist
    I think it's hilarious but then again, I have a dark sense of humor.

    If this t-shirt troubles you deeply, as you said in your OP, I wonder how you'll handle the really rough and sad issues we see as nurses all the time.
  13. by   Purple_roses
    I mean there are also stickers that show a t-Rex eating a stick figure family too--I think. I think it's funny, but I also have a warped sense of humor. I think it's just a funny, yet probably rude way of saying, nobody gives a damn about your stick figure family and nobody gives a damn if your kid is an honor student--stop putting it on your car.
  14. by   NurseSpeedy
    In my most recent experience, I have had more IVDA patients come in with complications than I can count. It's a real problem and as another poster has stated, it's not just the homeless/poor population that does it. Often times that patient started out in a well to do family and had everything going for them before they started using with no idea that they too, could very well spiral into addiction.

    The t-shirt is a type of sarcastic, dark humor some of us use to cope with what we see too much of each and every day we come into work. Wearing it would be too much for me, but I could see the t-shirt and see the humor while browsing a webpage such as this.