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From Silence to Voice : What Nurses Know ...


Has anyone read this book? I am considering buying it, based on some of the reviews it is a good read.

From Silence to Voice : What Nurses Know and Must Communicate to the Public


Here is one review:

"This is a unique book-one that every practicing nurse willl want to read now and every person aspiring to become a nurse MUST read to understand nursing. These well-known journalists share their deep, rich experience about how the world of media, public influence and debate really works. But most of all, this is a book of ideas; refreshingly fresh ideas which I guarantee you will read from front to back. From Silence to Voice makes you take a long, hard look at our wonderful profession and offers some potent suggestions for our future." Joan E. Lynaugh, RN,PhD,FAAN, Professor Emeritus and Term Chair, History of Nursing and Health Care, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

Let me know if you have read it and what your thoughts are about it.




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That book is sitting on my computer stand awaiting return to Dr. Jane Brennan, Professor at Widener University who kindly lent it to me in May, 4 days before my Nursing Rally!! I wish I had been aware of it prior, as it would have been helpful in getting the message out about our event. It has informative info re constructing a Nursing PR campaign that works and how to keep your message alive.

Will be placing it on my Santa list, to have as a resource since College textbooks for the next course, after paying whopping tax bill have emptied piggy bank!

PS: Hope your new position is going well.Miss seeing your great posts, keep them coming! Karen

Thank you Karen. I found a couple others I am interested in also, I am going to order a few from Suzanne Gordon. Have you heard of this one?

Peaceful Warrior Nurse

by Priscilla Smith-Trudeau

Book Description

There aren't enough books written for nurses, by nurses and about nurses that enlighten, empower and encourage them to celebrate the diversity and spirit of nurisng. This is not a how -to-book or a clinical manual, but a book honestly detailing the lessons, experiences, and blessings of the author's 25 years of nursing practice. Woven through the stories and information is wisdom acquired from triumphs and disaster along the way.

The profession of nursing is in need of a revolution. It needs nurses young and old, women and men, black, brown yellow red and white to create a new vision, a new mission and a re-dedication to the service of humanity.

This books is the authors contribution as a nursing professional to support the cause of rekindling an interest and dedication to nursing throughout the country and the world. This book is about living, loving, learning and leaving a nursing legacy.

There are so many books at http://www.Amazon.com

I have been really busy but hope to come over more often (all of the children have started school! LOL)

By the way this section looks great, I come over briefly just to check out whats up even if I can not post.

See ya,


She is going to be one of the guest lecturers at the Annual Convention of the Michigan Nurses Assoc this coming October.

I bought "From Silence to Voice", read it and found it empowering. We are indeed to silent about what we do. If we don't speak up no one else will. Have been speaking up these days. It's a great feeling and sometimes I'm heard. Age has it's privilege.



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haven't read it, but will buy it tomorrow! Thanks, you guys are a great source of info!

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I love the books by Echo Heron too, I have had to buy about 4 copies of "Intensive Care" because my colleagues keep "borrowing" it.

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Have you read We Band of Angels by Elizabeth Norman? Absolutely awesome, in the best sense of the word. It is the story of nurses during WWII, captured in the Phillipines. Amazing what they went through and how they survived together.

Thanks for sharing the recommendations on From Silence to Voice. I was just looking at that yesterday and trying to decide!

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I have both read and heard Suzanne Gordon speak. She is well worth the time spent listening and reading to her work.


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I just recently purchased "From Silence To Voice" and also had the privilege of hearing Ms. Gordon speak, since she was one of the keynote speakers at NTI, AACN's convention. She was marvelous, superb, every superlative you can think of! :) This lady "gets it" and it is so refreshing! If only we could get all the managers and VP's and CEO's in one room and unleash Suzanne Gordon on them! They wouldn't know what hit them! :roll

Please, nurses, let's use our voices, and break the silence!



I just jumped on the bandwagon and bought it too. I found it amazing that a non-nurse is so eloquent at explaining what nursing is and how it has become what it is today. Most nurses probably couldn't explain it so well. I had really not spent much time considering the lack of nursing prescence in the media in particular.

I'm currently reading "From Silence To Voice". I agree, it is empowering, affirming and an excellent book. I highly recommend it for all nurses and nursing students.


this is a great book i had posted it earlier as a must read. woo

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