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  1. Are you afraid to approach minority staff members? WHY?

    Ok here goes: 1. Professionally speaking (no pun intended) It bothers me when any group of individuals begins speaking in a different rhetoric in front of patients families and co-workers which is excluding in nature and intentionally (ex. Filipino, ...
  2. Are you afraid to approach minority staff members? WHY?

    You can find it here: Note: Merged threads together. Karen
  3. Who will listen then?

    I went to Nursing Polls section and read the minority thread you posted and think it is a great topic of discussion. It probably got moved because the board moderators felt it was a good nursing poll or meant to be placed in that format. Here it is: ...
  4. Who will listen then?

    I do not agree that it is human nature for one to take care of it's on first, atleast not in Healthcare. I think that would constitute a learned behavior (imho). I also believe it maybe a modeled behavior.Then in time becomes quasi acceptable behavio...
  5. Use graduate students who fail State Boards?

    deespoohbear I found this site when I was out surfing earlier: NCLEX® Myths & Facts Change to white background (MSIE) With excerpts from: M...
  6. Use graduate students who fail State Boards?

    BTW Thanks Joanne, I just know debates can get heated sometimes , and did not want anyone to think that was the purpose of the question... I can not help but think of how terrible it must feel to fail NCLEX after so much work. Michele
  7. Use graduate students who fail State Boards?

    I agree we can't lower the standards, I read that the National Council of State Boards of Nursing ( reviews and changes if necessary the testing process every three years, by a board of Nursing Judges. I wonder if the failure ...
  8. Use graduate students who fail State Boards?

    Well I also found this when researching completely different angle: Mission Statement: This form letter was constructed to answer the growing need of the Graduate Nurses and Foreign Trained Nurses that come to this si...
  9. Use graduate students who fail State Boards?

    I found this interesting article doing the research for Graduate student NCLEX failure: excerpt "Prior to 1988, the passing rate for first time test takers was 91%. In 1989, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing established a higher passing...
  10. I posted a thread on Nursing Politics asking for views on the "new" Excelsior fast track program offered in Mich. here: After reading views it made me think about a thread started here...
  11. improve sleep in nursing homes

    I came across this article and thought I would post and get comments. I work the night shift and am constantly aware of the noise and keeping it down.Sometimes it is difficult with the level of staffing we have in LTC to complete all treatments asses...
  12. Fast-track nursing plan questioned

    After reading the article describing Tommy Thompson's proposals I came across this article and wanted feedback, what do you think of the fast track approach? Fast-track nursing plan question...
  13. an update and i need some education please

    The same symptoms from my experience. I just read a good article on PE's from Medscape you can find it here: Pulmonary Embolism - New Paradigms in Diagnosis and Therapy Andrew E. Ajani, MBBS, FRACP Disclosures Introduction The challenge of thromboe...
  14. Assingment under protest

    Here are two places to find out a little bit of information, on assignment despite of objection. On a personal note, I brought one to work intending ...
  15. options in Jacksonville

    Sorry for the post I meant to reply to Florida Nurses and hit the wrong button....:)