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OC_An Khe has 40 years experience and specializes in Critical Care,Recovery, ED.

Union officer for 20 years. significant experience in retirement plans and planning.

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  1. OC_An Khe

    Leaving Nursing

    Okay, you're ex military, so you know what being a short timer is, you'll get through the month because you can. That said, not all nursing positions are that toxic, sorry you got one of the poor ones,but I wish you luck going forward.
  2. OC_An Khe

    Question for you retired RNs

    Half century in healthcare, 40 as an RN, retired 1 year ago. You definitely need a plan for what you want to do in retirement. Of course a lot depends on your health and time should be spent on maintaining your health. Nursing is a people and helping oriented profession and I find I need things to do in retirement that continue to fulfill those psychological needs. LLAP
  3. OC_An Khe

    The Janus Decision

    Recently the SCOTUS ruled against public employee unions with regard to agency fees, just curious as many unionized nurses are public employees what your thoughts are on this matter.
  4. OC_An Khe

    Is a public petition required?

    Its a typical technique to judge the commitment of those that signed cards for the election. The union is fronting all the costs for the organizing drive and just making sure there is a return on their investment. Herring_RN has it correct.
  5. OC_An Khe

    Why are so many nurses against unions?

    Unions like corporations aren't inherently good or evil. It depends on how they are run both locally and nationally. That said after working with patients since 1968 i much prefer working in a unionized facility.The contract gives you protection and a legal basis when you speak up about Nursing issues and patient safety that are non existent in a non unionized facility.
  6. OC_An Khe

    ACDF Anesthesia Techniques and PACU Pain Management-

    Long acting narcotics in these patients is very useful. Particularly if they are chronic pain patients and routinely take opiates daily on a routine basis, you need to "catch them up" to their daily opiate level before you can get effective pain relief post op.
  7. Remember on this Labor Day weekend all the work and sacrifice union members have done in the past. Collective action works in obtaining worthwhile goals. Support our union Brothers and Sisters in their collective actions. Without Labor, Capital can not be formed. Without capital, capitalism can not exist and we all suffer as a result.
  8. OC_An Khe

    Please explain how union hospitals do it.

    Unions are can be either effective or ineffective depending on many factors. However unions do give you the legal ability to influence the priorities the employer sets in their decision making with regards to certain mandated subjects of bargaining. The membership must be willing to takes the steps necessary to assure the employer listens.
  9. OC_An Khe

    Sure didn't expect this!

    Haven't seen this mentioned yet, what about travel nursing. Our facility has used them in the past and a lot of the RNs were in your age bracket.
  10. OC_An Khe

    union dues

    Ask for a copy of the Union contract, the prospective employer should be able to guide you to the contact info.
  11. Sometimes justice is slow but it does work when you are in the right.
  12. OC_An Khe

    Declined Union Enrollment

    Tell them the truth, I worked at a Union Hospital and was not a member, therefor had no involvement.. Curious if it is even legal to discriminate employment because of past union involvement. Any body know?
  13. OC_An Khe

    Centralized Scheduling SUCKS

    The type of scheduling used is dependent on the resources, size and collective bargaining agreements, in a given hospital. What works for one institution may not work for another. Scheduling should take into account the needs of the institution and the needs (quality of life) of the individuals RNs. There needs to be a balance to have a truly effective organization. Scheduling done to satisfy the "bean counters" is actually more expensive in the long run. I still find it appalling that RNs are still involuntarily called off/cancelled for low census in certain areas of the country. You never know what will come in through the door or a patient goes bad requiring additional staff. What other profession would accept losing 20% or more of their weekly income on chance.. Do firemen only get paid while fighting fires?
  14. OC_An Khe

    Bullying in the work place

    Remember you get the abuse you allow.
  15. OC_An Khe

    Five Positive Impacts of the Ebola Crisis

    Education education education is what's needed to overcome the irrational fear this engendered. Of course the people need to listen and be ready for that education.
  16. OC_An Khe

    The "increase minimum wage" issue.

    When minimum wage levels are increased, that usually recalibrate all wages upward. So by assisting in the dialogue for minimum wage increases, the Union is also indirectly working to raise the wages of those workers it represents. Additionally as the minimum wage increases there is more money circulating in the economy and therefore the demands for more goods and services increases which also benefits union members.