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Forensic Evaluation w/ Polygraph test!! Upset and confused

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I am currently in my last semester of nursing school and I now have to complete a forensic evaluation with a polygraph examination. I have an arrest charge on my record and pled guilty to possession but completed my probation successfully and this incident occurred over 10 years ago. And to be honest it was seriously a case of being involved with the wrong crowd. Since then I have not gotten in any legal trouble and I have actually graduated with my bachelors degree in business before coming back to school and starting my nursing career. Now I am so confused if I should get an attorney or just take the test. Everything I have read online says to get an attorney because the list of providers the board gives you are biased. I'm not sure what to do anymore and I just want to finish my last semester and graduate. I know I will probably have some stipulations on my license and I can accept that but I just want to get an idea if what to expect on the test or if I should even go through with it. I hate to pay all this money and then not be able to take my Nclex. Please any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Who is making you take this test the school or the BON?

Either way it sounds like something you're going to have to do. If you're clean there should be no issues there, but be aware lawyer or not the bon has final say, yes they can deny you nclex, yes they can make you enter rehab, drug screen for 1-5 years, and place stips on your license, the question is do you want this bad enough? The lawyer make argue terms with the bon but they are limited as the bon can and will always use patient safety as their reason. If you have been going to AA/NA for this time letters from group members will help but again most issues are cookie cutter set. good luck

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Forensic Evaluation w/ Polygraph test? What exactly is this? I have never heard of this. Who is doing this? This sounds seriously crazy.

In my state to remain a board approved provider you have to fall in line with what the board likes.

That said I usually do not tout the benefits of hiring an attorney for the board, but I definitely would in this case at least get a consultation, and the attorney might be able to see if the questions they are asking are even legal.

The BON is requiring me to take the tests. And I have never had to take any drug rehab classes or anything of that nature because I never used. I was dating a guy that sold drugs, and I know that he was selling but I never used drugs. Even though we were in a relationship we never really talked about it and I never really asked questions. Well then one day we get pulled over and he had some in the car and it was enough that they charged both of us. He even wrote a letter to the judge saying I had nothing to do with the drugs in the car but they still charged me. I have nothing to hide from the BON and I'm willing to take the tests and tell my side of the story, but I just want to get a fair shot. I've looked into the possibility of getting a lawyer but I just don't know. I want this so bad and I don't want this past mistake to ruin my nursing career. I was young, dumb and thought I was in love with this idiot, but I just want to be given a fair shot and tell my side of the story.

Which state is this?

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In two words: lawyer up. We cannot give legal advice here, and you will need someone qualified to represent you. Best of luck.

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In two words: lawyer up. We cannot give legal advice here, and you will need someone qualified to represent you. Best of luck.

This - DEF talk to a lawyer! Even a consultation with one that deals with nursing/BON issues. You will need someone in your corner, and u can bet that won't be the boards. Good luck!

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Which state is this?


Find yourself an attorney experienced in dealing with professional Boards, medical/nursing Boards if possible. It's a specialized area, and it sounds like the Board is dead serious about this matter. Were you convicted of a felony? If so, that may explain the Board's decisions to require these things. But no matter what, get yourself a lawyer! Even Legal Aid if you can't afford a lawyer--you need professional legal advice. Good luck!


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mp108 -- Okay, I think some others are correct about the situation, and that you should speak with an attorney about this. Yes, it will cost some money, but what's the value of your license after all the hard work you've put into the program?

Best of luck!!

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I am in Texas too, I also have just been told today that I have to do this. If you log on again, can you please update me on how things turned out. Thanks.

Hey just curious.. Did you take your test if so what was the out come. I just finish taking mine today and Im scared of whats going to happen next

Whatever happen with your situation? Please tell me

Ok,I have read alot of blogs on here but not enough information that could lead me in the right direction. I was required to see a forensic psychologist for a evaluation and undergo a polygraph.I did not get a lawyer because I was not accused of a crime. TBON was concerned about my crimminal background and if i would be a risk to the public based on my background.The psychology is an evaluation where they dig into your past and current situation about your life. You will be require to take a paper test that last 2-4 hour just make sure you are not insain or suffering from mental issues.They will ask about previous drug and alchol use. They want to find out if you are currently using even if you did not report any to them. When you talk to the psychologist please be honest as possible because it will be asked by the polygrapher.I passed the polygraph with no problem. It was hard but i was honest with the doctor. When I went for the polygraph he read what question that would be asked. It was alot of question the doctor asked. They really wanted to know if i was hiding anything, that was not discuss to the psychologist. Just be honest. Admitt to your wrong doing and describe what you leared from it and how you change. The psychologyist is who turns in the your report to the TBON and the one who will help the TBON decide if you need further treatment or you seems to be on the same pattern based on what you have told him and what the polygraph reports back. You will be ok. I believe it is a test to test to see if you will lie. Last thing you want in a report is deception. Be honest, you are only guilty of your past, and they just want to here that. Do not blame a friend, a family nor a drug. Take full responsibility and own up fully to what you have done because its done already and you can not change the past. You will be nervous and you will stress because i was and there was alot of things i did not want to discuss because it was so awful to be telling a complete stranger i did not know. Yes i thought about leaving out somethings but i didnt because they will advise you and stress to you how important it is to be honest. I sucked up my pride and told them everything. If you ever heard the saying, anything and everything you say will be held against you, well everything you have said to the psychologist will be asked by the polygraher. So no matter how hard it may be, just be honest and you will be ok.

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Polygraph? Even the APA is recommends a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to those. Just when I thought those evaluations couldn't possibly rely on junk science anymore than they already do. The idea of an evaluation (if it truly is objective, which most are not) for something like this is not altogether bad, except for the fact that these things are too frequently used to steer people into monitoring programs whether needed or not. I have seen everything from people in programs for mental health issues that have NOTHING to do with addiction, still be forced to undergo and pay for years of expensive drug testing to folks with 20 year old DUIs get dumped into these programs. Many of these things are loaded with massive conflicts of interest (the person doing the evaluation stands to profit handsomely by what they say on the recommendation) and rely on junk science such as ETG testing that has been snuck into practice by the use of loopholes in the FDA approval system.

It does not surprise me the the junk science of a polygraph would also be employed. Think about it. You are already rattled at the very idea of doing this. Being nervous, not matter how truthful you are being is going to show up. All I can say is certainly don't lie, but be very careful and discerning about what you say and how you say it. These people are not your friends and do not have your best interest in mind.

OK, I just got my letter of eligibility letter, I was granted eligibility to sit for the NCLEX.