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  1. 1sttime

    Started my probation. Need help!

    I worked telephone triage when I was on probation- met the monitoring requirements.
  2. 1sttime

    Will marijuana ever be okay in nursing?

    75% of Trauma victims positive for marijuana- considering the length of the detection time I can believe that. Trauma victims tend to be of a certain demographic doing certain types of activities- but that does not suggest marijuana as a cause- only ...
  3. Your story sounds familiar to me- I won't go into the details of my struggles through treatment- but what eventually worked for me is yoga, and more specifically hot yoga. I had anhedonia, lethargy, the works. When you are able and medically cleared ...
  4. 1sttime

    Adults who prefer wearing diapers

    Yes- this is a thing- for some people its a comfort measure, to other people its a fetish. There are varying degrees of age regression that can go with this too. As others have said- if the person is capable of taking care of themselves then this is ...
  5. 1sttime

    8 Ways to Prepare for an Interview for the Mid-Career Nurse

    Good advice- as someone who took a sabbatical from Nursing and recently re-entered the profession I was shocked by how things have changed in 3 years. I am also in mid-life, I had always gotten any job I applied for in the past- I found this time aro...
  6. 1sttime

    Depressed and Disappointed in Myself

    Never had this experience in 13 years of Nursing- Then I made a career switch. Then I went back to Nursing, but somehow being away from Nursing had done something to me. The weight of the world came down on my shoulders- I came home one night and was...
  7. 1sttime

    Will this affect my future career as an RN?

    Stay on as on call or per diem, your future employers won't know that you quit-
  8. 1sttime

    Guilty of diversion

    Suspected- not convicted- Washington State has an alternative to discipline program. Many people go through this, most never get arrested. If I could do it again I would get a job with benefits and use those benefits to go through the rehab program. ...
  9. 1sttime

    Need some encouragement/advice

    Just my limitations on how much stress I can handle- for example: too many hours, too many days in a row does not leave me time to do self care- so I can't/won't work a lot of hours. Too much responsibility with inadequate practice guidelines leaves ...
  10. 1sttime

    Need some encouragement/advice

    Quit the second job- I have been out of my monitoring program for 9 months or so- I am amazed by my limitations now- I have come home crying when I took on a job that was too physically exhausting- I have to look at it through the lens of doing what ...
  11. 1sttime

    Help what is regulation of drug screen???

    Sounds like the hospital is sidestepping the BON- in Oregon the BON has a policy for marijuana as it is a legal drug in this state- so if you are not impaired while practicing you will likely not be on probation. Can you consult with an attorney to s...
  12. 1sttime

    Job Openings

    In Oregon here- I have heard dialysis centers are a good place to start. It can also be the luck of the draw- I got a job offer from a hospital (I disclosed my probation as soon as the offer was made)- luckily the manager had been in recovery.
  13. 1sttime

    Getting used to new....everything.

    It does sound like your manager wants you to be successful. Sometimes that comes in being able to improve your skills, sometimes it comes from knowing your limits and finding the right fit. Not being in the right fit for a job is not a failure- t...
  14. 1sttime

    Getting used to new....everything.

    Congrats on the job- sorry you are having difficulty with some of the aspects of it. I used to be a nurse manager- one of the things that nurses working in our unit did that drove me crazy was think that they could wait until the end of the shift to ...
  15. 1sttime

    Moving to Portland, start as traveler?

    I imagine you are going to move somewhere in the Portland metro area- Tualatin or Hillsboro- Portland proper is expensive, and even more so if you want a good school district. Most employers being union will take a long time to get back to you, so tr...
  16. 1sttime

    positive drug test

    The OSBN has some rules for marijuana as it is legal and a medicine in this state. If it was a random test and not for cause, your employer can fire you, but the BON might not find a need for you to enter rehab for a legal substance.