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  1. nowim clean

    Positive drug test letter from BON

    Yes because they have to have a 3 way phone call with the bon and you plus sign your monthly report
  2. nowim clean

    positive drug test

    Yes all failed test must be reported to BON
  3. nowim clean

    positive drug test

    You did not say what you used, and hanging up on the MRO was not a smart move. Yes BON will be notified, yes you can expect suspension and if you are lucky enough to live in a state that has a rehab program you will have 3-5 years of drug screens, aa...
  4. nowim clean

    Graduating soon, did nursing kill my relationship?

    If this is the person you are truly suppose to spend your life with NOTHING can separate you, but if it is not then it will not last, if it wasn't school it would be the job, a weight change, the way you clean house, your hair turning grey. My point ...
  5. nowim clean

    positive drug test

    You are in for 3-5 years of paying for random drug screens going to aa or na and outpatient rehab good luck on your journey it is no fun
  6. nowim clean

    Certified addict nurse able to report nurse patient?

    Maybe I am wrong but why would I go seek help to get clean if I am going to be thrown under a bus? I believe that as a nurse we are punished for seeking help. There is a big difference in working while impaired and getting help so you are clean. That...
  7. nowim clean

    NCLEX trick

    Naw youre good don't sweat it you are an RN
  8. nowim clean

    NCLEX trick

    If you still get the message 24 hours post nclex you passed.
  9. nowim clean

    Enhanced Compact state

    I read where by 2018 if the state does not meet the enhancement requirements our license will cease to be multi-state. Does anyone think their state will not do the enhancement?
  10. nowim clean

    Exam Help!!

    what would you expect to find? why is the peg tube there? will there be dressing changes? how was the tube placed? what will the patient look or act like?
  11. nowim clean

    2nd attempt today!

    Why wait do the trick have an answer and know if you can start applying for a RN position or if you have to retest. The main thing is don't lose focus or give up the wife and I both had different number of questions and we both thought we failed but ...
  12. nowim clean

    Which plan of study would you choose?

    I agree no way I want t do a&p 2 with micro plus you need a chemistry might as well do 151 so it transfers toward a BSN
  13. nowim clean

    265 NCLEX questions..GOING CRAZY !!!!!!

    If you are asking me yes I passed first time no did not get all 265 I know people who have taken 4-7 times before passing. There is no way I could sleep without knowing I checked as soon as we got home wife and I both passed try to register again it ...
  14. nowim clean

    Is A C in med surg bad?

    Questions do lots of questions so many books out there have dvd with test questions study these you might be surprised at what you find out
  15. nowim clean

    HELP! TOOK NCLEX-RN 9 times!!!!! Keep failing!

    Have you done the review course with Hurst or Kapplian? So is the limit of times for nclex 10? Are you doing 100 questions a day everyday? When you answer the questions can you state why your answer is right and the others are wrong? Have you though...