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For those of you accepted into a nursing program this Fall, will you be working? If so, how many hours and how doable do you think it will be? Especially those with children.

Thanks a bunch


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I will be starting NS this fall. I will be working 2days a week Saturday and Sundays. so anywhere from12-16 hours. I am so scared this will be to many. I have 3 kids and a husband but I'm going to give it my all and do the best I can. I will be a NURSE class of 2011....

Did I mention I am scared out of my mind. I wish I knew what to expect but theres no way i can even begin to imagine. For those of you working full time as employees and parents congrats to you!!!


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I plan on keeping a full time job at least for the first semester. I have a 2 and 3yr old girls and a husband and bills and right now, I don't see how I canstop working while in school. There's a thread under the student tab where some people are working 40hrs with a family while in NS. It's doable, but it'll be hard. Oh, I will also have the help of my mother who will cook and clean for me twice a week....thanks Mom :yeah:. Good luck to us all.

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If you are going to work, just be careful. You need to maintain a good GPA. Employers look at your GPA. For example, Cedar Sinai in LA is only taking new grads with 3.5+GPAs for their new grad programs. (They are also requiring that 80% have BSNs and MSNs) Also, if you want to continue your education, you will need a good GPA. There were a couple of people that worked part time in my program and kept up a great GPA, but they were "super human". It can be done, but just be careful. That is just my opinion. :bugeyes::lol2:

I have been accepted into a part-time BSN program. I will continue to work full-time because I simply cant afford not to work (family, mortgage etc). Im already trying to prepare a schedule. For instance on Sundays, I will cook most of the meals for the week, so I dont have to worry about dinner for the kiddies. When I get home from work on my non-school days, I have to give my children at least 2 hours, (talk about their day, review their homework etc). I am hoping to be in my bed by 9:00 each nite, to give me 2 hours of study each nite. It sounds easy as I write this, but I KNOW that its not going to be so simple. The only + is that I have a stupid, boring job where I will able to study alot. But, that boring job, keeps me children with shelter, so I just cant leave.


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I will be in Clinicals in the Fall and will be resigning before September. I have 2 kids (one with special needs), mortgage and bills. The hubby and I have been saving like maniacs for the past year to make sure that we are still somewhat comfortable during the next two years while I attend school. It will be a lifestyle change but I think worth it. I give kuddos to those that will still work. I can't do it.


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I'm n the same boat. Will b working fri. And sat. 10 hour shifts. May even work some wed.and thur. 2 try and have 40 hrs. Also have a 6 and 10 year old and a husband who is already working 6 days a week. I hope I can do it. Good luck 2 all of us!

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No working, just school and my two young boys. I think if our family absolutely needed me to, I could do a part time job with the schedule I am looking at, but we will continue to keep expenses down and use some student loans to make up the difference. I wasn't making a whole lot working as a vet tech before I started school, so it wasn't a huge transition for us when I quit working :icon_roll Lol!


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I don't plan on working; the bills get paid with just my hubby working, we are going to try to cut back on "silly" spending, we live pay check to pay check and yes that is sometimes stressful but I feel it would be more stressful trying to work and go to school. I have finished with my pre-reqs and while taking them i felt like there were not enough hours a day to go to school, study and be a wife and mother. That is just me though. I love my weekend family time!

Im not working.... More power to those with kids that work full time. I just couldn't do it and learn what i need to learn.


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I will still be working full time and going to school. I have bills, bills, bills, a 2 yr old, custody of my 17 yr old sister, and a hubby. Bright side is that i had all my gen eds done so I will just be taking my nursing classes. And Im an night shift aide in the ICU so I have PLENTY of time of time to will be difficult but im already devising a game plan that will keep me organized. Whatever your situation is you have to make it work for u and your family. Congrats to all new NS ;)


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working full time job, 40+ hours, probably while in class too. (operations manager for a company) who ever heard of being a long distance operations manage??? not me lol. I average 120-140 hours a week, i doubt that will change much

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