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  1. rn2bnwi

    Walkie Talkie pt. that tanked.

    Green drainage is a sign of pseudomonas infection. the only pt i have seen with it went down hill very quickly.
  2. rn2bnwi

    Skill set of new MSN grads

    How can one be an effective nursing leader if they do not have a firm foundation?
  3. rn2bnwi

    Skill set of new MSN grads

    I don't know the specific answer to that as im a student too :) but kwim means know what i mean. hopefully someone else will be able to give you a detailed description. good luck!
  4. rn2bnwi

    Skill set of new MSN grads

    Misssrblake, I am in an accel bsn program(1 year 2nd degree program) and i had considered the bsn / msn route but decided against it for reasons mentioned above. I think that you will be able to work as an RN after the first year while you are finishing. so you should be able to graduate with your msn with some RN experience.....but even with that im not sure that you wouldn't have to work as a floor RN a little moreto be have the foundation to serve in that role. kwim? Im amazed during my clinicals to see how many masters prepared nurses work on the floor, i don't think that route is necessairly the wrong route. you will be definately be able to utilize .....just maybe not right away. kwim?
  5. rn2bnwi

    Insight about the math and RN skills

    if you can pass algebra, you can do the math...seriously...it's not too bad.
  6. rn2bnwi

    OB Clinicals Question

    the stetheoscopes do kind of stink but your not suppose to use your own for infection control reasons on the newborns and there are ones for mothers if needed, but generally you do not assess lung are heart on postpartum moms. I just finished mine, its a lot of fun. Good luck
  7. rn2bnwi

    When to start looking for a job?

    I graduate in May, and the new grad residency deadlines for spring grads have come and gone in our area, I called each hospital most of them don't want new grad resumes for may grads until february or march. Best of luck to you. Im hoping to find something too!
  8. rn2bnwi

    Postpartum Nursing Question

    if you have a bachelors you can get your bsn in a year through an accelerated program. That is what im doing right now. it's intense but ........nursing school is intense regardless of which route you take .
  9. It's going really well, we are coming into what i call the 'final push' so it's going to be a lot more clinicals and craziness but i am really, really glad i did the program. Good luck to you both.
  10. rn2bnwi

    how long before u get to do stuff?

    Jump in there! I like the suggestion of 'making your game plan' at the beginning of the shift.
  11. I just checked with my friend because they have two friends applying and one of them still has a phone interview next week.... so it appears they are a little slower this year. Good luck!
  12. rn2bnwi

    How to give an injection?

    I agree with others, once you learn the skill its really not as daunting as you think its going to be. In my last clinical i was giving vaccines to newborns every day....and the first time i held the tiny leg and looked at the size of my needle in compairison that fear came rushing back.. but they did fine and if you follow your 6 rights of med adminstration and the procedure /skill your taught you will be in good shape . :) good luck
  13. rn2bnwi

    Postpartum Nursing Question

    as an rn or a nurse practioner? in a few years you are probably going to have to get a doctrate degree to work as a nurse practioner. my guess as a floor Rn to get in you would probably start on nights depending on your area, and if you could get hired as an nurse practioner with so little background.....i highly doubt it would be flexiable or desirable hours. Good luck!
  14. rn2bnwi

    Madison MATC CNA Course info

    Generally you have class twice a week and lab once a week ( i think it is 3 days a week? ...its been a while During the lab portion you check off on all of the skills. there were only 6 to 8 in each lab group and about 30 to 40 in the classroom portion. Generally there is also a presentation on a disorder or disease at the end of the class portion that you work with in partners. I would browse the book but i would plan on rereading it as well. i was taken anatomy and physiology at the same time and i felt like it was a 'lighter' version of a lot of the different nursing classes you take later. Where people run into problems is if they are slow readers , english is a second language....or they overthink the questions. We had about 10 people fail out of our class....most of those it was a language issue or they missed too many classes but one was a lady that had been a nurse aide for over 20 years and was just having to get the certification. She knew the information she just overthought everything . The one thing a lot of us did not understand coming in was that the tuberculosis shot had to be a two-step. that left me scrambling to get it done by the deadline. so that is a heads up. Having all of you paperwork in enables you to pick your clincal placement. ask around to what are the good places to go. attic angels, oak park, capital lakes.....they are all pretty safe bets. so get a feel of the places available and make sure you have all of your stuff done because then you have a better shot of picking where you go. Good Luck!!
  15. rn2bnwi

    Madison MATC CNA Course info

    I took my course through them but it was a couple years ago, so i wouldn't be able to give you specifics about what to study. Good luck
  16. rn2bnwi

    No Lunch Break

    it happens but its not like you can't eat a few carrot snacks while you chart...... but most times you get at least one of your breaks and at the hospital i am at that is 20 minutes about 3 hours after you get there and another 30 minute break about 3 hours later. Im a nursing student too, but we do precepted clinicals so we follow an rn and their schedule. on some floors i never missed a break at all........on the med surg floor i missed at least one of our breaks fairly often..