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  1. Triple A's

    Please help....

    @KristieRNsn2bFNP Thank you so much, The FHM examples really helped.
  2. Triple A's

    Please help....

    Hi All, I am a nursing student, I would like some info from the pros. I need some clarification on Fetal Heart Monitoring. Can someome break it down to me like I am two. Having trouble understanding Accelerations and Decelerations. Thanks in advance.
  3. Triple A's

    Future Georgia nurse........

    I am a nursing student thinking of moving to GA after graduation. I lived in GA for two years but returned to NYC a few years ago. I would love to mave back to GA but fear that the salary for a new nurse would not allow me the opportunity to purchase a home. I've looking at the houses for sale and it seems like the prices have increased a great deal, yet the salaries have remain the same. I maybe wrong so I need your input. For those of you who nurses, how is your salary compare to the price of homes?
  4. Triple A's

    Please advice.........

    Any one use nativeremedies.com products for stress management, anxiety or mood swings? I am thinking of purchasing some of the stress management products and hope someone here may have tried any, if so please give me your input on how well it works. Thanks in advance
  5. Triple A's

    Thank-you Son

    Reading this brought back so many memories of my childhood, I can't help but cry right now. Sometimes while we are trying to make sense and conquer the stresses of nursing school, we forget that our family, especially our children are affected just as much as we are. Great piece indeed!!!!
  6. Triple A's

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    CONGRATULATIONS Honeycutts :yeah:!!!!! I can't began to express my joy for you......but I think this dance will give you an idea!!!! :dncgcpd::ancong!:
  7. Triple A's

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    Hi Ladies, Liz- I've spoken with my peer advisor a few times through email. Were you able to get in touch with yours, yet? BP- I am planning on attending the BBQ. hope I finally get a chance to me you guys. I am getting really anxious, now that we are so close to the first day of class. Anyone registered for the spanish course?
  8. Triple A's

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    Hi Kitty, I purchased the math cal book, I am waiting until orientation to decide on purchasing the others.
  9. Triple A's

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    Thank you BabieRN1106!!!
  10. Triple A's

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    Thanks honeycutts :)!!!
  11. Triple A's

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    Hey Honeycutts, I have the Palm TX. I thought about using my phone (blackberry curve) ,but was told that too much downloads may reduce the speed of the phone. Talk to you soon........
  12. Triple A's

    How Old Are You?

    Old enough to know age is nothing but a number and young enough to believe anything is possible :redbeathe.