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  1. lunden

    Nervous starting school-2nd time around SN

    This is my 2nd time in nursing as well. You'll soon start to know people and feeling more comfortable. I'm just trying as hard as I can, I make sure to get lots of practice I lab and if I don't understand something I ask for a another understanding even asking another student who seems like they get the info. Pretty soon u guys should start forming study groups. I found already I only study good with certain people n class.stay focused and don't get behind n your reading and class ass. Keep us informed
  2. I was a dialysis tech whp often wore scrubs 2 class
  3. lunden

    Back to nursing school

    I've been given a 2nd chance myself. I was n the program in 2002 and failed by 2 pts. I'm starting again for aug.2009. Basically I'm going n with an open mind willing 2 learn everything I can.
  4. lunden

    no more net test at wcccd?

    I didn't think about that. I would think u can still use your net test if it's still good. This would b 4 students who have not taken any test yet.
  5. lunden

    The Ultimate Question, Why?

    Same here. Everyone was telling me to transfer to another school because I seemed 2 b jumping through too many hoops and still not getting in. The school told me I needed 2 take about 4 classes over, so I did and still did not get n 4 spring 08,then they tell me 2 take my "b" class over and I was like "no way" I resubmitted and got accepted 4 the fall of 09!!!! But it has been a long hard road getting there, with me asking myself why why am I doing this? And of course the answer was I love the nursing field
  6. lunden

    Acceptance Letters for fall 09 at Baker Clinton Twp

    Congrats!!!! I'm n at wcccd fall 09!!
  7. lunden

    WCCCD Spring 2010 Hopefuls

    Just wanted 2 say I hope u all get accepted, I know the waiting is torture! I got accepted for fall 09 as an alternate, then a spot became available. It's been a long hard road. So good luck 2 all waiting for spring 2010!!!
  8. lunden

    Silly question--what to wear for class

    At wcccd there was no metion of what to wear for class, but to lab sweat pants only and a white short sleeve tee shirt. They were very strict about that, and of course uniforms to cinicals.
  9. lunden

    WCCCD, Applying for fall 2010

    Hi last time I called the office they said they would have info about the teas test by the end of the month. The last time I was in the bookstore I didn't see any study guides on the teas test, just the net test. As far as the new system goes you get points for everything. Past medical exp. All prereq's taken at wccc, gpa,and everything else that goes along with the app. Background check, essay,test scores,transcripts, high school diploma or ged, I think that's it. But call the nursing office with any other questions.
  10. Just wanted 2 say think positive thoughts and take your time, good luck!!!
  11. lunden

    Nursing Schools?

    Most schools I know of here n mi. Do have entrance exams. Ours was the net test but they just changed to the teas test.
  12. I can relate. Start nursing school this fall and will still b working only on the weekends. But my job is stressful. Have 2 b at work at 5am. (Dialysis tech) I never feel as though I've had enough sleep. I need 8 hours myself, but I usually sit for a while when I get n from work or doze 4 about an half hour whenever I can. My kids no I work long hours and starting school this fall, so they r pretty good about not disturbing me while I nap.
  13. lunden

    How can I get in?

    Are you taking the "net" test? There are study guides you should be able to get at school library,or for any test you are taking. Good luck
  14. lunden

    Random Thoughts: From a Nursing Student

    That's funny. Not a nursing student til aug. 2009 but all I can think about is no hair below the shoulders
  15. lunden

    Darton College Acceptance August 2009

  16. lunden

    How can I get in?

    It's a luck of the draw. U may have everything they r looking 4 and still might not get n becuz of 2 many applicants and not enough spots. I attend wcccd in mi. Where they go by a point system. All prereq. Taken at their school, pass medical background,gpa , net entrance scores, essay, background check, and all prereq. Completed. Hope this helps