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to keep it short Ive been married for 8years and have 2 girls and a little boy!! I have finished up all my pre-nursing courses and recieved my acceptance letter I am a fall 09 nursing student

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  1. dcRn2b

    PVT worked for me licence on my BON yay!!!

    AWESOME!!! How many days post nclex did your name show up? I did the "trick" yesterday and it wouldn't let me register and I am dying to know 100%
  2. dcRn2b

    Grayson County Fall 2011

    If your points are pretty high(24 or more) you can pretty much know you got in. I had 28 but still had the feeling I wouldn't make it but I did. Let me know if you get your letter today. I stalked my mail lady for weeks and then screamed all the way to my house when I got in:D. I would love to give you names of my favorite instructors but they do not allow names here. I can tell you tho we did not have a single BAD instructor. It was a great program. None of the instructors teach by intimidation they are kind, giving and always there for help. Be ready to study hard and long. Your going to make the best friends of your life. Take a lot of pictures for your graduation slide show. Looking back at pics from nursing three the night of graduation was priceless.....PM if you need anything. GOOD LUCK!!!
  3. dcRn2b

    Grayson County Fall 2011

    just to let yall know I am a GCC grad and we got our letter on saturday of memorial weekend! they send them out sooner then they say. Hope yall get yours tomorrow!!! Oh and your gonna love the program. I cant say enough good things about the insructors.
  4. dcRn2b

    wow!!! Bad popup and STILL passing......

    I take mine NCLEX in June and have no clue what the trick is!! Please shed some light or point me in the right direction ....please!! and congrats to all who have passed :)
  5. dcRn2b

    New RN's...do you have a job ?

    I was very blessed to find a job so quickly. I was offered a Gn spot at my dream hospital only 4 days after walking the stage. i take boards in June. I cant wait to start this new phase in my life. I am feeling very very blessed. Keep your heads high and pray!! Something will come along.
  6. dcRn2b

    Classmates using you as a pincushion?

    I just finished my first semester of school I start second semester next week,,,YEAH! but anyway back to the point WE DID STICK EACHOTHER...we gave 3 injections one IM one trans-dermal and then a SubQ. Its a breeze. I was glad we practiced on each other it helped calm the nerves of sticking our first pt. I knew what to expect. I was scared of how the flesh would feel as the needle was inserted after sticking my lab partner that fear was gone. Also we picked who we wanted to stick so buddy up with a class mate you connect with you will laugh about it later...good luck and congrats on starting your first semester!
  7. dcRn2b

    Nursing Admission

    Brookhaven, Dallas county community college, Collin County, Grayson County College and one in Gainsville..those are the only ones I know of hope it helps. you can also google Texas Nursing programs and it will give you programs thru out Texas then just narrow your search..
  8. dcRn2b

    You know you're a student nurse when...

    when your kids say shushhh moms studying if you want good Christmas presents she needs to pass finals..omg all they see is $$$$ signs i need to add my daughter who said this is in Junior high....
  9. dcRn2b

    Collin College

    Frisco to McKinney isn't a bad drive what will suck is the drive to lecture when you have to be there at 8am...and second semester you can choose your clinical site and Plano would be a good option. my clinical experience was really good lol with lots of pee and poop of course. When class first starts you will be in lecture Monday Wednesday Thursday and Friday so you stay up on your studying its alot of info on each test it slows down a bit when clinical starts hope you enjoy your first semester.
  10. dcRn2b

    Collin College

    im finishing up my first semester finals are in 2weeks!! Honestly all the instructors are great they will help you with anything if you just go to them. They however do not let you choose your clinical site til second semester but they will let you switch with a classmate if they are willing and they try to put you at the hospital closer to where you live. I had McKinney with ******* she was awesome I'm going to miss her!
  11. dcRn2b

    Collin College

    I am in the grayson program love love love the instructors!!! good luck
  12. dcRn2b

    ADVICE!!!!!! PLEASE!!!

    I took a&p1 in the fall then took a&p2 with micro in the spring. Just taking those two classes at once was tough. If you decide to take all three at once you run the risk of 1) failing or 2) making less than an A in one or more of the courses and as I'm sure your aware of NS is hard to get into with B's much less C's. You run the risk of having to retake them for better grade. Think about it and weigh all you what ifs. Ultimately YOU and only YOU know what you can mentally handle...good luck with your Nursing career.
  13. I currently have a RCA digital voice recorder. I used it for last semester while taking micro the only problem was it had TONS of background noise. Can somebody please give me advice for a better recorded? I don't want to miss any of my nursing lectures due to background noise. I was told Olympus has a great recorder the only problem is which Olympus they have several models..Any input would be GREAT!!
  14. dcRn2b

    nursing program tuition at grayson county college

    I am a first semester NS at Grayson!! your books are purchased your first semester they are 1,200.00. You will use these books for the whole 2 yrs. You will also have a required skills kit that was 112.00, drug screen was 40.00, background check that was 40.00 and lastly about 120.00 for your scrubs.Your tuition is paid for at the first of each semester. Good luck you will do great! Please keep in mind things always go up so your first semester cost may vary slightly.
  15. dcRn2b

    Sonography Help

    this does not answer your question but a friend and I both started nursing together and she decided she wanted to change her goal. she just finished up and is now a sonographer...She LOVES it....Good luck on your journey your will do great!!! Just remember those programs are just as competitive if not more competitive than nursing schools. She applied to several in Texas and Oklahoma before being accepted and Physics was a requirement for most school YUCK lol no offense to those of you who like physics its just not for me!....GOOD LUCK!
  16. dcRn2b

    For those of you who have been accepted......

    I will be starting NS this fall. I will be working 2days a week Saturday and Sundays. so anywhere from12-16 hours. I am so scared this will be to many. I have 3 kids and a husband but I'm going to give it my all and do the best I can. I will be a NURSE class of 2011.... Did I mention I am scared out of my mind. I wish I knew what to expect but theres no way i can even begin to imagine. For those of you working full time as employees and parents congrats to you!!!