Graduation gift for new nurse

  1. My daughter is graduating from nursing school next month. Any unique ideas for a gift?

    She has requested a PDA, and I will probably get her one, but other family members keep asking me for ideas and I have run out.


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  3. by   RNsRWe
    Quote from st4304
    My daughter is graduating from nursing school next month. Any unique ideas for a gift?

    She has requested a PDA, and I will probably get her one, but other family members keep asking me for ideas and I have run out.


    I don't know about unique, but some popular ones include gift certificates to local uniform shops as well as catalogs (new grads love getting all those new scrubs instead of that horrible school outfit!). Also a basket of nursey logo supplies like note cards and pens, memo pads, lanyards, name badge holders etc for those who are wrapped in the cutesy nurse doodads

    There's books designed especially for the new nurse, quick reference guides and such: maybe a gift certificate to a large bookstore with a card that tells her to buy such a book for herself? Better than choosing the wrong one, and I love when someone has thought enough to tell me that's what they want for me, and I should choose A friend did that for me specifically for NON-nursing books: she said I had spent so long staring at textbooks, the Barnes and Noble giftcard was ONLY to be used on paperback fiction! Loved that.

    A friend gave me a watch he had carefully chosen because of the features on the face (easy to read second hand and expandable band that could be pushed up arm). Thoughtful.

    Just had an idea, not sure if it's suitable for you, but if she's expressed an interest in a review course for NCLEX and is hesitating over cost, maybe a home-made coupon that offers to pay for the course of her choice? Keep in mind they go for up to a few hundred bucks, but might be a good gift for those so inclined. Get the money worry out of the way.

    Give her a card good for matting and framing her new license (if your state license is one that's designed for the wall). And pair it with one for her degree

    And of course, the EVER popular stethoscope! Please be sure it's one she is sure she wants, OR get her the gift certificate so she can take the time to choose. My family gave me the home-made coupon that said "get what you want, we'll pay" I did, shopped for the best price for them, and everyone was happy!
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  4. by   crissrn27 gift for a new grad.:spin: And most appreciated!
  5. by   bopps
    Speaking from someone who is graduating on Sat- I would tell people to give her $$$$$$$$$$$$ if they want to give her something. I know it isn't very specific or unique to nurses but if she is in a similar situation as I am-she probably needs the cash! Even though I have worked all through school, I am completely broke and am praying relatives will give me cash because even though I have a job lined up -the soonest they will let me start is the 13th of may. So there you have it-a nice thoughtful card with some greenbacks would be a beautiful gift for a new grad to recieve. And maybe a gift cert-for some nice new scrubs!
  6. by   TazziRN
    Gift certs to uniform/equipment stores would be great, because she will need to get all kinds of stuff.

    Money is a great gift but I can see her needing to use it to pay for something else and being stuck for money to get supplies.
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  7. by   SteveNNP
    How about a nice gift certificate for a day of relaxation at a spa?
  8. by   classicdame
    I requested gift certificates because they added up and I was able to get books and CD's that I wanted.
  9. by   nurseangel47
    How 'bout for those tired of runnin' dogs of hers getting "broke in" to running on the floors as a new nurse? Try a foot bath/massager, easy to use, soooo soothing to those aching feet when she gets home from work! Add a pedicure kit to it containing reviving lotion for feet, callous pad, nail polish, toe separater to aid in keeping toes apart while painting toenails, that type of accessory in addition to the foot massager/foot bath itself. It is electric, just add water to a certain level, turn it on....ahhhh, instant blessed relief with heat, no less!
  10. by   gitterbug
    Do not forget gift certificates to a favorite resturant, prepaid Visa, an IOU a day to do your laundry, gasoline gift card, a favorite CD with candles and bubble bath for that night at home after a really hard day in orientation.
  11. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Quote from SteveRN21
    How about a nice gift certificate for a day of relaxation at a spa?
    This was my first thought.

    In reference to the above post about purchasing the review of her choice, probably the best one I found--and I looked at a lot!--also turned out to be about the least expensive. Google for [Mosby CAT NCLEX RN online] (minus the brackets or course) and then scroll down to where they have the online version. No waiting, $40 plus tax, unlimited uses for 30 days and it behaves just like the NCLEX. I used it for 2-1/2 weeks, did something like 6 of the tests (intending to do many more, of course), and I breezed through boards.

    Give her our congratulations, by the way!
  12. by   Dolce
    My favorite thing I received for my nursing graduation was jewelry because it didn't represent anything clinical or "nursey." It was just a genuine congratulations gift that gives me warm feelings when ever I wear it. Nursing-related items are fun, but having a piece of jewelry that lasts and reminds her of her achievement is a very thoughtful gift too.
  13. by   JHRN2BE
    I am graduating in May from nursing school and bought my close friends "RN" charms from James Avery. they can be worn on chains or charm bracelets. They also have an RN pin.

    hope this helps!!!

  14. by   mrob
    A unique gift I have received and given as a gift many times, is the Humanity Bracelet. It can be purchased in pewter, sterling or gold. It has seven, two sided links with the virtues: Loyalty, Unity, Passion, Joy, Kindness, Humor, Hope, Courage, Love, Trust, Honor, Family, Truth and Charity engraved on the links. 'Google' Humanity Bracelet for a variety of sites. The bracelet is a unique keepsake.