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  1. Smoking during pregnancy

    OB Nurses: Is there any condition during pregnancy in which a physician would recommend a woman not stop smoking? Pre-eclampsia? Epilepsy? Can any of you provide a link to a study or literature that shows quitting smoking cold turkey is harmful ...
  2. New IV/PICC Team

    It's hard to know what advice to give when everything is going great! LOL Anyway, helping PICC teams evolve is what I do for a living. Training, in-house precepting, etc. I'm also in Indiana! If you have any specific questions, let me know -- I...
  3. CRH or Schneck Medical Center

    I worked at CRH for 10 yrs, and many of the nurses I worked with left Seymour to work at CRH, so I guess that tells you something! LOL I feel the need to defend a few things the previous poster stated. The new NM on the PCU was left a mess by the p...
  4. How do you get to be an infusion nurse ?

    If you live in or near a large city, most of the larger hospitals will have an IV team or PICC team. You do have to have specialized training in PICC/MLC placement, but most train you on the job. I am part owner of an infusion nurse agency. We cont...
  5. Clean vs Aseptic IV Starts

    I didn't take the time to look for research (sorry!), but according to the Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice to which nurses are held in the US regarding invasive line placement, only midline, arterial, central, and PICCs are required to be plac...
  6. Graduation gift for new nurse

    Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions! In fact many of them sounded pretty darn good for gifts for old and tired nurses like me (especially the foot massage and spa.............aaaaaaah.) Anyway, again thank you and I just want to say one mor...
  7. This may not be the reply you want to read and I am sure there will be other posters who will disagree with me, but if you have not adjusted to night shifts after 2 years, then I think you probably never will. Also, isn't life too short to sleep th...
  8. PICCs in Indiana hospitals

    Indiana Nurses Rock BTW! Sherri
  9. Sites for PICC preceptorship

    philly22-- I'm sorry! My question about starting an infusion team was referring back to the original poster - ART96. I was just thinking back in the day when I was a new PICC nurse how daunting it would have been for ME to start a new infusion team/...
  10. Sites for PICC preceptorship

    "The criteria is that you come for 2-3 days and have a minimum of 3 successful insertions prior to finishing your training." I precept nurses in hospitals where 10-15 PICCs are ordered per day and we get to do as many as we can without killing ourse...
  11. PICCs in Indiana hospitals

    I know that most of the hospitals in the larger cities have their own infusion/PICC teams, but what about the smaller hospitals in the rural areas? Do you use infusion agencies, or are all IR placed? Are the patient's sent to larger facilities for ...
  12. Graduation gift for new nurse

    My daughter is graduating from nursing school next month. Any unique ideas for a gift? She has requested a PDA, and I will probably get her one, but other family members keep asking me for ideas and I have run out. Thanks, Sherri
  13. Will Nursing's Reputation Suffer?

    Thank you! I have been wondering what happened to those nurses and the physician accused. My heart went out to them and everyone involved (accept the prosecutor, of course). I guess the charges being dropped is not "newsworthy" or juicy enough to m...
  14. Hospital or LTC Facility???

    When you write LTC Facility do you mean nursing home? Just curious. I use to work in a staffing pool for an LTAC and floated between three LTACs. For those who don't know, an LTAC is a 'long-term acute care' facility. I would take care of patie...
  15. Do you enjoy TV surgical/medical shows?

    Early in my nursing career, my husband would tease me for watching ER. He worked in road construction and would say "You don't see me watching shows about pouring concrete or laying asphalt!" Of course, my response was, "If it was a show of Pamela ...