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Dolce is a RN and specializes in Day Surgery, Agency, Cath Lab, LTC/Psych.

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  1. Dolce

    good acls simulator site?

    I really like this website http://www.skillstat.com/learn.htm
  2. Dolce

    IM Injection, Hitting Bone?

    I did it once on a skinny teenager. She didn't even flinch. I was a new grad and was absolutely horrified. I tugged a little to retrieve the needle from the bone and then aspirated and gave the injection. She was completely unfazed and didn't notice anything. I, on the other hand, have been extremely careful about giving scrawny folks injections after that. Be sure that your needle length is appropriate for the size of the person you are injecting.
  3. Dolce

    Nurses showing up late for work.

    I agree. There are somethings that just can't be prevented--like a sick child, or a car accident, or a flat tire. However, I feel disrespected when my coworkers show up late every day. It means we have to wait to start report, wait to give report, wait to transfer a patient. It is one thing if a person has an office job but in this profession I think punctuality is a must!
  4. Dolce

    Worried! Phone in prescription

    Yes, I work with Dr's with Alzheimer's too. Maybe we work together! We have one who will tell the family, "I'm going to give you such-and-such prescription." We search high and low and find no such prescription. At least he is usually apologetic when we call him to ask where the aforementioned prescription could have wandered off to. Sometimes I wonder I think I should be paid extra to have to follow-up on the stuff these docs miss!
  5. Dolce

    Nurses showing up late for work.

    I have been guilt-tripped into staying many-a-time. I think the fact that I don't have kids makes people think I don't have a life or other responsibilities. There is no good reason for forcing someone to stay after their shift against their will. Your NM should be ashamed of herself for making you feel like you had to stay. It is not your fault that she cannot effectively manage chronically late employees.
  6. Dolce

    Worried! Phone in prescription

    No, I have done this plenty of times. It is legitimate if you have an order to call in a prescription. You did nothing wrong.
  7. Dolce

    Migraines and work

    You are not the only nurse suffering with migraines. I have worked with excellent nurses who deal with migraines. They have a lot of compassion for others because of their own pain that they deal with.
  8. Personally I think the PCA is a BIG mistake. I can understand why a physician wouldn't want to order it. PCAs are for initial post-op pain, not 2 weeks post-op. Yes, he is still getting dilaudid frequently, and yes, it is a pain for you, but he really probably shouldn't be placed on a PCA. Whenever I have a patient who I suspect is drug seeking I try to remember that there may be a psych component to their illness. Many drug addictions co-exist with mental illness. Addiction, if indeed he is struggling with this, is very difficult for caregivers to deal with. You have every reason to be frustrated. But, you must remain professional with the patient and not convey that to him. Set limits and take the time to calmly discuss treatments and medications with him. Sorry you're having a rough time. This probably won't be the last patient that you will deal with in your career who you suspect is drug seeking. Just remember, I have suspected this in the past about patients and have been wrong! Something to keep in mind.
  9. Dolce

    ER nurses make $144,000 a year!

    Sign me up!
  10. Dolce

    Co-worker Harassment

    It sounds like she has a pattern of abuse that management has just allowed to continue. That is a shame. Have you talked to her about her behavior yet? I would suggest waiting until she is not stressed or overwhelmed and having a heart-to-heart with her about her harassment and treatment of you and patients. Let her know that you will not tolerate that behavior any longer. Then, follow up by writing her up when she is abusive to patients or staff. It sounds like this has gone on long enough already!
  11. Dolce

    sad, but sweet

    Thats sweet.
  12. Dolce

    Post op fever

    Yes, it is common for post-op patients to have low grade fevers.
  13. Dolce

    No orders?

    I would have asked him if his diploma was written with a crayon. Seriously? How do these guys graduate from med school?
  14. Dolce

    Travel Nursing

    As an agency nurse I can tell you for a fact that we do get canceled, and frequently! Most travel companies I have been in contact with have contracts with the hospitals and travelers that ensure at least 40 hours/week. Hospitals pay BIG BUCKS for travels and do not call them off. In fact, many travelers work 48-60 hours/week. I met a traveler a couple years ago who was doing a 13 week assignment at my hospital. She told me in the 10+ years she had been traveling she had never made less than 100K/year. That is a lot more than I make as an agency nurse any day. I say if you are itching for an adventure you should go for it!
  15. Dolce

    Suspended now for taking prescription meds

    Because I don't know your diagnosis and haven't actually seen you at work on your medications it is very hard for me to say whether or not your workplace did the right thing. I know that often workplaces will "railroad" an employee and frame them in order to get them to quit. It is possible this is the situation. I know that many people are judgmental of people who take narcotics for chronic pain and this may be a stereotype that you are having to deal with. But, there are people who abuse narcotics--even those legally prescribed by their physician. I'm so sorry you are struggling right now. I really can't give you any advice but I hope you are able to come to a resolution with this job. I would suggest obtaining legal council.
  16. Dolce

    BSNs Need Not Apply

    Ouch. That would make me stay!