Did anyone hate nursing school?

  1. I am in second semester and I am just sooooo tired and run down. Every week I feel like quitting. I have an hour commute and 2 small kids so thats an added difficulty. Is it normal to dislike nursing school so much? I know Im probably just not thinking clearly at this point being so exhausted, but please tell me it all pays off in the end!
    I, like many others worked toward this goal for so long, just trying to get in. I have always loved school. But since becoming an actual nursing student, I can barely get B's much less A's. I guess I thought nursing school would be so fun and interesting and full of cool new things to experience. But hard instructors and hours of clinical are more the case. And I feel so dumb all the time!

    Just trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I need help seeing the good in it again. Thanks.......better go study!
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  3. by   onduty23
    i did. but i got my degree so it worth the pain . my pockets wont be hurting now
  4. by   Tiwi
    What annoyed me was the first year or so when the subjects were "fluffy" eg professionalism etc. If you can get through those it can be a little more meaningful, though those who have to work, have kids, maintain a household such as yourself must find it really difficult. Can you do any of your study externally? I did, and I found that while you are given a heck of a lot more reading etc to do, you can do it at your own pace...except handing in assignments of course. And of course there is no way you can do practical hospital nursing experience by book work LOL. I guess we all experience it differently, and you will find if you think it was worth it at the end. I did. Though the end is just the beginning...
  5. by   Jules A
    Good Lord who told you it would be fun? I hated it but never really thought of quitting because with each additional day of living hell I was more determined not to have gone through it for nothing, lol. Hang in there, its the means to an end and you will feel so proud of yourself when its over.
  6. by   Tweety
    I remember that incredible fatigue that really made it hard to carry on. Take it one day at a time, but realize that yes indeed it's worth it in the end.
  7. by   spydercadet

    i think you might find a more manageable number of nurses by asking, "did anyone enjoy their nursing education experience?" i teach at a local nursing school and have two students with advanced degrees in engineering; one has 2 master's degrees the other 1. both have made comments to the effect of, "i never have been yelled at, at school before" or "i can't believe this is what people go through everywhere, to be a nurse?"

    so, like those of us who have gone before you, we suck it up and persevere. good luck, and believe me when i say, it really is worth it!!!
  8. by   Annointed_RNStudent
    Umm hate is such a strong word, but if there was a word that meant the same with less of a stigma with it, then YES, I feel as though nursing school adds a lot of unneeded stress to anyones life, with all the "if you dont' do this you will fail stuff" or always one edge, because you can make one mistake and fail, I will not miss it at all, I especially wont' miss those mornings getting up before the roosters to go to clinical either! But I know it will be worth it!!!!
  9. by   llg
    I hated almost every minute of my undergraduate nursing program -- but I enjoyed most of my grad school experience.

    For those of you now miserable in your undergraduate programs, please don't let that misery prevent you from continuing in your nursing careers.
  10. by   Chaya
    I liked a lot of the coursework and working with patients. Did not like the fact that presenting info back to instructors in the form they wanted was more important than whether you learned it or were able to apply it. My anxiety level was through the roof for the entire time, but it was worth it-just get through it. Keep your eyes on the prize!
  11. by   Lindsay42
    I didn't like nursing school at all. My husband was deployed to Iraq the first year of our marriage and first year of nursing school. Now that I've graduated it's all so worth it. Hang in there and keep your head up
  12. by   FNPhopeful
    Thanks everybody. Im just soooo tired at this point, Im trying to push through....... But I know the feeling of quitting would be far worse than what Im feeling now.
  13. by   NurseguyFL
    I hated every moment of it. Couldn't wait for it to end. I met some cool people who are still close friends of mine years later, and some of the instructors were very cool, too. It was the gruelling nature of the program itself that I hated. Nonstop stress from beginning to end!
  14. by   RN1263
    I'm not quitting, BUT I think nursing school is extremely hard and I should've thought twice about it......But, it's too late now.... I'm 4th semester & almost done!
    One of my instructors this semester is crazy, she screams and yells like she's Judge Judy on CRACK or something ! SCARY!!!