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  1. Annointed_RNStudent

    Who's got a WICU?

    I've heard that Grady in Atlanta had a L&D ICU? Not sure if it's true... we need to build one at my hospital.
  2. Annointed_RNStudent

    Men in L&D

    I always hesistate to respond to such threads. But I will say this... I work at what is considered one of the best hospitals in the world, and I am a male L&D Nurse, that is also a Lactation Consultant, teaches Ob Preparation classes, and is a very sought after nruse. I am also a minority.... Good Nurses are Good Nurses, and patients just want someone that is a good care provider. That being said I have taken care of people that are very conservative (Muslim etc) and same sex couples.... Only had three patients in three years that didn't want a male OB Nurse.... Go FOR IT!
  3. Annointed_RNStudent

    Shreveport Area RN Jobs

    Hello Allnurses world, I am a Registered Nurse from NC, that is looking to possibly relocate to the shreveport area. I have two years of High Risk L&D Experience, a BSN, and Lactation Consultant certification... What is the job market like for L&D Jobs there? Any suggestions on possible hospitals/health systems to work for, or any nurse recruiters to contact? Also what is the pay like there in LA? Would appreciate any help?
  4. Annointed_RNStudent

    Postpartum to Medsurg, am I crazy?

    LOL, being a OB nurse that went to OB right out of school and have never desired to do anything else..... To anwer your question are you crazy.... YES, and I believe you will hate it, it will be nothing like Post Partum, probally be overworked, and certainly understaffed, with patients acuity that is extremely high. I work on a post partum floor now and I hear nurses complaining when we have five couplets, that dont' even have IV's, I/O's, or any medication other than Motrin, and to think that some people have 5 or 6 patients on Med Surg that are on drips, what seems like hundreds of medications, dressings, PCA pumps, catheters, tubes etc.!!! YUCK!!!, I would CERTAINLY LOOK FOR OTHER POST PARTUM JOBS! Just my 2 cents worth, for all of you that do Med Surg, I truly do believe that you guys are the stellar nurses, because you must really love it to do that!
  5. Annointed_RNStudent

    UNC-Charlotte MSN

    Hello, I plan to star the UNCC MSN Nurse Education program this fall, has anyone completed this program, or knows anyone that I could possibly contact that is in the program? I am trying to decide on where I will actually attend in the fall.... Thanks
  6. Annointed_RNStudent

    I am a new paramedic... In some hot water, need some help? In trouble?

    She sounds immature to me!
  7. Annointed_RNStudent

    MSN-Ed At Duke & ODU

    Hello I am interested in the MSN Education program at Duke or Old DOminion University. Anyone familiar with this program. I am interested in becoming a nurse educator. Both schools are terribly exspensive, anyone have any ideas about costs, scholarships, anyone been through these programs, reccomendations etc? Thanks,
  8. Annointed_RNStudent

    Wake Forest/ UNC/ Duke residency programs

    Do Not Go To Duke, It's A Horrible Place To Work For, Many New Grads Don't Make It Through The 1st Year, Unless Duke Is Paying Their Loans Back, Then They Seem To Be Stuck There. If You Don't Have Significant Loans, I Would Say Don't Go There At All.
  9. Annointed_RNStudent

    New Peds Male Nurse....

    Hello All, I am a nurse of one year, and I have recently been offered a job on a pediatric floor, I am so excited. For the last year I have worked OB/Newborn Nursery, and will continue to work OB part time. Transitioning from Ob to Peds will be hard I'm sure, what is some advice you peds nurses can give me... Thanks You Guys
  10. Annointed_RNStudent

    Cape Fear Valley

    Hello all I am interested in knowing what you guys know about Cape Fear Valley HOspital, and living in Fayetteville, I am considering moving there and would like to work in their peds department? Anyone got any advice, are the nurses happy there, patient ratios okay, etc? Salary.... HELP Thanks
  11. Annointed_RNStudent

    Wssu Rn-bsn

    Does anyone know anything about the Distance Ed RN-BSN program at WSSU, or is anyone/ has anyone in or been through the program, I have interest in this program and would like to get feedback from any that have experience with it? Thanks
  12. Annointed_RNStudent

    Civilian Nusing in NC

    Everything I saw online said that you had to have one year of Mother Baby Experience, I have 7 months would I be elgible, who would I need to contact? Can you help me please...Thanks
  13. Annointed_RNStudent

    Civilian Nusing in NC

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been trying to figure out how to apply for civilian nurse positions at either of these two hospitals ( Fort Bragg and /or Camp Lejeune), from what I understand there is a need for nurses but it's not very clear as to how to apply for these positions.. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  14. Annointed_RNStudent

    Civilian Nursing at Bragg orLejeune

    I have been trying to figure out how to apply for civilian nurse positions at either of these two hospitals, from what I understand there is a need for nurses but it's not very clear as to how to apply for these positions.. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  15. Annointed_RNStudent

    L&D rotation as a guy

    it is exactly what you make of it, I did OB rotation last year and now I am a full time OB nurse, I work in a relatively large teaching hospital, and out of maybe 100 or so patients , I have only had 2 that didn't want me to be their nurse, and I'm sure in other units the numbers are the same or higher (medical floors etc), So go in with an open mind and who knows you might just become and OB nurse.!