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  1. spydercadet

    Mandatory CNA!!!!

    Hey All,Long time since I checked in last, it's good to be back!!! Want to know what I think, I'd love to believe it was for experience or time or any of the more idealistic reasons I can think of, but I believe it all comes down to money. One of the main reasons we have a nursing shortage is because of the lack of open seats for the nursing courses, and why is that, because of the limited number of MSN's who want to teach. So, what do schools do, have their nursing students become CNA's first, that only requires a RN with two years experience and a certification course to teach the program, in most states anyway. So who costs more to teach? I'm thinking the MSN and them I'm thinking the schools just don't want to put out that money on "just teaching the basics." I personally think this isn't a very good reason, or idea for that matter. When I taught the CNA course, I had students from those who just wanted to take the CNA course and go no further to those who were planning on going for their BSN. Some of my students lacked basic educational skills and in no way were able to keep up with those who had plans of attending nursing school soon or had already completed their prerequisites.However, until we no longer use money, this is the way it will go. And, if some of the Nursing Boards get their way, we will need to hire Nurses with their PhD's to teach Nursing - if you think there is a shortage now, what will happen then?
  2. To BBQvegan and Everyone Else Here, I love what you're saying and completely agree. Generally, I love a great political debate just for the fun of it. Some here are taking it very seriously and believe that somewhere our government is actually capable of taking care of people in some form of benevolence. If you ever go to D.C. it's actually pretty amazing, right after Harry Reid and Trent Lott get finished telling the "American People" that they know what we want and that the other one is out to subvert 'truth justice and the American way', the go out to dinner as best of friends. What do we do, we go after each other, all things that happen in all levels of government, come down to compromise. There will be no one we can "trust" because as they run for whatever office it is they want, they will tell us that they are the one, and only one who can be trusted to do what they say. But they can't because nothing can get done unless all sides are willing to compromise in one form or another. I love being an American, and my husband, who is German, born and raised there, moved here when he was about 35, loves being am American, too. He is one of the lucky ones, his mother was an American citizen when she went to Germany and was married to his father, so he is a dual national. When we get together with the people he knows and works with, many of whom are from other countries, they all seem to agree, America is the best. So, no matter how much we disagree about things or argue about this or that. No matter how different we seem from one another, the term American is truly an amazing term. We don't "look" a certain way or "act" a certain way because we are, in almost every way, a truly international nation. And how cool is that!!! So, no matter what ultimately happens with our health care system, and no matter what we say and write to one another, I just want to Thanks. Thanks for sharing thoughts and ideas, thanks for sharing the passion of your thoughts and ideas, thanks for sharing parts of yourself that I would not have been exposed to expect through this forum. Have a Great day, and a Great Weekend, spydercadet:thankya:
  3. We have to stop with Bush has taken away everyone's liberty's, really. Why doesn't anyone remember Bill Clinton taking away liberties. Those where OK, I guess. Remember, it was his Justice Department who ordered the Federal Government to go to a families home and "get them" because they wouldn't co=operated with the FBI. What did the family get for not cooperating? The man's wife and 5 month old baby were shot standing in the doorway of their home. The 9 y/o boy, he was killed first, by a shot to the back by Bill Clinton's justice Department. No Gitmo for them, no stories either. Oh, lets see what else. Anyone remember Waco? Like them or not, there were many different ways to have gotten David Koresh besides ordering in tanks to blow up everyone who won't come out. But keep Gitmo on your mind, because that's really taking away your civil liberties. And little Élan from Cuba, don't worry, a whole bunch of men dressed in swat uniforms with fully automatic weapons breaking into your house and traumatizing a child is fully within the governments rights and has nothing to do with civil liberties. I am amazed that if people say something often enough it must be true, no facts needed. What do think our founding fathers would really think about all of this. Bush didn't lie, really. If you believe this then you have to believe that he was able to get Bill AND Hilliary Clinton to lie for him, along with England, France, Germany, Russia and China. Because, while we all have national ADD, these governments agreed with Bush they just didn't want to go to war. The money train would stop if they did.
  4. Spacenurse, That is actually a pretty funny come back, and I am the first to admit my sarcastic tongue has done more to get me into a world of hurt than it has to get me out of it. But what fun I have trying to get myself up and out of the holes I have dug. Trust me on the size of the holes my mouth has been able to create! They are usually so big that once I get myself into it, I can no longer see the light of day. But the good news about digging yourself in so deep, is that you get to build a lot of upper body strength!!! All that digging yourself in deeper and deeper, basically because I'm too stupid to stop digging and then after I finally do wise up and stop digging then I have to start climbing out and that is where I have the opportunity to build all that upper body strength. Please forgive me for the stupid political sarcasm, and I am throwing myself on the mercy of the court. I do hold to what I say and I do believe in my political views, I just have a tendency to not share those ideas in a more respectful manner. I grew up in one of those great big Irish Catholic families with a small but significant difference from everyone else's family in the neighborhood, we were expected to discuss the pro's and con's of the Vietnam war by the age of 6 at the dinner table. It made for some very interesting dinners, and I learned a lot of differing points of view. I got to listen to older family members and then from their friends. After awhile, when I went to work, I really got to hear all kinds of points of view. I learned more about history and world affairs this way than I ever did in any classroom. And just as a heads up, I wasn't born a "rich" kid, quite the opposite, we didn't have much of anything, I can remember one Christmas my Dad made our presents. So my political views weren't born out of a life of comfort but rather out of a life that is aware that when you "give" people free stuff, they don't appreciate it and usually abuse what they're given. Hence my desire to not use bureaucratic government programs to care for people. Let's get back to people caring for people, in the early 1900's the hospitals and care offered to all people was done so by religious based organizations and offered their services to all, not only the insured or those who could pay. The more we pushed for insurance and for what they pay for, the more disconnected we have become. Just a thought. Thanks everyone, have a great day and make the most of what God has given us!
  5. Wasn't it the French that let over 10,000 older people die from heat stroke because they were on vacation that month??? Yep, I want to be just like them. How much history about the French does everyone have? After they killed everyone who they saw as the aristocracy or those they believed had money during their revolution, they then went on to kill anyone not labeled a "good citizen" and all it would take is an accusation by your neighbor and that was it, off with your head. Kinda' like the track were on here, you are say you are good citizens and you care but those rascally republicans, they aren't good citizens and they don't care. So they killed a lot of people, are we going there? If you just listen to the hostility in Michael Moore's voice, I think he may be in favor of it. He has so far stooped to lying in his "documentaries" but it's OK, because it's for a greater good. And thus comes, 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions.' Ah, but the French, lets get back to them, because they are just a great role model for the world. Fast forward just a little bit to that whole WW II thing and how wonderful the French were, or rather weren't. They actually supported Hitler and were all for killing the Jews and sending them off to concentration camps. That was up until Hitler invaded France then they started to like us and decided that maybe Hitler was really a bad guy. Anyone care to keep going with the French example? OK, remember just a very short while ago, when they had riots going on for months? Remember why? It wouldn't be because they segregate the society, is it? You know, those "Muslims" can't let "them" be part of the 'real French' culture. And these are the people we want to be like? And, these are the people we are worried won't like us? Really? Honest? As a Republican, and I even work in the inner city. But of course, you must know how superior I feel, after all that's how us Republicans are, aren't we? I use to be an "open minded Democrat" like you guys, but then I realized I still had to hate, I had to hate all those who called themselves Conservative, and if they went to Church, every week no less, well then they truly deserved my disdain. As an evil republican I now am actually happy, and very comfortable with to each his own and allow all people find their own happiness and their own beat to their own drum. Unlike the stereotypes that people feel very comfortable labeling us with, you are wrong. Watch the next liberal speaker give a talk, they won't be interrupted, no one will throw a pie in their face, no one will scream them down so they can't talk and no one will try to assault them in the middle of their speech. However, all of these things have happened to conservative speakers, and all in the name of the "open minded left." It has been the local RNC chapters that have been vandalized and local RNC workers who have been assaulted. During the last Presidential election all we heard about was how unfair the election was. Yet it was supposedly unfair and rigged in predominately Democratic districts. But what I heard very little about was the thirty vans whose tires were slashed on the day of the election. They were set to "get out the vote" all set to pick up people and help them get to their voting place, but they were supported by the RNC, so we didn't hear anything. I am not cold and evil and I do care. I have given excellent care to all mu patients and have never known who their payer was, I never cared. I never worked at a hospital where a patient was escorted to the door during their illness because they didn't have insurance or couldn't pay. In fact, all the places I have worked have had social workers on to help people access all available services. I have had patients that have had nothing, who lived on the street, because in our wonderful liberal thinking we don't institutionalize people anymore, so now we have the homeless, and have hooked them up with religious services, homeless shelters. So, contrary to popular opinion here, as a self righteous, I am better than everyone else, and of course I'm right and the whole world is wrong, conservative - but it really sounds more like the other side, we do care. We just don't think a bureaucracy is the way to care about people and the more you build that bureaucratic wall the more distance will exist between people until we are no longer aware that there are people in need.
  6. spydercadet

    Mean nurses

    I have been a nurse for 25 plus years and worked with handicapped kids before that. And, I am still amazed at nurses who hate people. I have always wanted to ask them, "if you hate people so much, how did you get here? Didn't you know people can be a pain in the butt and sick people can be even bigger one's." I guess that they must not have known that people can be a pain. Personally, I find that most patients and their families just want someone to listen to them, and if your the one stuck following the mean nurse, you can be in for a shift from hell. The mean nurses don't care and nothing seems to bother them, but for most of us, there we are trying to make it better and make up for what the last person did or didn't do. But don't worry, we have all faced these people. I went from working in a NICU to an Adult ICU, and on my third day, while at lunch, my preceptor was talking to one of her friends, telling her how much she hated being a preceptor, especially for new nurses or ones that make big changes, "because they don't know anything." I had such a great experience there! But, you know what, I've become a better person because of it. I am more aware of what I say around others and I am more aware of the effect my words or actions may have on those around me. So cheer up, you are in good company!!!
  7. spydercadet

    RN Coder/Auditor

    Hey, I sent you a messsage but realized that's what you were asking about. Click on "my account" and it will let you access what is available to your level of usership (not really sure that's a word, but it works here) spydercadet
  8. spydercadet

    St. Joseph Hospital Chicago

    Hi, I had my CNA studentshave some clinical experiences there. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. Of course you'll get a few people here and there who don't seem to 'play well with others' - why they ever chose to be nurses, I'll never understand! If I had a choice about where to work, I'd pick 11 then 8 then 5. By the way, the D.O.N. Is Great as is Beth Cadiz, she is the nurse educator there. Spydercadet
  9. spydercadet

    Interview Questions?

    Check out career builders, they have a whole section on interview tips with what you should do and/or don't. They even have some pretty funny stories on it, like you shouldn't show up to the interview in your bikini bathing top and short shorts over the bottom part, with your flip flops on. I have to admit, dressing like this never really crossed my mind!!!
  10. spydercadet

    RN Coder/Auditor

    Definitely a great idea. The more skills you have the better you'll do. Understanding billing and coding and being a nurse puts you in a unique position to assist physician offices, especially those who utilize NP's and PA's. The organization called AHIMA.org, you can find it on line, is one of the best organizations to be certified by. Good Luck, Spydercadet
  11. spydercadet

    Vocational Nurse/Medical Assistant (Soon)

    Hi Bettyfavis, First congratulations, any graduation from any school after high school deserves a pat on the back. So from me to you, I give you one big pat on the back! First as a Medical Assistant you will be taking a certification exam, if you goggle it for the cert exam and it gives you an idea of what you'll be doing. As the LPN/LVN that is a state board exam. My only question for you, and you may want to address your Board of Nursing, is to find out what you can and/or can not do having both titles. I may be working and getting paid as a CNA, but the State Board of Nursing will hold me to my highest level of license, RN. So, check this out. Also, when did you finish the LPN program? Most states have a time limit on when you can take your boards. You can usually apply for an extension if there is a verifiable reason. Good Luck, and Again, One Big Congratulations, and Hope all is Well With Your Health Spydercadet
  12. spydercadet

    I think I've heard it all

    Jobs in Nursing - My Thought Has Always Been ALL THIS FUN, AND A PAYCHECK, TOO? Most people have to pay to get into comedy clubs, buy a minimum amount of drinks, and always run the risk that the comedian won't be that funny. Not for us, It's always funny, and we always get paid. How cool is that!
  13. spydercadet

    I hates the waffle house

    To All Waffle House Employees - Thank You From my Daughter??? Don't worry, haven't lost my mind, but I'm pretty sure my daughters deployment in Iraq has made irrevocable changes in the functioning of her brain. What proof do I have? I have indisputable proof! When she came home for her 2 weeks of R&R, what was the first thing she said - "I can't wait to go to the 'Waffle House' it's like little squares of heaven sent to earth from God." See, didn't I tell you I had proof. Talk about traumatic head injury!!! No one told me she had one, but how else can this be explained! Have a Great Day Everyone, We never know how the things we do really affect others and thereby affect the world.
  14. spydercadet

    Nurses struggling with mental illness

    Hey Woody, I am in no way diminishing the effects of PTSD on people and as a parent of a child who returned after 15 months in Iraq, I am fully aware of the cost our military is paying. My suggestion about nursing and PTSD, is the effect that the stimuli never really goes away. After 25 plus years as a nurse I have cared for the sick, the dying and their families more times than I can even remember. It is therefore my point to discuss the when for the many nurses who do the day by day bedside nursing. How many times can we carry one more baby or child to the morgue, what do we do then? For many of us, if not the vast majority, we go home and pretend the child we held in our arms as he/she died, didn't really happen, so we just slip right into our spousal or parental role. But is their a lifetime limit on how many times someone can do that? Or are there certain people it just doesn't bother and some that are devastated by it? Some of us are lucky enough to have great family or friends as support systems to help us when we just can't seem to figure it out. Others use their faith and their communities. However, I do fear that there are many nurses whose personal lives mimic their work lives and all I am looking for is a discussion on how we can help one another through these times. I'm just wondering if there should be more than, "see ya' tomorrow" after one of those horrible days when nothing you do seems to matter. I have to admit that I am a shocked that you took the whole PTSD suggestion as "not very sympathetic" and as a matter of fact I had a very good friend die on 9/11 add that with my child in the military and I hope I somehow qualify as someone who understand the effects of PTSD from both a one time incident and from repeated exposures. But really I am not looking for any support for myself, I have learned how to cope with my very own form PTSD. I have grown inside a loving family and a loving God and church community. But what of those who aren't so fortunate. My goal here is to start a discussion about how we can help nurses as they come into the field and as they journey through their lives and their careers. I don't believe it's a single event that causes the PTSD within nursing to be the problem. I believe it's a life time of facing life and death situations, mixed with a variety of dysfunctional families looking to those same nurses to help them through those loses. And, I hate to say it Woody, but you are the example of us not caring for one another and actually going as far as discrediting each other. While you may have done well throughout your career, and by the way, so have I, but if there is a nurse who may need support, do you really believe you are making it easier for him/her to look to you for the proverbial shoulder to cry on?
  15. spydercadet

    Nurses struggling with mental illness

    Hey All, I have thought about this for a very long time and these are just my own thoughts but...Most of us get out of nursing school somewhere between 20-22y/o and then we're thrust into life and death situations. Some of us choose ER, ICU, LTC actually any position as a nurse puts us in the role of caregivers to some of the sickest people in our society. Many times their families don't or just can't listen to them talk about being sick or even dying. We care for the critically ill and at the end of the day we punch out and just say, "see ya' all tomorrow." If you watch TV now, with the war going on, everyone is talking about PTSD because of the youth of our military, but no one says anything about us, not even us. We don't support one another, we don't even teach new nurses what to be on the look out for in themselves as far as PTSD. Does anyone else think this way? I graduated nursing school when I was 20y/o and went to work in the NICU. I can't even remember how many babies died or what they died from. There are a couple I will never forget but what I will never forget is that I became an Atheist while I worked there. 25 plus years later, I have come to understand myself and God in new ways. But I have also come to believe that if nursing is to be everything that it can be, PTSD must be addressed. And we must find a way to care for one another, not attack one another.