First week of NP clinical! HELP!!


Hi Everyone! I am a nurse practitioner student and just started my first clinical rotation in Primary Care this week. Tonight, I am very discouraged and feeling frustrated with myself. This week, I felt completely out of my element and blanked on close to everything. Does this ever get better???? Has anyone else felt like this???

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What real nursing experience do you have?


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3 years of ICU dramatization lol. just joking

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Every new job feels like that in my experience.


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I have been a nurse for 13 years and the past 7 I have worked in endoscopy in procedure rooms.

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What real nursing experience do you have?

As oppose to fake nursing experience?


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Thank you...I hope this gets better.


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It will definitely get better. I was stressed out and felt lost during my very first week of clinical in a primary care setting. I felt more comfortable as I watched and learned from my preceptor. I asked questions about things I wasn't sure about and my preceptor was glad to answer and clarify things. I soon became more comfortable and finally stared to enjoy it instead of being scared.

best of luck to you Rameygurl!

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You should feel that way! That's why you are there, to learn. What specifically bothered you? Can you make a plan to improve on that? If you can you will do just fine.


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Specifically, my preceptor also has a PA student who is getting ready to graduate and is far more advanced (rightfully so) than I am. The PA student is cold and ignores me. My preceptor expected me to be able to do what she does on my first day which didn't happen for obvious reasons. I hate to complain but the setup isn't appropriate because for the first couple of weeks, you need one to one training. I have trained so many nurses in the past and that's how success occurs. Hopefully, I can get past this as I am ready to quit my program.


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Don't quit! What resources do you have? I recommend epocrates app and family practice notebook. If you want a text, 5 minute clinical is priceless. Know your advanced assessments and be thorough. Present to the preceptor from a medical model using SOAP format. It keeps the interaction brief, informative and in a logical flow.