Finally, I am a Graduate Nurse!

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to god be the glory!

i took my last final on yesterday and found out results just a few hours ago and i passed!

we had a pinning on last saturday and will graudate on this coming saturday.

thanks to all who have shared this long road to finishing rn school with me. i am forever grateful, thank you!

i already have a job for me after i pass nclex-rn in ccu.

i am soooo excited, humble, grateful, and thankful to have completed a long and rewarding nursing program.


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What a long road we have travelled. This is an aswesome expereince and I am so happy for you.


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rhona, thank you! look forward to seeing your post that you have finished school.

SCmomof3, RN

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Congrats to you! Great News!


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I am glad that you are giving God his props!! Praise HIM!

jnette, ASN, EMT-I

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Whoooooooooooot !!! Praise God, yes... but you certainly did YOUR share, too, so don't hesitate to give yourself a pat on the back as well ! ;) You deserve it. GOOD JOB !!! :balloons:


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Woot! You go! Definately, to GOD be aaalllll the glory....Congrats to ya!:balloons:


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Congrats you two... I remember the feeling like it was yesterday... :)

Good Luck on boards..


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How absolutely wonderful!!! Congratulations!! :balloons:


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Job well done, very excited for you!!! :balloons: :balloons: :balloons:

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You have been here with us since the beginning! Congratulations on making it through, good luck on the NCLEX and with your new job! Make sure you stick around here though - we'd miss you too much if you tacked that "RN" on and then left us! :)

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