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Field Day

We will be having our school-wide field day in May. The gym teacher and I have decided to have a tent outside for me this year (last year I ran back and forth from the field to the clinic all day, and then the principal decided to have me outside halfway through the day :rolleyes:). For any of you who have set up a base camp outside for field day, what are some of your recommendations/suggestions for the day to run as smoothly as possible?


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bucket full of ice packs, wet wipes and a box of bandaids, eye wash, and the cabinet full of inhalers

Wave Watcher

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It's getting close to Field Day time!!! This means the end of the year is within reach!!!

I agree with OldDude.....I would keep it simple. May want sunscreen also but some schools require parent permission before use. Oh, and a walkie if your school has one for outside.

I would maybe send something home to the parents about sunscreen, hats etc. that way you don't even have to deal with it.


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I would have 2 mini stations for bandaids, cotton balls, gloves and then the main station, you with added ice cooler with ice bags premade, tootheboxes, pad and pen, thermometer, penlight, pulse oximeter, vomit bag or grocery bag with paper towels inside, walkie talkie, a few cups, sunscreen cream. And then a water bottle for you,snacks, small radio, book, lol? Small table and chair under shaded area. Monitor every 2 hours for safety, just walk around periodically, this save you and them later.

Get a sub and stay home.... I am not a fan of field day... :)


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We will have a station under the tent with the basics, walkies, and a sub in the office. It's a big campus.

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Get a sub and stay home.... I am not a fan of field day... :)

BAM! Great idea!!

Stay home and end the subbing career of an unsuspecting newbie in school nursing cause they run away from field day screaming! LOL I have a few in mind! :-)


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I'm just asking this - would you be the appropriate one to have some bottled water avail for anyone with dehydration issues (REAL issues, not just thirsty ones)?

Otherwise, could there by a table set up just for water supplementation?

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I dread field day. Especially because I am responsible for grades 7-12 and the whole school never has a field together, it is in shifts. I usually stay at the school vs. going to the field and pack a first aid kit similar to one I pack for our sports teams, including sunscreen (though the teachers here are great about reminding kids to pack some and/or bring in some themselves). The teachers do a water bottle check to ensure students have a way to stay hydrated.

Yet, without fail I am called to the field every time for a student that has injured themselves to the point of needing a wheelchair/crutches. MS and HS kids are competitive!

We have parent volunteers that sit at stations outside - they have they basics - bactine, bandaids, ice packs & water stations. If kids need treatment for anything else they are sent inside to me. Those kids with severe asthma issues - I give the inhalers to the teachers to give quickly, then the teachers will call on the walkie for me to come out to assess if needed. Seems to have worked well for us the last few years.

The only thing I dread are those asthma kids where I do not have anything for them - I have had a few scares over the years with the these kids getting all worked up and all I can do is try and keep them calm until the parent arrives or even the worse cases EMS arrives.


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The school should supply a cooler with cold water bottles in general for students and staff. Maybe 1-2 large coolers filled with ice to prevent dehydration. Maybe a sign taped to the outside saying, "Water". That will save you also. But the school should supply and pay for this, not the nurse. I would suggest this early to be sure they did this.

No Stars In My Eyes

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I like reading the posts of all you school nurses because I had no idea previous to finding this specialty site all the things involved in your work. But I am still so dumb, when kidzcare suggested getting a sub and staying home, I thought at first he/she was suggesting a submarine sandwich, or hoagie! Had a good laugh at myself when I realized, after reading Wave Watcher's post, that y'all were talking about a substitute nurse-person.



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