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  1. What are some of your office policies?

    I would say at the high school, the policies were followed strictly at first except, the big one, no one took temps at the doors. The supt. was going back and forth about the body scanners but didn't do anything. He was/is relying on the parent to sc...
  2. Summer Summer Summer!

    So Summer is coming, not far up the road. What are going to be doing? I'm getting invites for Summer camp nursing, Summer school, Summer conferences. oh my... I just need off. Rest. ?Travel to see family. What are you signing up for? Please tell.
  3. Transfer Schools

    I read the comments and wanted to throw my 2 cents in since most were asking her to stay and not transfer to work with the teachers. I would say if you like the location, staff and feel comfortable with the routine other than the visit load, I would ...
  4. Diabetic student staying after school

    I personally have had to train the after-school teacher with a sign-off sheet of training and give them a tote of supplies that comes from the parent.
  5. Help Type 1 diabetic and lunch

    Hi, you've already gotten so many great answers. I personally have worked at all grade levels. So for elementary, with a new type 1, I would prefer the student eat in my office for a while with the parent's permission. Of course, the older kids would...
  6. MSN - which degree is right for a school nurse?

    Education or Management unless you hope to go further later in the clinical setting.
  7. Headaches and covid 19

    No, I am not sending them home just for headaches. They usually have to have at least another identifying symptom of covid or my judgment entails going home. The parent will be called if it is severe and not better after vitals, rest, water, or a his...
  8. If your school asked you, would you admin COVID vax on campus

    No, they haven't and no, I don't want to. They have a local clinic doing assigned as a one-time offering this week, thank you.
  9. Staying or Going?

    Yes, I'm returning, and no I haven't been given any time bonus other than the one-time bonus all teachers got at the beginning of September. We have had a few leave but the district believes the community has waiting people to help to fill it.
  10. Do school nurses ever give narcs?

    Not here because of the student's possible drowsiness and the need to watch over narcotics in a school setting that falls under legal consequences to the scholars.
  11. 40 days left!!

    Yesssssss! 70 days including weekends and Holidays! Count downtime. Thought about Camp Nurse but since school will probably return at the End of July, I'm Chillin ?
  12. Medication Error in School

    Just my two cents. I believe with an investigation, most get a warning for first offenders with no serious injury to the student/patient. Also, it depends upon, repeat nurses, type of medicine, duration received, and the response from the supervisor ...
  13. Under the Influence Assessment

    I have a substance assessment double-sided sheet created by our nurse supv. When they bring the person, usually security, it has to be authorized by the admin. Front side (date, time, student name, gender, campus, the person doing eval. (has to be RN...
  14. Tired of being "the bad guy"...

    I had been getting the bad push back at the beginning from the teachers wanting to know who was quarantined from their classroom and feeling their rights and safety were being infringed upon. Finally, Admin sent out a memo telling the teachers that t...
  15. Exhausted..Trying to stay positive

    I feel like everything is on standby. Fun, freedom, and adventure. I go to the same places, mostly curbside or takeout. I try to find projects to work on at home, not school-related. We have reported working in-person since Sept. I wish we could wo...