Favorites place in Ohio

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Where do you like to go in Ohio?

Any recommendations for fun places?

Has anyone been to Put-in-Bay by Lake Erie?



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Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky. For an extra treat stay at the Great Bear Lodge which has a fantastic indoor water park that is fun for us big kids too.

Hocking Hills in Logan, peaceful, scenic and relaxing. Don't miss the caves. There is a scenic railroad there too.

Columbus, best shopping around, Great Zoo, Wyandot Lake water park, great restaurants, professional hockey

Cinci... pro sports, riverboat gambling, amusement park Kings Island, water parks, you name it.

Put-In-Bay Island

Cleveland... The Flats, the Rock N Roll hall of fame nearby, lots of places to eat, drink, be merry and enjoy the water.

Hope this helps!

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Yeah, having been a tourist in Ohio, I LOVED Cleveland, would really like to get back there.

For sure see the art museum, that was spectacular and free!


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I love shopping in Columbus :)

We've been to Cedar Point many times and there is a King's Island too.

Someday I want to go to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Don't we have a Baseball Museum somewhere in Ohio?



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Shopping at the Easton Center outside of Columbus is a lot of fun. Then there's the zoo, COSI, the Ohio Historical Museum north of town, NHL hockey (Blue Jackets), OSU sports...TONS to do in Columbus.

Cedar Point in Sandusky is fun, but I haven't been there in ages. King's Island is okay, but I figure if I'm going to spend that kind of money, I'd rather go to CP.

I love Cleveland. I try to go up there at least once a year. Go see the Indians play at the Jake...even if they do stink (like they do this year), it's fun. The R&R Hall of Fame...very cool. And loads more museums, pubs and fun things to do. Oh and how could I forget - a Browns game!

Cincinnati: Go to a Reds game at their new ballpark...it's gorgeous. I'm going to a game next weeked & am really looking forward to it. The zoo is nice too, as is shopping, restaurants, etc. Bengals have a newer stadium too. My husband's been & really liked it. Riverboat cruises (especially in the fall with all the leaves changing) are fun.

Dayton has the US Air Force Museum, which is a really neat place to visit (and free!). They've got military aircraft from all ages, including one of the first airplanes built by the Wright Brothers. They've also got a collection of Presidential planes, uniforms, and space stuff. The Dayton Art Institute is a really nice museum (and, again...FREE!). THey've got loads of art, including a Matisse and a Warhol. There's the Aviation Hall of Fame, The Aviation Trail, Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, Riverscape, Sunwatch Indian Village and every September, the Greek Orthodox Church has an awesome Greek Festival.

Then there is Blue Jacket...an outdoor drama that performs every summer down in Xenia, which is about the Shawnee Indians.

Neil Armstrong Museum in Wapakonetta (sp?)

And of course there are dozens upon dozens of festivals each year all over the place. September & October are usually "festival months" around here. Can't wait for the Apple Festival up the road from where I live...best homemade apple butter around. :)


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Originally posted by mkue

Don't we have a Baseball Museum somewhere in Ohio?

I don't think so, but we do have the Football Hall of Fame in Akron! :)


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Sorry, but the pro football hall of fame is in Canton, southwest of Akron. The baseball hall of fame is in Cooperstown, PA.


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Six Flags Worlds of Adventure. If you like to ride and not wait in lines. They used to be SeaWorld Have a good killerwhale show and Bengal Tigers.

I think I've been everywhere mentioned except Great Bear Lodge(but I wanna go), and Neal Armstrong museum.

We were just at Old Man's Cave and Wyandot Lake last week. My mom is taking my boys to KingsIsland tommorrow.


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McIntyre Park in Gallia County. Very peaceful and quiet. Or the Ohio river bank.

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I think Toledo has a baseball hall of fame. Used to be at the Rec Center but it may have moved since they built a new stadium which by the way is awesome!

Hocking Hills is great and I am with Kue. I love Easton!


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Hi Mkue.

Just got back from Put in Bay last week. Wonderful place to visit even if you don't drink. It is heavily bar island. But found enough things to do and really enjoyed the beautiful day that I spent there. Don't miss riding the Jet Express over to the island. It is also another great experience you won't want to miss. :rolleyes:

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The toledo one if for the minors I think.


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