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what's yours?


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We are issued our ceil blue scrubs @ work... so the only individuality we can express is w/ our shoes...mine are frosty pink clogs right now.


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Way back when ( 2 mo. ago) when I worked ER (now home care/public health) they were surf (Crest) and geranium (Landau)


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We don't have specific colors of scrubs that we have to wear, we are just lucky to be able to wear them. We have to buy our own or have to wear the classic green scrubs so we wear our own. I like blue with patterns like moons, suns and my favorite top is one with chili peppers on it. I can still be professional and wear what I like and what makes me feel good.:cool:


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as a nurse extern I can only ware white. The PCA at ware I work ware teal, I just love teal.:)


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I love various patterns. Dark blue is nice, too. :-)

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I have lots of different tops that go with solid pants. Right now am wearing fallish colors. Will start with Xmas stuff after turkey day.We can wear whatever we want as far as colors,patterns...And on Fridays can wear t-shirts and jeans...I always wear a plain white lab coat when i do..and have several different "nursing" t`s...But gotta have my pockets....so add lab coat....Have lots more scrubs in closet than "real" clothes..........:eek: Gotta get a life.....:D

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One of my pet peeves as a traveler - places that require certain colors/patterns of scrubs and then expect me to buy them! I'm only here for 3 mos., and they are usually ugly colors besides. If you want me to have them, then supply them. When I went to Celebration Hospital in Orlando, the nurses wore KHAKI'S and POLO SHIRTS!!. Of course so did every other dept, including maintence and housekeeping, the exact same ones.

Personally, I like my scrub tops with the frogs and the one with bugs all over (cute bugs, of course)

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My hospital did the assigned colors for a few years. Each floor and department had their own color, usually voted on by the employees of that floor so majority ruled. They finally got smart and stopped that practice, so now we can wear solid pants(any color) and either solid or print tops.

I never did buy the colored scrubs before, i wore the regular white scrubs. Didnt see any point in buying colored scrubs when i didnt work on my "home" floor half the time i worked. I would have stuck out like a sore thumb working on a ceil blue floor with green, etc. Am so glad they stopped that and let us mix and match at our own leisure.


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I went to wall mart and bought 5 pairs of scrubs, all at once. I have light blue, dark blue (now my school clinicals w/patch), maroon (which everyone jeers me about being pink), teal green, and my favorites are the whites. I love the whites the most. It just goes with being in a hospital, even though there could be thousands of fomites on it :-(

All my scrub pants have the elastic waist band. When ever i wear the once i have aquired from the hospital, I feel like they are risque, because the material is pretty thin, and if i bend over or reach for something, you can see my shape.

My cross-trainers are the star everytime I wear them. they are Roc-Shox, super supportive and comfortable, and I only wear them to work or to aerobics. they look like they have springs on the heals, and are yellow.

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Dress code for nurses where I work is white pants, any top. I tend toward solid bright tees with a short sleeved snap up scubs top as jacket , either bright patterns or solid. I'd prefer to be able to wear dark pants, though I understand the facility's reasoning


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The ICU where I have worked for the last three months provides us with Hospital Issued seafoam green scrubs. We are allowed to wear any kind of jacket that we like and any type of shoes. I have a pair of Anywears clogs that I LOVE! I also have a pair of Dansko Professionals Clogs in Black which are OK but after an 8 hr shift my feet are killing me, so lately I've been wearing the Anywears!

But when I did have to wear my own scrubs, I liked the Cotton Candy Pink scrubs that I got from Lydia's Professional Uniforms Catalog and the old stanb by Ceil Blue.

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