2020 Fall Magazine Article Contest Winners - The Search for a New Normal

Readers have shared their COVID stories with us and now everyone can read them. Be sure to download the Fall Issue of the allnurses Magazine for more on The New Normal. Nurses Announcements Article


2020 Fall Magazine Article Contest Winners - The Search for a New Normal

We've had numerous article contests in the past, but this one was somewhat different. With this article contest, we asked our readers to share their COVID stories and ideas of the future with us. And WOW!!  We received so many inspiring and heartfelt articles, all of which are awesome! Thanks to all who shared your articles with us. The task of selecting just five winners was very difficult. 

Five winning articles were selected from the contest entries and are featured in Fall allnurses Magazine, along with a few of other articles. Each winner will receive a $200 Visa or MasterCard gift card. All submitted articles will be published in the Disaster /COVID Forum on the allnurses site so you can read them all.  I think you will be inspired - Hopefully many of you will submit articles for future contests.

And the 5 winners are: 

Nurses Wanted  by nikkulele77

My Memories of the Pandemic 20 Years Down Memory Lane by ambitious nurse

My COVID Crystal Ball by Mywords

College Life Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by Maureen Bonatch

The New Normal by Beth Hawkes

Watch for a Private Message with instructions on how to retrieve your prize.


Be sure to download our new Fall 2020 allnurses Magazine - COVID-19: The Search for a New Normal.  You will find all of the winning articles there, and more...  Stats, graphs, more content from our members, all about COVID.  COVID is going to be around for a while, but we are all in this together, and together we will win! 

We would love to hear your comments about the magazine and features you would like to see. 
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That's awesome.  Thanks allnurses.com for the opportunity. 

Anitha D'Souza/ambitious nurse

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Thank you! 

Specializes in nursing ethics.

Thank you so much! I am very surprised, and enjoy reading the forum whenever I do.