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  1. As I recall the fear and anxiety surrounding the onset of AIDS decades ago, I wonder what would I remember the most about the current pandemic plaguing the globe. How will I remember this pandemic 20 years down the memory lane? Will I remember t...
  2. Nursing in Kuwait

    No much requirements are needed. Just make sure you have your attested certificates with you. You will need to submit your application and wait for an interview call. You will be given a written exam and upon passing that will be called for an ora...
  3. October visa bulletin

    so does this mean no visa numbers will be issued and no interview dates will be given yet?
  4. NVC case completed. Pregnant Now. How to proceed

    I too am in the same condition. I just had my interview cancelled in august due to unavailibity of visas and am due in the first week of october. But my agent has reassured me that there is going to be no problem, I can have my medical done, withou...
  5. Did Anyone Get Interview Done?

    Just received a disappointing message from the consular section. My interview appointment schedulded for the 2oth of august has been cancelled since no visa numbers are available
  6. Did Anyone Get Interview Done?

    whens your interview? I have an interview on august 20th and am wondering whether to go ahead with my medicals or not. I have already applied for my PCC in india and kuwait
  7. Retrogression back on track .... a rumor???

    will this affect even those who already have a interview date??? Should we really proceed with our medicals?
  8. Consular Interview

    no reply????
  9. Consular Interview

    I have a strange problem. I have a interview schedulded in the month of august, but right now I am pregnant and expect to deliver in october. If by chance i happen to get a visa after my august interview and the retrogression starts again in septem...
  10. want to contnue studies online

    I am a NClex passer, currently in kuwait. I received my package 4 and am waiting for the retrogression to settle off like all others. Meanwhile, i would like to do my masters [MSN nursing/MBA/ courses in psychiatry] from an american university onli...
  11. Opinions on O'Grady Peyton ???

    Better beware of them if you still possibly can
  12. Roswell, eastern new mexico medical centre

    I have been offered employment in Roswell, eastern new mexico medical centre. Since its going to be my first time in America, i would like to know more about the place and the hospital. Is itr any good? Is Roswell a city? Any info would be apprec...
  13. yes, they told me they cannot schedule me for an interview because of my PD. They gave me the packet 4, but they asked me not to proceed with the medical and police clearance formalities until further informed{as the medical expires in 3 months}
  14. Well, I feel so depressed! Just collected my packet 4 on the 29th of oct and they regretted to inform me that my priority date fell on oct 3rd. Just two days are going to change everything for me
  15. Agencies and contracts

    I am also scared because they are holding my RN and Visascreening certificate. If at all they refuse to give it back to me, can i get another one with just the RN number ?