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Mywords1 specializes in nursing ethics.

Taught ethics to nurses and nursing students at a university.

Major interest in ethics.

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  1. Mywords1

    Depressed, unhappy, feeling lost

    I feel like you and I am not a health worker. I live alone and stay home almost all the time--boring I felt that the media people were scaring us, intentionally--with good meaning reasons...and also to raise their ratings. The red image of the coronavirus is itself scary on purpose. At least you are productive baking. So many people have nothing to do...they are into trivia. and TV.
  2. Mywords1

    Urgent Need for Virtual Nurse Hug Videos/Photos - Major Media Outlet

    A virtual hug is a contradiction like a virtual kiss or handshake. Give me the real thing LOL
  3. Mywords1

    Covid-19 Parties

    Is this fake news? A joke? Very hard to believe, but then there's many stupid people around.
  4. Mywords1

    New names for placebos!

    Nowadays everyone knows what a placebo means. For purpose of honesty and truth... Here's some new names for it. Decepterol, Prevaricaine, Foolerol, Fakerin, Phonystatin, Wishfuline, Badvair, Uncertainline, Gullebo, Tylenothis Can you think of some?
  5. Mywords1

    Question about uniforms

    Judging from the sparse replies in this section and my question about where you change uniforms, are these issues too personal or uninteresting to you?
  6. Mywords1

    Sudden death of my dad. Where can I go for answers?

    Or as another idea, try the Griefhealing forum for support. It's not medical.
  7. Mywords1

    Question about prescriptions

    The doctor doing the short procedure will not permit the drug because it makes some patients groggy and cannot drive, but NOT me. My primary doctor refuses because it is a narcotic and its not her procedure. I feel they are both insensitive to the pain. I scream. There is no followup.
  8. Mywords1

    Question about prescriptions

    If the patient wants a strong pain reliever (such as vicodin) for a painful procedure and the doctor refuses it because of possible side effects--though the patient does not experience that ,and the doctor says he is responsible for any after effects--, is it all right or customary for the primary doctor to prescribe a few tablets for the patient. Only two times a year?
  9. Mywords1

    How to properly inject your lungs with Lysol

    Haha, not so funny. I heard the tape. Mr. Trump made a gaffe, thinking aloud, like what if we could --- . Now CNN calls it a lie and he may cancel all press updates events. Let it go! All presidents make gaffes though Trump is famous for them. It's what he does. I doubt that he meant it. I am not a Trump supporter. No president is prepared to handle a crisis like this--certainly not a business billionaire. People hate or distrust him so much that they are inclined to interpret these comments as slurs or stupid. He is funny in a weird unpresidential way!
  10. Mywords1


    I see nothing wrong with this and is commendable. The other comments are overly cautious, too afraid of potential consequences. You are not supposed to be too friendly with patients but there are exceptions. It is a win win. You are an acquaintance, not a friend. If the situation was reversed, wouldn't you want some companionship? You are relieving his loneliness.
  11. Mywords1

    Nursing for Intimate care for men

    Hey, lighten up! .. My 2 cents: if a male patient asks a female nurse, OT or other prof. to do something deemed not right or "inappropriate"--an ambiguous word-- he is testing the nurse, see how far she will go, or maybe he doesn't know because he has never been in this hospital or any hospital. It is not meant as "harassment"--often used too broadly (no pun intended) Of course, that still does not make it okay. Also patients are not their true selves in hospitals and clinics. The impersonal setting and their illness or surgery often creates a different persona and they will say or do things they would never ordinarily do. Some are angry ( like myself) that they are sick, depressed, anxiety-- but you know that, right? BTW, some people really have no modesty, such as figure models and nudists!! They like being nude. ha ha
  12. Mywords1

    Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    Everyone I know of has respect for nurses, more so than many doctors. I haven't seen one complaint about a nurse in internet forums but loads about doctors. Sure the pay could always be higher but generally don't patients appreciate your service? The reward is when the patients happily leave the clinic or hospital and are much better. Of course, some do not leave or get worse. Numerous other professions, including college teaching, have little to no intrinsic reward and much disappointment and unappreciative classes.Part-time professionals typically are paid poorly and treated like pawns in chess. I suppose this comment is not consoling, sorry.
  13. Mywords1

    Nursing Homes. The bodies are just pilling up.

    A crass and totally insensitive comment, especially from health profs. If you ever reach 90 or your parents you won't feel that way! No it is not a place to store them, like antiques. My mother did not feel that way. That sort of attitude can lead to neglect, abuse and apathy. Some nursing home/rehab residents are intelligent but physically incapable of doing much.
  14. Mywords1

    First date joke

    So a young man is just about to kiss a girl on the first date. And she says, wait, we're supposed to be six feet apart! And he says, oh, I thought it was six inches apart!
  15. Mywords1

    Famous person as patient?

    Who was it?
  16. Gee, at one time I considered or desired a relationship with a (female) nurse, don't know why, but surely not for health perks or someone to take care of me. Maybe I am better off without a devoted 50 hour a week nurse. No longer dating now and never knew where to meet them anyway. Not as a patient! Just my 2 cents.

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