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Mywords1 specializes in nursing ethics.

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  1. Mywords1

    Back problems-unable to do heavy lifting

    . Can you ask or transfer to a group of less weighty residents? If they are permanent residents then you will have less hardship but this does not solve your problem. It is temporary because new residents might also be obese. You would make up a pretext for changing groups. You don't need to tell the real reason. They might laugh. . Surely you can think of a way that enables you within the rules. Do other staff havethis challenge? Ask discreetly or by email
  2. Mywords1

    Student Preparedness

    Most students avoid or minimize prep for classes. If they say they don't have the time, then they don't want to. Thats the oldest excuse in the world. When my students didn't prepare, I wrote a 1 page concise summary of the lesson and handed it out. It's extra work and they were appreciative. As the poster said, have a easy quiz every other day, first thing. If the students came late, they missed it! If they did not prep or read the chapter, the quiz shows this. this is much more work for you, and I never did it. Or from your syllabus, state that you will deduct points in the grade for lack of preparation.
  3. Mywords1

    Does the shot mess with your DNA?

    Most people, regardless of age or education (except medical degrees), have no knowledge of science or medicine, in general, or even what science is. This widespread ignorance leads to stupid conspiracy theories and unjustified fear. Movies and books and internet are both a cause and effect. When I taught college I discovered this all the time, grown adults and kids. Not only medicine--everything. People don't even know that science is based on observations. It is not taught much and they are suspicious of scientific claims.This ignorance does not faze them at all. Also, doctors are not always right and research is sometimes misguided or useless. Current medicine will be outdated 25 years from now or sooner, yes ?
  4. This is important and not laughed at. Any or all loud music is 'wrong especially at meal time. This is a time to relax! It causes people like me to lose their appetite or leave early and. also conversation is stifled. No music at all should be played. Nursing homes and hospitals are not for rock concerts. Your answers strike me as naive and the voice of youth. I will not dine or go anywhere with bad music including drug stores because it is nerve wracking and I can't hear myself think I stopped going to Walgreens for that reason. And I grew up listening to loud hard rock at countless concerts all my life. Small and famous bands. There is a time and place for this but nursing homes and hospitals are off limits! They are too polite to complain
  5. Mywords1

    Should I feel bad?

    I agree. Tell her this week is important to you. She will not be a work pal any longer.
  6. Mywords1

    Coworkers Competing For Vending Machine Food And Drinks

    If this vending machine dilemma is your biggest worry at work, then great news for you, assuming this is a genuine issue.
  7. Mywords1

    Old joke about arm pain

    Same thing actually happened to my mother. She says, my arm hurts when I touch it. Doc says, then don't touch it. True.
  8. Mywords1

    Ants practice social distancing!

    True. According to National Wildlife magazine (NWF) black ants use social distancing to combat outbreaks of infectious disease. Workers in ant colonies are the "nurses", and foragers that are likely to pick up pathogens. Swiss and Austrian scientists studied this in Science journal. The "nurses" move the brood to safety into the nest. Funny, isn't it? Maybe they wear tiny masks too.
  9. Yeah, but why must America be the world's caregiver? Why not other nations, such as China?
  10. Mywords1

    Which Covid Vaccine is better?

    I doubt that I will get a choice. Why you think we will? I am on the early list for it, (because of age and lungs) but eligible population is large where I live and the website says nothing about the company brand. I read that baseball great Hank Aaron took the vaccine and died 2 weeks later. He was in his 80s.
  11. I agree with you there. So someone in Asia or Africa will get the vaccine before I do? Besides, the U.S. budget is already a trillion in debt, isn't it?
  12. Mywords1

    COVID Misinformation/Ignorance

    Here are some reasons for the ignorance. Naive and gullible people who don't know anything about science including educated individuals with PhDs. Secondly. A distrust of doctors and the medical "greedy" business. Third. A distrust and skepticism toward the media and government that is not telling us the whole truth and is scaring us into submission. Fourth. Some denial and wishful thinking that is widespread. All in all people believe what they want to believe. It is often not logical or rational. Based on feelings and emotion I am not saying these reasons or excuses justify stupidity but it explains it. Basic psychology of belief that I have studied for years. It also applies to conspiracy theories and strange beliefs and politics. I have a friend a PhD who is like this because of the internet rubbish and thinks the election and space travel was faked. Just avoid listening to them!
  13. Mywords1

    Required to do free visit??

    How much time did you spend there?
  14. Mywords1

    This is becoming boring

    If you are really VERY bored with nothing to do.... On the bottom right of the computer screen is the date and time. Add up the numerals in different ways and see if you get an interesting number. It is trivial yet passes the time! This minute is a "58" when the date and time are added together. LOL--- Actually, you should do this only at home.
  15. Mywords1

    Adjunct faculty job

    Yes, adjunct is like on/off teaching, no guarantee of future assignments or anything. Similar to contractual work, a hired hand...may last 1 semester or many years. It is not regular employment in that you are used when and where they need you, paid by the course. For this reason, the wages are lower than full time educators with no benefits---unless you are part of a strong union at the college...not likely. Most adjuncts teach to supplement their other job or teach at 2 or more places and they enjoy the classes. c
  16. Mywords1

    Huge Zoom Mistake....Nurse Instructors Caught!

    It is not uncommon for professors to be fired for this kind of comment. More likely if they are adjuncts or new and usually men. Maybe lose tenure. HR gets involved. Such remarks are inexcusable anywhere